emeraldheartlight.comEmerald Heart Practitioner, Susan Allen, shares with the Blog, a little of how she experienced the recent Retreat at Mount Omberg, Sweden.


I reached Heathrow Airport early on the Sunday morning with Richard, where we met up with Tim & Sephora. We were all to travel on the same flight to Sweden.

It was a long day with a lengthy bus journey from Gothenburg to Ödeshög, where Rosa’s husband Peter, met us to drive the short journey to the Omberg  Tourist Hotel. Peter played an important role by ferrying us all to the different locations necessary for this Retreat as were Rosa &  Ian, the drivers of the other two vehicles, as there were 17 of  us.    Thank you so much.

After a 3 course delicious evening meal, we gathered in an adjoining room for an opening circle time of information being delivered by Dave, Rosa, Lynne, Yvonne & Tim.

The next morning, a beautiful sunny day, Rosa led us all to the Crown of  Mount Omberg where Lynne took us on an amazing Shamanic journey to the Heart of Mother Earth. As I lay there, belly in contact with the ground, my umbilical cord grew and grew, spiralling deep down into the Earth  Mother. It was an incredible experience which cannot be fully  described in words, but I know for sure now that I am forever connected to my Earth Mother and the Gratitude overflows. Lynne handed out an Essence to us all called MOTHER’S HEART.

Soon afterwards, we departed for a picnic lunch on a different part of the mountain, just by a glade of some oak trees on the steep  hillside. Dave invited us to go and visit an oak tree which  called to us. As I sat with my back against the chosen oak,  the energy from it was soft and feminine. The sun filtered through the trees and a Peace descended.   I entered into a kind of reverie. The tree eventually told me that I needed to now leave her  and choose another oak. Reluctantly I got up and quite nearby sat with a new oak. This time the energies were of a masculine nature and certainly different.

Returning to the picnic area, I sat surveying all the oaks and they seemed  to be saying:   “Be still and know that I am God.”  Yes, there was an immense stillness purveying the air.    Some of us also had the pleasure of Dragonflies alighting on us – a delight to the eye.

Packing up the remains of our lunch into the cars, we then proceeded to  some ancient ruins of an ancient Monastery at Alvastra, just 5-10 minutes walk  away from our hotel.   There we were free to stroll around in our own thoughts after Rosa had given a short talk about the site. Eventually I sat down against a stone wall and in the stillness of just Being,  observed more dragonflies which came and landed on me in turn. Walking back to the hotel where another delicious meal awaited us. We then spent the evening gathered together in a large room, lying on mats, for Rosa to take  us on a wonderful journey with the GONG. What an  experience! I heard an Angelic Choir singing amongst the various notes the Gong made. The sound of OM reverberated  through me – Creation of Mother Earth, and I felt I was being taken back to the  Source. I was floating and the body seemed like liquid;  the body had disappeared as the vibrations of sound shook my very being into a dance of atoms. It was a while before I could move again and come back into the room.    Bed seemed the only place now.

Again, we all awoke to a beautiful sunny day and after breakfast we were taken by cars to the Heart of Mount Omberg for our first Initiation to be carried out by Dave. It was a joyful walk up the hillside to the sacred spot on the Mount and as we entered it, reverently, I saw  a tall pillar of Light over each person’s head. The pillars seemed  to reach down from the heavens they were so long.   We all sat meditating. After a while Dave spoke to us and the Initiation culminated with receiving a second Essence called INITIATION. It was a moving  experience to receive this attunement from Dave as he poured a few drops on to  each of our heads whilst Guidance spoke through him. At one point I opened my eyes to see two dragonflies alight on my leg;  this time in the actual act of Creation.   

Eventually we left Mount Omberg and continued by cars to a place called  Nassja where an ancient stone circle had previously called  Rosa. This was to be the place for our second Initiation from  Dave. We approached the circle of stones reverently and  stepped inside.    After walking around and acknowledging the enormous, magnificent Oak tree in the centre of this sacred space, Dave asked us to lie down on the grass with our heads towards the centre forming a wheel and we were the spokes. The Light was poured through our hearts again as we held hands and into the Core of Mother Earth. I found this experience even more moving than the first Initiation and the tears flowed  uncontrollably as Dave delivered the Essence again on to the crown of our heads, whilst the Guides spoke through him.

We all lay still for quite a while; our hands had melted into each others as one, until one by one we got up and made our way back to the road to make the journey back to the hotel.

Later that evening we all sat in a circle and with the talking stick, shared  some more of our experiences before turning in for the night.

The following morning there was a further sharing before the ceremony of closing the Circle.  We all said our farewells, after a group  photograph had been taken and set off in various directions to get home.  

Dave and the Council of Elders made this Retreat one of the most important ones so far because, as Carriers of Light that we now were, we needed to step up our Commitment to the Emerald Heart and re-dedicate ourselves to serving in whatever way we could by taking the Light out into the world and with the support we are promised from Dave and the Elders, it is an exciting time too.

Watch how it will all unfold.

Love, Blessings & Gratitude to All