emeraldheartlight.comElder and Teacher of the Emerald Heart Tim Dyson, shares with us his impressions of the Retreat at Mount Omberg. Tim, one of the Teachers on the Retreat, put us through our paces during his invigorating, pre breakfast Qigong class on Wednesday morning.


The setting for the Retreat was in a beautiful location near to Mt Omberg. On my previous visit to Sweden I had found the landscape rather flat but in this area it is made up of  hills and Mt Omberg itself which I would describe as a rather attractive small mountain. The Retreat itself had essentially two main themes, the anchoring of the Emerald Heart Light into the heart of Mt Omberg and the coming together and development of the Emerald Heart Community. In order for us to anchor the light into the heart of Mt Omberg we needed to have a connection from our own hearts into the heart or core of the earth. Dave had been given, through Guidance, an initiation or attunement to share with us in order that we can all begin to develop his capacity to connect straight into the core of the earth. We were given this attunement twice, firstly kneeing or sitting on the heart of Mt Omberg and later on lying in a circle like the spokes of a wheel in a stone circle. On both occasions everyone had very powerful experiences with the second experience being particularily strong as by now we were all more open and the attunement could go deeper into us and carry on towards the heart of the Earth Mother.

I am aware that this could read like a nice story and that there is much talk in spiritual circles of earth connections and grounding etc but when you really do feel something from your heart centre going deep into the earth it is an intensely beautiful and even emotionally overwhelming experience that goes beyond anything that words can easily convey. To even get us into anything like the space to receive these attunements and to get the most from them we needed to do various preparation work. This consisted of a shamanic journey led by Lynne on the crown of the mountain that took my consciousness out of my body and deep into the earth, so deep in fact, that I found it difficult to come back. That night, Rosa led us through a gong session that was incredible and felt like being at sea, sometimes in a calm sea, sometimes in a stormy sea but all the while leading to our energy systems becoming more and more just dancing, moving atoms, that left one feeling so energised and alive.

The second aspect of the Retreat was around those in the Emerald Heart Community taking more responsibility for their community and its development and growth. Dave gave a very moving teaching on the first morning on the need for us all, in whatever ways we can, to begin to move beyond being merely beneficiaries of the light into becoming Carriers of the Light in the world. That he could no longer carry the weight of it alone, that some of us had stepped up into Teacher roles to help carry the light forwards into the world but that everyone can do this in various ways by contributing with their skills and abilities to the growth of our community. At a later Teaching session Yvonne looked at what this could mean on a practical level, such as help with technology, editing, stepping into more active roles such as Gathering Hosts into practitioners etc.

This aspect of Rebirth, of the Emerald Heart Light being born again into a world that may now be beginning to be in a place where more are ready and willing to receive it feels exciting and dynamic and all those present felt the sense of being part of something important that is growing and developing at a fast rate, that we need to keep this momentum going and not lose focus.

All present left feeling uplifted and excited about when the next Retreat will be and how things will unfold for them personally as a result of what they had received and been through and in what ways the community itself will grow as a result of the Retreat.

With Love