Emerald Heart Practitioner, Irene Timm, shares her experiences after attending the Practitioner Retreat at Mount Omberg, Sweden in August.


Dear Emeralds,

Only one month since our retreat in Sweden where Dave planted a seed in our hearts on Mount Omberg. He called us “Light Carriers” and something inside me resonated to that.

For a couple of days now I am getting an inner image of me flooded by the Light. Initially in this image I couldn’t stand straight, but with the image came my deep breath which helped me to straigthen up. For me this is quite phenomenal since I had breathing difficulties all my life. And now I can’t stop taking one deep breath after the other. The essence I programmed at the gathering with Yvonne last Thursday is called Expansion. Yes, I am expanding inwardly. By breathing so deeply I am beginning to get in contact with my base chakra. There are a lot of confusing feelings coming with that, but there is also a feeling of deep inner strength. I felt strong before, but this strenght is quite  different. It’s not aggressive or exhausting. It comes from an inner knowing. It´s great that I have the chance now to experience something I only heard of or read about myself.

But the best thing for me is that I can’t doubt my breathing. This change is too obvious to be doubted. I used to doubt my feelings or images, but I can’t and won’t doubt my deep breath – and that it is a gift from the Light!

Thank you Dave for creating the room for such experiences and thank you all for carrying this wonderful light!

Love and blessings to all of you