Retreat participant, Malou from Stockholm, shares with the Blog her feelings after attending the Mount Omberg Event. 

        Thank you for your comments Malou.


Dearest Dave,

Thank you SO much for sharing your experiences of the retreat in the BLOG, I honestly can’t get enough of your words.

I had such an amazing time at the retreat I feel incredibly blessed to have met you. I can’t even begin to express my gratitude for just Everything – and everything for being just as it’s supposed to be! The whole retreat has been such a wonderful experience, I really do value every second there, I’m so thankful I got to share both tears and laughter with all of you, and just being in that sacred space is such an honour to Be in.

Being there with all Emeralds has been so wonderful since everyone really added their special essence to the wholeness of the retreat, even though we only had two full days there I still feel I really got to know people at such a deep level, despite the short period of time we spent there, though I certainly would have loved to stay for longer! So usually it would take Some time to get to know someone, but the bond we all shared at the retreat was so special, so Sacred, it was to me so touching how everyone could even allow themselves to be that open and emotionally vulnerable, letting guards down and leaving judgments nonexistent. That in turn creating such a loving and accepting environment and it was really touching to me how I could feel so at home with everyone and I just feel so incredibly blessed to have shared it all with You.

Being in the loving atmosphere of the Retreat, that feeling of absolute acceptance for all that is, makes me just all warm and fuzzy inside. I’m SO thankful for being able to have experienced it, I’m just so blessed to have met all of the Emeralds. I could easily write you a novel of my personal experiences.

The only important thing I need you to know is how much I truly appreciate and admire you so deeply for Everything, for the Emerald Heart Light, for the amazing guidance you provide and the loving words of wisdom you always give, and just, ‘thank you’ for this wonderful community.

THANK YOU sooo much Dave, for every single moment I got to share with you. I appreciate it with ALL of my heart, with my whole Being.

 So immensely, much LOVE to you, all the way from Stockholm.

Malou T.