emeraldheartlight.comNext in the series of Notes from the Elders, Elder and Emerald Heart Teacher Tim Dyson, gives us his take on the Human frailty of Resistance.


Resistance to Change – Our Human Frailty

Facing and Working With Our Resistance on the Spiritual Path

This article is about Resistance and the excuses we make to avoid growth and change. It is about learning how to recognise our own Resistance, how to become wise to it and how to work with it in order to overcome it.  This article is not about telling people off, but these words are delivered to help you face the Truth of your own Resistance in order that you can begin to move beyond it, not to continue to be the victim of it.  My words here are not to make you feel bad, but to help you see the light that is hidden within your darkness.

I have struggled with this Resistance aspect within myself my whole life in various ways and I am not exaggerating when I tell you my own Resistance to change has been enormous. It is still very big even now, but in going through some big struggles with it over many years I have learnt a thing or two about how to work with it in a way that allows me to grow.

We all have Resistance Patterns, they are rooted in our sub-conscious, and sometimes also clearly visible in our conscious selves, as Fear of Change.  It often feels huge and even quite physical it is so tangible, like a huge unyielding, unmoving, inflexible block. It feels hard, like a wall that can’t be pushed over, this is true Resistance. It speaks through excuses, false rationales and projections on to others.  Sometimes it tells an elaborate story that is almost convincing in its attention to detail and it’s favourite theme is often, ’It`s Not the Right Time!  It has its variants such as, not enough money, not strong enough, not healed enough, not yet ready, not the right place, but its underlying message is always `It`s Not the Right Time.`

Feel how this plays out in yourself.  How many of you read the Guidance of the Period, feel the uplift from its words, have the thought to order the Essence of the Period, but put it off to tomorrow; and tomorrow never comes? The moment is gone and the Resistance has had the chance to manifest itself and has successfully blocked your growth. Once that moment of excitement or intention is over and you didn`t act, you have lost to the power of your sub-conscious. You missed your chance, for the billionth time in your life, your Resistance has won over your desire for change.

Our Empty Promises to Ourselves

How many of you undertook to become Hosts of Emerald Heart Gatherings but have done nothing with it? You felt that initial excitement at the thought of your life expanding through running your own spiritual group in the beautiful Light of the Emerald Heart. You may have got as far as taking the first steps but now your resistance is blocking you from actually inviting people to attend.  Your fears and unworthiness have manifested as a huge Resistance to actually creating that which, only a short while before, you most wanted.  Now the excuses come, or even the anger. You blame your location, you blame the people where you live, you blame the tools you have been given.  The tools work but you don`t know that because you haven`t yet used them. In your Resistance you blame everything but yourself.  If you are secretly terrified of someone actually wanting to attend your Gathering then guess what? Through the Law of Reflection no one is likely to want to.

How many of you have felt the urge to train as Emerald Heart Practitioners but then taken no action, just letting the enthusiasm ebb away until you have forgotten all about it. You may remember your intention from time to time but again you don`t act. How many of you have actually trained as Emerald Heart Practitioners but are doing nothing with it because you are too scared to tell people who you are and what you have to offer? All those feelings of excitement and enthusiasm for working with, and spreading the Light, that you have benefited so much from, have become lost under a mountain of fear and resistance.

 Some of you are probably saying right now, well I`m different, I have real reasons why I can’t take the necessary steps for my own growth and it’s true that sometimes there are very real reasons why we can`t do something. Sometimes we are in a period of consolidation, sometimes what we are going through is too big for us to take actions, sometimes we are simply deluding ourselves that this is the case. If you aren’t sure which it is, and sometimes it is not easy to tell, make an appointment with a Practitioner who will be able to look at the road map of your path and see where you are at. Even if it is true that it is not the appropriate time for you to take action, use this to learn something about your own Resistance. If you look inside you will be able to perceive how your Resistance loves that you can`t do anything at this time. Feel how it enjoys the enforced inaction and the absence of pressure on it. In these situations I just say to it, “I see your game, enjoy the respite while it lasts, for it won’t last long.” In this way you are always aware of what is going on internally and you can learn to work with the different sides of yourself.

Overcoming the Inner Resistance

So how do we work with this Resistance?  How do we start to be able to go beyond it? Well the first step is to acknowledge its existence and to stop the excuses because all they do is feed it. WE have to start to take responsibility for our own growth, not anyone else, only we can set ourselves free. This means being AWARE of how the Resistance plays us. Of learning to reach out for help when we need it by making an appointment with someone who can help us see what is manifesting, such as an Emerald Heart Practitioner.  The Resistance is our sabotage and when we are AWAKE to its play we can see its tricks for what they are and not become the victim of them.

To act when you feel the first flush of excitement is vital, this is the real Right Time, before the resistance has a chance to take hold. To keep a sense of hope that your life can be different, to not drown in the despair.  To recognise that ‘The Right Time’ excuse is really saying, “I will take these steps when I no longer feel any fear in doing so.”

It does not, nor ever has, worked like this. What we are saying when we take this position is that `My Fear and Resistance are my Masters. They control my growth process or rather the lack of it. My subconscious Fear of Change is King. I am happy to leave him as King.’  Waiting for a time without fear before taking action is like Shangri La, it doesn`t exist except in your imagination.  Some of us are so caught in the power of our Resistance that we never feel that sense of excitement, when the heart attempts to reach out for the Light of Change. We are submerged beneath it. If this is the case we have to have a little fight inside ourselves to take that first step, even if it feels like our heart is not in it and in this way we create some movement. Over time we develop the ability to feel the Resistance but not to identify with it. Yes it is an aspect of ourselves but not a part of our deeper nature and as we begin to make some separation between these different aspects of ourselves, so we can make choices that benefit us as opposed to being controlled by our negativity.

It takes time and practise but as we learn how to box clever in this regard, our Resistance will at some point realise we have gotten wise to it. It will try increasingly clever ways to block us but ultimately with no small amount of courage and determination, we can start to overcome it and it becomes smaller and smaller. We can at this point even start to enjoy the game because we sense that we are beginning to become The Masters of Our Own Destiny.

No one said this is easy but with patience and commitment everything can really begin to change.

Tim Dyson,

Elder of The Emerald Heart