emeraldheartlight.comNew Emerald Heart Retreat participant, Anke Weymann, shares with the BLOG her experiences during the Mount Omberg event.

Was it a positive experience for her and would she participate in future Emerald Heart Retreats?

Read on and find out.

Thank you for sharing Anke.


Since last Sunday I´m back in Spain again, but it wasn´t up to today that I read all the reports of David and feedbacks of my fellows from the Retreat.

For me it is only a bit more than half a year ago since I got into contact with the Emerald Heart Light  through the Light Transmission on December 21st., to which I had been invited to share by my daughter Daniela, who now is Hosting her own Emerald Heart Gatherings in Germany.

Reading all the interesting feedback, I felt the necessity to share my own experiences,  which had been quiet a lot, some of them even of such intensity that I´m still struggling with my daily life at home. (I was born in Germany 66 years ago, and I´m married since 42 years to a Spaniard and living in Spain).

Once I received the invitation to the Retreat I felt some sort of obligation to assist, and the poem of Rosa about the ancient Ruins of Alvastra attracted  me even more in a very special manner.

Already in the plane before landing seeing all these wonderful landscape  of huge and little lakes, with dark green woodlands and lightly green fields around, I became like feeling really at home, and a great calm invaded my body having that inner knowing that everything would come out perfectly: finding my way to meet the people of the retreat in Stockholm, the trip to Mount Omberg, the retreat itself, and last but not least, the weather, which really played an important role to the wellbeing of everybody and  the perfect development of the Retreat..

On Monday morning when we arrived to the Crown of Mount Omberg, after Lynne invited us to a Shamanic Journey, the first experience I had laying down with my belly button on the earth was as if somebody would knock strongly onto my lower body in a quiet steady manner. It was a pleasant feeling, and I thought somebody is trying to open my second Chakra, which remains quiet closed as I had been told by my practitioner Alexandra Meyn. I had also the feeling to try to pull down my head as deep as possible into Mother Earth. For me it was a wonderful experience to be in contact with Mother Earth.

After having lunch, Dave invited us to get into contact with the energies of the trees. It was a wonderful place with old and young very tall oak trees.  I immediately felt attracted by one very tall old oak tree, which  must have had in former time some very strong cuts of branches which gave him the look of being  seriously hurt. This impression was reinforced by a lot of old dry naked branches which showed to the sky, making it impossible for him to give any shadow for the visitors. But there he stood, with its strong big old trunk , its wounds and more dry branches than leaves, like wanting to demonstrate that he is still alive.

I walked around him touching his wrinkled  “skin” full of ancient wisdom, and sat underneath with my back towards his trunk touching with my left hand the earth and my right hand upon one of his big strong roots. After some minutes of relax I felt some vibration into my arms, and then feeling the pulse of my heart within my whole body. I liked this feeling and the sun shining warm on my head. Suddenly I felt a smooth movement of some energy, which was going around me and the trunk, it was as if I would be placed between the trunk and a ring of energies which were going surrounding us in an increasing speed. It was a lovely feeling like being held tight up in a soft cotton ring which was moving around in a quiet strong but pleasant speed. I could have remained there for years, so wonderful relaxing and peacefully was this experience, and I felt very sorry when I had to separate myself from my friend the oak tree.

In the afternoon on the place of the ancient ruins of the monastery of Alvastra, I had one of the most astonishing revelations of my life. I laid down onto this wonderful deep soft grass which surrounds all the old monastery, looking into the blue sky and felt nearly immediately closed to Mother Earth. I felt so happy being here with all this wonderful nature surrounding me, the smells of the trees and grass, which I had been missing for so many, many years, all the people of the  Retreat, which seemed to my being already very old friends, Dave, the teachers and all the surroundings left me the  feeling like arriving at home, really I was coming home again. And within this happy feelings of being at home I suddenly heard a voice saying:

“ You can´t give up your job. You still have to take care of other people”.

I was completely confused: what does that mean: You can´t give up your job? I´m nearly on my retirement, I´m not working any more, as so do my husband too. We are in the happy possession to be the owner of our time, playing golf, walking, going on bicycle, shopping, travelling wherever we want to etc. The second part of the sentence made more sense to me, because I came to the Retreat with two important questions which I wanted to be answered for me: Who I am really, and for what purpose I am here in this world.???

Did I really get an answer to my second question? Do I have to look after other people? Is this my mission for the future? I had no idea at all how to manage this, and so I shared my experience with Dave and my companions saying that this is the craziest thing I have ever experienced.

The second day, on Tuesday morning, I went to join Rosa watching the sun rise. This was another amazing experience I ever had: I saw the white yellow brilliant light of the sun rising, but suddenly this light was changing its colour into a wonderful red, blue and violet colour, and it was moving towards me and back again, a steady movement going forwards and backwards, I was fascinated by this movement and its magic colours, I only could sit there watching for hours and hours, this fantastic lights and movements. And then I suddenly was aware of the energies coming out of this brilliant light. Energies in form of moving rings, in my poor English I can´t explain exactly how it was, I only knew that these were energies. And as Rosa, one of the Elders, and an Emerald Heart Teacher, stood beside me, she confirmed my visions. So at least this time I had somebody who was able to confirm what I had seen and observed. This made me very, very happy, and I felt proud upon myself, I had been able to see energies. Yes they do exist!! They do exist in reality. It´s not a dream or a fantasy. I shared my experience with all later in the meeting of sharing with the wooden talking stick.

I had been told by Rosa that the sun rises early in the mornings are always very good for getting into touch with the Light and the energies which are emerging from the earth to the Universe. I thought that I have to do this when I will get home.

Later on, when we had our first attunement right on the heart of the Mount Omberg, I felt the drops of the essence of Initiation, which Dave dropped on my head, still hours later like a light pressure. And sitting there on the top of the hill watching this peaceful landscape I suddenly saw in my vision not the black wooden trees , but a huge smooth fertile valley and old ancient stone houses like the ones of the Middle Ages. Don´t know what this means. But the feeling of being only one soul, all of us together having made the real contact to Mother Earth, was overwhelming me and we all hugged each other, felt sad and happy at the same time.

In the afternoon during the second attunement we were able to enjoy, I even had a stronger feeling of being connected with Mother Earth, but also with everyone forming this magic circle of the Wheel of Light., and I didn´t want to leave this very magic place of the ancient and sacred Stone Ship Formation of Nassja, in the middle of which stood this fantastic huge big old oak tree with her branches covering nearly the whole place protecting everybody under her shadows. I felt really very sad leaving this place, which had given to me, such a peaceful and calm feeling of being at least at home.

But the most exciting experience of light I ever had I got on the last day early in the morning when I wanted to join again Rosa watching the sun rise. I woke up too late at about twenty minutes to six am, and at ten to six I met Rosa on the road already on her way back to the hotel. She told me that for her it was another wonderful experience, and that I still had to go and watch the sun even if it has already came up, so I did. But before I arrived to the place where we sat yesterday, there came a moment where the sun was shining brightly through the trunks of two tall trees, and this made me suddenly stop and just watch this brilliant light coming through these two trees like a stream, a golden stream of light. I stood there on the side of the road starring at the light, like a hypnotized person. And as I was looking at this light it suddenly changed the form taking the form of a long spear but in the middle it was increased in form of a round bubble or ball becoming again smaller at the lower end. Well this form of light appeared in front of me taking first the very well known colour of the Emerald Heart Light, this light green-blue emerald colour, I don´t know for how much time I was watching this wonderful light, which was also moving backwards and forwards, and then suddenly changes its colour into a strange red colour like red wine, than into a pleasant blue- violet colour, and than a brilliant white colour. And then it changes into nearly black or very dark green colour. Always moving or standing still in front of me. I can´t remember well which of these colours made some several strange movements going down and up in front of my body, from my head to my feet, as if this light was doing some sort of checking me up, but when this light came up to my knees, I couldn´t see it any more and got afraid that I would loose it, and looked down to see where it had gone. But it came up immediately and I felt very happy to see it again. But then something changed inside the bubble or centre of the light, there appeared a small stone with a lot of edges like a diamond, its colour was light blue it was shinning and moving at the same time inside of this centre, and the whole light also was moving at the same time.

It was such a fantastic scene that I just stood there watching and watching. And as I stood there, suddenly, I was surrounded by such a brilliant huge light that it seemed to me that I was in another place. A place full of light and peace, and then I suddenly remember the words of Dave in his book: bathed in light. Yes, I was bathed in that light fully bathed and didn´t want to leave forever. I now can´t remember how this light transmission came to an end, but I suddenly was aware that I was standing beside the road, and it was already ten to seven, so I had to hurry in order to participate in this special Qigong session with Tim, which had been announced the night before.

In the closing circle of the Retreat, we had just before everybody was leaving again for home, I felt to have to take the  talking stick  again to share, and tell everybody about my light experiences. After Peter and Irene has spoken, I took the stick and I said that I would not any longer want to work in the background as I did all my life long. And that I now know that my questions had been answered, I felt very satisfied and peaceful about it, and from now on I would know that I had to show the Light to everybody who would come to me looking for help. But I also had to say that I had absolutely NO idea at all how I could do so, or how this would work out for me!!! I just said that I´m not afraid any longer, and that I have a huge trust in the Light, it will develop the things which will be right for me in the measures that I can understand. That´s all.  “JUST LET IT BE,” words of David.

I don´t know if this description of my Light experiences could be of any use for some of my companions of the retreat. If someone of you had some similar Light experience, I really would appreciate to share this, so that I could have some sort of confirmations that what I have seen and experienced was indeed very real.

With all my love and blessings to everybody of this retreat

Anke Weymann