Yvonne Hrdy

Yvonne Hrdy shares with us a communication she received yesterday evening, 31st December 2013,  from the Divine Mother.


A message from the Divine Mother.

Come sit with me, in the darkness of this New Moon eve, and listen to the sacred song of your heart.

Do you know it? Do you know its sound, its melody, its mission, its message and how it feels?

The sacred song of your heart is buried deep within, in the sacred chamber of your heart, it is the divine spark that only you carry in this world. It is hidden in the most secret place of your heart that only you can access. It is your divine spark, it is how God wants to express itself through you for the further evolution and healing of humanity and your planet, sacred Mother Earth.

Come sit with me and listen to your song for it is unique. Only you carry it. Hear it, feel it, become it, let yourself be surrounded completely by its vibration. It is the deep longing that you carry in your heart. It is so deep that you feel it might tear you apart when you dive into it. It is the longing that you carry in your sacred heart that will tell you why you came here on Earth in this moment of time, for what you need to learn, to achieve or to heal for yourself and others. It is the spark that you came here for to bring to Mother Earth, to anchor its consciousness, to radiate it so that it might touch others and help them as well.

Come sit with me in the darkness of this New Moon eve and connect with this sacred longing in your heart for I have prepared this space for you to help you listen, on this New Moon’s eve, the first new moon of this new year.

Have the courage to listen. Have the courage to go to this deep sacred place in your heart.

Are you going to take it seriously? Are you going to take yourself seriously with the sacred longing you carry within? Or do you allow yourself to be distracted because it might be too ridiculous, too tiny, too big, not the right time yet, too far out, impossible, you don’t know enough yet or with whatever limitation you have imposed on yourself?

Come sit with me on this evening of a new beginning and listen to this sacred song in your heart and know that your longing is divine.

Come sit with me and allow its vibration to well up from your heart and let it be your compass for this next cycle in time and eternally.

With Blessings and Love,

Yvonne Hrdy

Elder and Teacher of The Emerald Heart – Munich