From Tim Dyson…

Happy New Year to The Emerald Heart Community

There were some big changes for me in 2013 as I stepped into the role of an Elder of the Emerald Heart.

The first thing I became aware of was the increase in light and power that now flowed through me. At first it brought up old fears and issues and took some time to stabilise in my system but I knew this increased flow was needed for the new role I was entering into and I could feel the excitement as well as the fear. On a practical level things are still very much in the unfolding stage but it felt good to connect with most of the Practitioners and Hosts via phone or Skype and to get a sense of who actually makes up the Emerald Heart as a community and I hope you all found it a helpful experience.

I like helping people to see their strengths and to overcome their difficulties and feel it is something I am pretty good at. I would like people already working within the Emerald Heart to see me as someone that they can go to for help and guidance should they feel drawn. I have found my mentoring role increasing, which is great but also some older Practitioners coming to myself for Guidance when Dave has been temporarily unavailable. This brought up a bit of fear in me as I can’t see in as deeply as Dave, but I know my strength is in seeing a broad sweep of a person’s life and I am therefore confident that they will have received help and I can just trust what is happening.

I look forward very much to seeing how the Foundation of the Elders develops in 2014 and how we as the Elders can help the Emerald Heart to grow further as a community and as an active spiritual path for true seekers and of course, I am excited to see in what ways my own individual role as an Elder unfolds. I thank you all for being a part of this community, whether you merely read the Blog or work actively within it and I wish all of you a successful and rewarding 2014 full of growth and happiness.

Love, Tim.




From Lynne Shaw…

Dear Ones,

2013 truly was an incredible year!

Being invited to step into the role of an Elder of the Emerald Heart has been a tremendous honour and responsibility. I have had to trust even more and let go so the Light can flow through me at a deeper level. This has become a constant daily practice. It can be a great challenge, yet it has brought so many opportunities for growth.

Leading a shamanic journey, connecting people in to Mother Earth at the Emerald Heart retreat in August in Sweden, was a wonderful experience. It was beautiful to witness how this moved people and touched them in sometimes profound ways. As the light that flows through me has increased, many gifts have come forth.

I would like to share with you the greatest gift that was bestowed upon me on October 22nd of 2013. On this day I was gifted with The Emerald Heart Divine Plan Healing System. A new healing system to bring to the world and share with those who are ready. It is a beautifully simple, yet very deep method of healing that can be used for oneself or others. The Light of the Emerald Heart that pours through me in these sessions is both gentle and very profound.

It has been an incredible blessing working with David Ashworth to prepare the material necessary to begin to teach this method of healing, as we enter the New Year.

If the Divine Plan Healing System speaks to you, I really hope to share this with you and see you in class in 2014. I wish you all a wonderful New Year.

Let us share the Light, become the Light, Be the Light.

Many blessings,

Lynne Shaw.

New York.


From Rosa Hultman…

Our old tutor of 2013 has passed away…

and I got scorched and I got burnt…  This is what the increased amount of Light has done for me during 2013 and since I stepped into the role of an Elder of the Emerald Heart. This continuous burning away of Ego has brought big transformation to my life. In my attempt to make a summary of the past year and to share what I´ve learnt, I have the following New Year message to you all:

Let us remember Dave’s joyful Teachings from the Universe during the past year. Let us listen and learn from those Teachings with greater intensity this coming year. Let us remember blissful experiences, keeping them all safe in the sacred chamber of our hearts. Let us forget the sorrows of the past and make our mind up, not to bring them back in the coming New Year. With new determination, let us make our mind up to renew our life, our better habits and our success. If the last year has been hopelessly bad, let the New Year be hopefully good.

Remember, no matter what our trials have been, or how discouraged we are, if we make a continued effort to be better, we will find that being made in the image of God, we are endowed with unlimited power that is much stronger than our worst trials. Let us make our minds up that we will win, focusing all our concentration on the ceaseless efforts to succeed, and we will surely be victorious.

Remember that our past difficulties did not come to crush us but to strengthen our determination to use our limitless divine powers to succeed. God wants us to conquer the difficult tests of life and come back to His home of wisdom. Let us return in this New Year.

This is my message to you for the New Year 2014.

I bless you with the Light of the Emerald Heart

Rosa Hultman



From Yvonne Hrdy…

Dear All,

It is always amazing to look back at a year with the Emerald Heart and see how much has happened and this is even more true for this past year. January started with an Emerald Heart Essence Practitioner Training in Munich, the first one that Dave held outside the UK and I felt very honoured and excited to step forward in my role as mentor for a number of new students, in addition to teaching and mentoring Hosts of Gatherings.

Being invited to step into the role of an Elder a few months later brought a new level of responsibility and excitement and feeling the increased amount of Light flowing through me was quite a truly amazing experience. Increasing Light of course also brings things to the surface that still have to be released, like self-doubts, fears and defensive patterns we chose at times, so it was without doubt a very intense year of self-transformation and now I look back with gratitude and a new sense of inner freedom, which I never felt before.

This has also been a year where my own connection to the Divine Feminine came back again in a more intense way than before and where I started to conduct my own Light Transmissions. Remember, the Emerald Heart Light brings forth your gifts and talents, your potential, however when such things happen, like feeling a second stream of consciousness coming through you, the mind goes into chaos and it takes a good effort to stay in the heart, which knows the answers, especially that there is no such thing as contradiction, and surrender to the truth.

I know the coming year is going to be intense, but I feel ready to surrender to whatever is going to unfold. I look forward to increase my teaching role and I hope, that more people will step forward and start to work with the Light themselves. I know that there are many of you out there, who could easily do it. The coming year I also feel the drive to go more into the public to spread the Light of the Emerald Heart in Germany (and wherever I might be called to) and those people who know me, know that this alone is already a good challenge for me, being quite a private person in this. But this is how we grow.

Let me thank you, all of you who are part of this community, for the wonderful people that you are and I wish you all a successful and happy new year, filled with love and laughter, health and happiness and everything that you desire to achieve for yourselves.

Many Blessings,

Yvonne Hrdy.




From Dave Ashworth…

Within the writings of The Elders above, you can see the humility of what it means when the Universe truly pours power into you. Indeed they have felt it this year, as Rosa says, scorched and burnt by the Light, but perhaps I should say a little about how these changes came to be.

Time comes and goes and the days merge into one stream when you are living within a powerful light. I couldn’t even remember when The Elders were called forth until I looked at a photo of that summer’s day, when we walked into the woods at the home of The Emerald Heart in sunny Shropshire. It was the 4th June, 2013.

The Elders The Elders of The Emerald Heart on the day that Guidance called them forth to carry the Light of The Emerald Heart at a new level. From L to R; Lynne, Yvonne, Tim, Rosa.

At the beginning of 2013, The Guidance of The Emerald Heart came to me one day and told me it was time to hang up my boots. I had to move away from working with clients, so this was the beginning of many changes for me during this year. It was tough to find a balance and to some degree still is, although I have moved through much of that change over this twelve month period. The Universe spent 20 years training me to be many things, from cleansing people of spirit and entity attachments in the beginning, through earth healing, geopathic stress investigation, geomancy, healer, creator of essences, author and many other things, until finally, spiritual teacher.

Somewhere around late spring or early summer, I was visited one night by an extremely high teacher. You feel them walking into your room, into your consciousness, and you realise that you are suddenly in the presence of a being upon whom you dare not gaze. You are nothing in their light, such is the journey they have made. The visit lasted no more than a few seconds as the teacher spoke. He said to me, “Once you have created yourself as a spiritual teacher, you then un-create yourself as a spiritual teacher.”

In other words, on your path towards becoming nothing, you are always becoming something else, but each step you take, you dissolve a little more of who you have become out of the overall picture. And so, here was my teaching for the next part of my path of dissolving me. “So, what do I become,” I asked myself. “Well, nothing,” I gave myself the reply. But at the same time wondered why I had done all this work to walk away from it, or why had the Universe invested so much time developing me, to now put me out to grass? Interesting questions, and what you do is contemplate them every single day whilst taking every opportunity that is set before you, as any of these may lead to the new path that the Universe is offering you.

Then in May, The Guidance asked me to call Rosa, Yvonne, Lynne and Tim for a meeting, for which there was no agenda, other than to let them know that things were changing and I needed to step back. I must make it clear, that it is not me who calls people forth for advancement, but The Guidance which is The Emerald Heart Light. I am merely the messenger for this light. The Light is not me, but it is of me and through me that it speaks and so I follow its direction as clearly and precisely as I can. The test of course is what happens when you follow The Guidance.

That evening, after each of them had left and gone home again, Guidance came forth and said, “They will be called The Elders.”

It has been fascinating for me to see how the Light poured in to The Elders once they had stepped forward, and indeed, as they have said, the power was incredible to witness, and for them to behold as it burned through them. It reminded of when The Emerald Heart Light was first given to me back in 2005 and how it burned through me endlessly for six months, as I did nothing but write the teachings that were given, through which I would understand something of its magnificence. In January 2014, it will be 9 years since the Light was given and in all that time, I have never found anything of any comparison. On many occasions, I have said that humanity is not ready for this Light. It is too intense, too strong, too deep, too revealing of our inner truth. Nobody can really understand these things until it has poured into you, as it did into The Elders during this year, and still continues. At last, there are now others who know something of the journey I had to make, and I don’t feel so alone any longer. In fact, Guidance asked me to “Put your life in their hands.” In other words, totally surrender everything to The Elders and trust that I will not starve or become homeless.

The Emerald Heart Light is not a healing Light. It is a Light for the Evolution of Humanity. It does nothing more than open your heart, and if people think they know what that means, I can assure you that you don’t until something like this Light hits you. It will change your vision and perception of reality so fast that you will have no idea why you are on this earth. The picture will not make sense to you any longer, but at the same time, we are here to help unlock the future, and so in that context, we continue and we do indeed become a great part of something that is growing a new reality in our beautiful earth realm.

Since the very beginning of The Emerald Heart journey, there have been the most amazing scenarios that have unfolded and in the beginning, I was trying to teach everything that the Light had taught me, but unfortunately, people weren’t ready for this. In the intervening years, Guidance move the goal posts many times and I had to adapt, and within this game, we were given Stepping Stones that allowed people to step into the Light in ever easier ways, offering more opportunity for those who were not yet ready for the more powerful aspects of the light.

We began the year in Munich, as Yvonne mentions above. Then we saw the birth of the Wheel of Light as a carrier for The Emerald Heart. The blazing wheel was first given in May 2002, eleven years ago. On 20th July 2013, as I sat on the sofa in the quiet of my cottage one night, a cool blue flame gently wrapped itself around me. What is this, I thought? Then it became clear, although the original vision and guidance was given all those years before, on this warm summer evening, the energies were activated for the first time. We were being prepared for expansion.

Our first attunements were given to pass to others for connecting our hearts into The Heart of the Earth Mother and these were used for the first time at our Retreat in Sweden.

As we come to the end of this amazing year of constant change, Lynne Shaw has been gifted the next chapter in the development of the Stepping Stones way of entering the Light of The Emerald Heart, as mentioned above. A superbly simple healing system that anyone can become a part of, opening yet another doorway into this evolutionary Light. Nothing more or less than The Divine Plan.

I learned something very powerful in the very early days on this spiritual path, that in order to be given more, you must share everything that has been given to you, or literally give it away.  As I began to let go of everything that I had been instrumental in creating with The Emerald Heart Light and offered this up for The Elders to take centre stage for the future growth of The Emerald Heart, by surrender was rewarded when one of their number was given such an amazing gift of a complete new healing system for the New Age. The Divine Plan Healing System. I am certain that many other gifts will come through the others. It is early days in this new development of The Elders.

So, as we enter 2014, I know that it will be fascinating. I have already been given a new job myself. Guidance kept showing me the image of the seed sower, along with the word ‘Broadcast.’ A seed sower broadcasts the seed, of which some falls on stony ground, and some on fertile ground. The fertile ground is the heart that seeks the light and so my new job is to allow the Guidance of The Emerald Heart to speak through the emptiness of me on our new radio show, Emerald Heart Radio.

As Tim says above, whether you just like to read the Blog or you choose to drink in the Light through so many of the ways that have been given to us to bring it forward for you, you are all a part of The Emerald Heart Community and I wish you the most wonderful 2014 and remind you that the opportunities to open your heart with this light, have never been more or easier. All you need is the desire to be a part of the love that is everything.

The Guidance, which is given for YOU, from the Universe each period, is filled with Light. Just reading it will move something within you. This is usually available in German, Swedish, Spanish and now Dutch.

The Vibrational Essence that is given with the Guidance will help align you with the changes that the Universe is offering to us in the moment, which has already unfolded many thousands of hearts on our joint journey towards enlightenment.

Will you take some positive action this year and drink your share of the life giving Emerald Heart Light?

The Light of The Emerald Heart is available World-wide, 24 hours a day by some means or other. You only have to ask.

With My Deepest Love and Blessings.