UK, London – Being in the Light Session with David Ashworth

We are very pleased to announce that Dave Ashworth the Original Channel of the Emerald Heart Light has agreed to run a Christmas Being in the Light session in London on Saturday 7th Dec 2-5pm, at Myddelton Square, EC1Y.

This is a great opportunity to bathe in and drink from the Light before the Christmas holidays begin in earnest and is a beautiful opportunity to balance ourselves in preparation for this fun but sometimes rather stressful period of the year. Please join with us to prepare ourselves to make the most of the opportunities the Universe presents to us in 2014.

Those who have attended earlier sessions will know how powerful they are and that they trigger change in us at a very deep level that often unfolds for many months afterwards.

This is the first London session for quite some time and as many of you have been requesting another session, interest is already high. Places are limited, but if you can’t get in this time, Dave says he will offer another session for you in the new year.

The Exchange is £60 including an essence that will last you 3 to 4 weeks.

To register and reserve your place, please contact Tim Dyson at