Dear Seekers of Truth,


Well, I’m back in McDonalds’ – God Bless them, for at least they are allowing me to communicate with their free wifi as I travel hopefully in search of finding a connection to the world. This is spirituality at the cutting edge, in the New Age! Radiating Light on the run.

Well, here we are on the Eve of the New Solar Year. Forget what your calendars say for a moment and feel the vibrations of what is happening around us.

In last night’s Radio Show we spoke about the activity of the birds this past three weeks or so. They are already celebrating the rising of the new energies and if you take some time to listen to them, you can hear the joy in their voices, especially on a bright morning when it is a little warmer, up here in the north. Of course, in the south of the planet, you will be celebrating mid-summer and I wish you well as you bathe in the sunshine.

The first morning that the bird activity began, it was incredible. There were so many birds around one of my oak trees that you would have to be a blind person not to notice. Most colourful of all were the woodpeckers with their bright red markings. Many species were dancing together, up and down and round and round the tree, like it was a maypole. During the past week, the woodpeckers have started sounding their drilling on resonant wood, too, announcing that it is time for work again, getting ready for the courting season.

Meanwhile, most humans are still winding down from the old year, yet to pass through Christmas and the over-feeding frenzy, the murdering of millions of birds to fill their bellies and the consuming of, usually, too much alcohol, resulting in a great sale for those who make and sell things to help you feel better again. This is not a judgement, just an observation and it is wonderful that we have such freedoms in our society that we can do this and we should all spare a moment to give thanks.


It is wonderful that we have opportunities to take time out and celebrate though, and important too, whether you celebrate the Christmas with the giving of gifts and the over indulgence as a primer to the calendar given New Year or you celebrate in a quieter way with the acknowledgement of the seasonal New Year marked by the movement of the sun.

Celebration can be the simple honouring of the colourful berries on a winter bush that the birds will benefit from or to sit in simplicity with an apple and marvel at the wonder of its nutritious value provided just for us.

You can look at the last day of the year like the tape at the end of a running track. For the whole year, we’ve been in the race or the running and now we are crossing the line. Time for a rest, time to take a few days off and catch our breath, giving thanks for all that was achieved in the year just completed, but at the same time realising that the race of life is still on. Universal Consciousness is still unfolding and racing forwards at an unprecedented pace.

Those of us who are sensitive to the movements in the heavens are aware of the speed of it all, and for sure, we can get that feeling that there isn’t enough time or that we are being left behind. These can be overwhelming feelings at times, for those of us on the path towards enlightenment and so we have to find a balance, and this re-balancing can be something that we need to do regularly. Speaking for myself, I find that when we have a universal wave that is moving very quickly, I initiate many new things, only to find that I struggle to keep up with them all when the going is a little slower or heavier. However, if we didn’t initiate anything, then nothing new would be born, and as we are all apprentice creators, we need all the practice we can get.

During my time on the spiritual path, I have initiated many new things. Many world-firsts for the evolution of humanity. They are all set out in the ‘Little Shop of Evolution’ in our websites, like glistening jewels that can only be seen by those with eyes to see. What eyes do I speak of here then? Well, the great eye of the heart, which sees the truth in everything, and this eye opens as you allow it to drink in ever increasing amounts of light.

The Year Past

My time as a front runner is coming to an end. I’ve laid down some magnificent tools, but it is time for others to come forward, and by using these tools as accelerators, they will also lay down their own wonderful gifts for those who are ready to receive them.

The Elders of The Emerald Heart

This year has seen the birth of The Elders of The Emerald Heart. These are the people who are taking over my mantle and running with the gifts that I have placed upon the earth. Guidance spoke to me one day and said, “Surrender, put your life in their hands. You have done enough.”

Of course, the Universe doesn’t spend many years training you, to put you into retirement, but it brings so much change into your life that you have no choice other than to obey. As soon as I began to surrender my position as the Creator of The Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment and The Emerald Heart Spiritual Path, the Light began to pour in to The Elders and they began to grow extremely quickly. If I had tried to hold on to power, then they would have been denied this Light. Such is the way that the Universe gives to us and helps us grow, through the process of offering us the opportunity to give away what we have created.

Those who were chosen to take the reins of The Emerald Heart were Lynne, Rosa, Tim and Yvonne. Some of them have worked with me for over ten years and others have come along recently. They were all called one day to the cottage in the Shropshire countryside, to sit with the sacred trees and the sunshine blessed us that day. They came for a single day, from as far afield as London, Germany, Sweden and America. Guidance called them. They did not question why, but all came. For one day, we sat together outside in glorious weather and as they all left and evening fell, Guidance came to me and said, “They will be called The Elders.”

The Power Builds

As I began the painful process of stepping back and letting go, wondering what was to become of me and this great work I had been chosen to bring into the world, I began to see the power rise in The Elders. The Light was incredible as it poured into them, illuminating their individual gifts and talents. At times I felt the fear of being left behind, and at times I felt the joy of being the witness of their flowering, like a proud father.

At the same time, others within The Emerald Heart were opening so very quickly and I could see that there were opportunities coming for them, and that they too would perhaps be called forth into greater things. The Universe lays down the opportunity and those with the courage to face their fears and step into the challenge will truly grow and flourish. Within this vanguard of Emerald Heart Practitioners who are accelerating quickly are Florence in Switzerland, Jon in Australia and Harriet in The Netherlands. Also, there are many other Emerald Heart Practitioners who have been taking their first tentative steps into the Light, stepping in and out in a dance as they test themselves against the opening power of the Light. Also there has been much growth as new seekers of Light and transformation have worked with our growing family of Practitioners. All of the above have been carrying the Light into the world in a magnificent way and going through the most amazing transformations in the process.

The Great Engine

Behind any growing organism, there is always a powerful engine. The powerful engine for our earth is the sun in the heavens pouring light and heat into the greenhouse of earth and fusing this power with the juices of the Mother in order to create growth. The engine that brings so much of The Emerald Heart Light into the world is Ian Mills in Sweden, who works tirelessly in developing and filling the BLOG with our words, pictures and music.

Ian is like the Sun of The Emerald Heart, radiating the Light of all of our actions outwardly so that you may share and bathe in the vibrations of the words which are given through us by The Guides of The Emerald Heart, and also based on our experiences and lives lived at the cutting edge of spirituality, through riding the wave of an intense Light that bursts open the hearts of those who have the courage to stand within its fire.

Foundations of Light and Love

This year has seen a great foundation laid, as I have been moving sideways out of the rays of the direct Light, so that it might fall upon the heart petals of those who’s time it is to grow.

It is a wonderful time; A time of fulfilment, but nevertheless a time still filled with spiritual challenges as I learn to continue to walk a deeper and more meaningful spiritual path in service to the Universe and humanity, and in that service, of course, we are serving ourselves with Light and evolution. It is exciting not knowing what the Universe wants me to do next, but also a little scary as it tells me the time for working with clients is coming to an end. The usual questions come to mind as they do for everyone in the world. How will I pay the bills and put food on the table? Well, I am sure there is a plan and as I am within that Divine plan all the time, I will feel it surrounding me like a warm blanket against a cold night’s breeze. A form of security in an insecure world, but it is through trusting the Universe to provide, that you let go of trying to create your own security, and in that most wonderful act of surrender, then the Universe truly can provide.

So, on this eve of the old year, I find that I have just landed on Lanzarote in the Canary Islands for six weeks. What am I doing here, I ask myself? I have no idea. How did this happen? In a moment of what may have been madness when I booked it months ago. How can I afford to be away from home, the office and everything else of an everyday nature for six weeks? Again, I have no idea again, but here I am, smashing all the existing paradigms and ready to embrace any opportunity that comes my way.

I am looking towards the horizon and into the eye of the sun as it begins its journey north again. I give thanks for the amazing things that I have experienced this past year and I open my heart so that the Universe can see that I am ready for more.

I wish you all the gift of an opening heart, so that you too can experience some of what the Light has to offer.


With my deepest Love and Blessings.