Next in the series of Notes from the Elders, Elder and Emerald Heart Teacher Lynne Shaw, shares strategies to help us capitalize and gain maximum benefit from the approach of the dark months.


Lynne Shaw – Taking Stock and Letting Go

As the clocks have gone back in the Northern Hemisphere and the days are drawing in, it is important to look to Mother Nature and how she is preparing herself for the autumnal and wintry days ahead.

If we align ourselves with the energies of Mother Nature, we may find our path into the darkness of autumn and winter a much easier journey to take. It is necessary to embrace and go through the darkness in order to come to the light.  It is an important part of the spiritual path to honour and celebrate where we are in the cycles of the year rather than bemoan the darker cooler months that lie ahead. Are you taking time to enjoy the glory of the autumn colours? Drawing inspiration from the squirrels that are manically bounding about burying nuts?  They are putting together their resources and supplies for the colder months.  So what resources are you collecting or building upon to support you?

The time of entering into the darker months is all about introspection.  Taking stock of the behaviours and spiritual practices that serve and support you and having courage to let go of those that do not. Reflect on those people you choose to have around you.  Do those folks uplift you, honour you in all your uniqueness and support your growth or are you engaged in uneasy and challenging relationships that are not of an uplifting kind?  We are surely here to learn lessons on the Earth Plane; we can just end up taking on the notion of struggle into our relationships without even realizing it, if this is one of the patterns that we have come to accept as normal.  So take this time to notice how you are with others and more importantly yourself.  It is time to release the old, outdated and worn. As the trees release their leaves without grasping onto them it is time for us to take stock and let go.

This sounds so easy doesn’t it? The practice of letting go may sometimes be a little trickier depending on the situation or relationship and how much time and effort you have invested into it. Remember that the resources of the Emerald Heart are always at hand to support you in letting go of that, which no longer serves. Never underestimate our Keys of Transformation, the Essences.

You can join us in taking the Essence of the Period to help you ride the Wave of Time; you may choose to work with a practitioner; or attend an Emerald Heart Gathering to be In The Light, or gain inspiration for change.  The gift of the Distant Light Transmission will be offered again at the Winter Solstice, all you have to do is sign up to receive this.

These are all well established and powerful spiritual resources to support you in your life and growth, if you choose.

As the winter season approaches, remember to take time for yourself. Plant the seeds you wish to harvest in the springtime. Focus on coming into alignment with your Divine Self and honour your light within.

Many blessings,