puerto-del-carmen fariones lanzaroteWell, we all had an amazing time in Lanzarote. Let us start the ball rolling with David Ashworth introducing the first sharing of the Retreat by the Elder Group.

(Lynne Shaw was unable to contribute due to extended travel arrangements. She will soon be able share her experiences with the BLOG.)


Sun, Sea and Spirituality

Firstly a note from myself and then please enjoy the sharings of The Elders on their experiences during our Winter Retreat.

Once everyone has gone home there is an empty place in my heart. A feeling of desperation, even, and of loss and emptiness; a kind of hunger for love, for the loving hearts of those who were around me when we were enjoying being in the Light. Within a few days though, the balance will return and I will be in full swing and moving forward with such a lot of amazing new things that have been given during this gathering together in Lanzarote.

The Sun and Sea eluded us a little and we did experience the most unseasonal weather of wind and rain to the dismay of the local people as well as ourselves. However, when we needed dry weather to go out on our field trips, it was provided, especially for our Silent Meditation Walk through the surf on Los Pocillos beach.

I had been on Lanzarote for four weeks prior to the retreat and researched many places for our adventures and I think everyone was agreed that we did have some beautiful encounters with the nature spirit consciousness. The power of Lanzarote is tangible and once the Earth Mother opened up to us, she was truly very powerful.

My experiences here have been full and wonderful and left me with such a lot of work to do when I return, which will be a joy to explore as we move into our expansion of this next phase of our lives. Birthing the Year in such a powerful way, I am certain, will give you all a great start in riding the Wave of Time of this coming year and I wish for you many, many great experiences of inner and outer expansion.

With Love and Blessings.

David Ashworth

Original Channel of The Emerald Heart



From Rosa Hultman, Sweden.

Sometimes, when walking in nature we can feel its heartbeat and its wonder, and our steps become steps of remembrance. Walking on Lanzarote during this Retreat has been such walk of remembrance. We reconnected with the living spirit of the Earth through the simple practice of “walking in a sacred manner” – in which we, with every step we took, could feel the connection with the sacred Earth.

Day One:  The Light helped in bringing out the darkness we needed to let go of, the essence given was ´Extreme Gratitude´ and was followed by a sacred walk on the lava fields and later into the bottom of a volcano. It became a journey of healing of old wounds and letting go of feelings of sadness, sorrow and pain.

Day Two:  This was a day of cleansing and for the Light to help in bringing us to the space of here and now. The essence given was ´Extreme Acceptance´ and we walked a sacred silent meditative walk along the beach where the breath of the ocean was driving the waves over our feet and then pulling it back. We created labyrinths in the sand, walked them and connected into the feminine and masculine aspects of the Earth. We could all feel the Light of our hearts shine forth as more and more of the inner darkness was being transformed and peace was created in the hearts of all participating.

Day Three:  We went to Timanfaya to connect with the fire and creative force of the Divine Heart in order to be able to EXPAND, that actually was the theme of the whole Retreat.

The Light helped us through a heart opening process and tears were flowing. Creating an essence ´Heart of Fire´ together with everyone that was there was a very deep and profound experience. I could feel tremendous love as I connected with the heart of each and every one that took part in this creation process and it feels like this essence is still under development, even though we have started to take it. The essence of the day was ´Extreme Optimism´ and my overall feeling of attending those three days is Excitement.

Excitement – as we went through a process that brought us from darkness to light and also because through the creation of this essence, we now have a central core binding us together in love and my feeling is that the ongoing development of this essence that we created eventually will make this central core of Light, within those Hearts of Fire – spinning. On the plane back home, high up above land looking down on all the city lights, I, for a short moment, touched into the energies of the realisation that the Hearts of Fire, when having come to the point of spinning, will form a cluster of points of Light, becoming part of a map of Light around the world with the potential to be the bond that will enable the world soul to be impregnated with a higher consciousness. As this map is unfolding, the spinning hearts of people around our sacred planet will be able to open the heart of the world. Yet again my tears were falling, opening another petal of my heart. 

There are so many ways of reconnecting with the sacredness within creation, to listen within and include the earth in our spiritual practice and daily life. When we hear the morning chorus of birds, we may sense that deeper joy of life and awake to its divine nature; at nights the stars can remind us of what is infinite and eternal within us and within the world, or simply by watching the wonder of dawn or a sunset. Whatever way we are drawn to wonder, to recognize the sacred, what matters is always the attitude we bring to this intimate exchange. It is through the heart that a real connection is made, even if we first make it in our feet or hands. Then this connection comes alive, a living stream that flows from our hearts as it embraces all of life. Then every step, every touch will be a prayer for the Earth, a remembrance of what is sacred.


Attending an Emerald Heart Retreat to be in the Light and connecting with the sacred Earth is a gradual process of awakening to the consciousness of the heart, of opening the eye of the heart through which God is able to experience His creation…

…and experiencing Lanzarote was fun, beautiful, powerful, dramatic

but above all heart opening. 

A remembrance of what is sacred 

and a Prayer for the Divine Mother Earth.


I bless you with the Light of the Emerald Heart / Rosa



From Yvonne Hrdy, Munich.

Dear all,

This is my first day back in Munich after a great week on Lanzarote and the fire of expansion and creation is just burning through me whilst at the same time I feel completely centred, full of love and peace and a sort of inner, stillness and happiness, which is not easy to put in words.

I have been to every single Emerald Heart Retreat so far and each of them has been unique in their own way, depending on the Guidance, the land we have been working with and the group of people participating. But you can take for granted that every time the Light will open your heart to an ever deeper level, will bring you more awareness and evolution and set free more of who you really are. Nevertheless, each time I catch myself questioning how the upcoming retreat could be ‘better’ or at least as ‘good’ as the previous ones and each time I am taken by surprise.

My intention was to share some of my experiences, what we had been doing throughout the week, as well as about the amazing island of Lanzarote, to help you connect with it, as all of you reading this have been with us in spirit, if you chose to do so, and for sure Dave and us, The Elders, are carrying you in our hearts. However, I awoke early this morning and had to write down the following as the Light was burning through my heart, followed by a list of ideas, inspirations, ‘to do’s’  about what to create, what to offer in order to make the Light available to you in the best ways and move on with it, move on with carrying it into the world.

Munich, Germany, 27.01.2014, 5.30 am:

I wish I could share this burning fire in my heart with you. I wish I could share this peace within myself with you. I wish you could feel what I am feeling now, this fire in my heart, of the Heart, and at the same time this stillness within and without. I am the temple where the Light of God resides.

I know I could share my stories here with you now, about what we did and how I experienced the retreat on the magic island of Lanzarote. You would maybe drink from my words or not. You would maybe feel uplifted from the words for a while or not. But none of these would help to prevent that you have to make the journey back into your heart yourself. All I can do is to provide the Sacred Space and the Light in the many ways it is available for you and invite you to step into it, as long and as much as you want.

Hope to see you soon, meeting you from heart to heart.

With my deepest love and gratitude.

With love and gratitude to Dave and the Emerald Heart Light, to all who helped to organize and contributed to this retreat, to my fellow travellers and to Lanzarote, this magic island of fire (and wind…).

Yvonne Hrdy

Elder of The Emerald Heart




From Tim Dyson, London

What an amazing Retreat.  It was very much a journey through darkness into Light. From feelings of despair and desolation to feelings of joy and deep peace.  I felt plugged in to the volcanic process, the violence of the eruption, the changing landscape as the molten lava covers everything in its path like a new skin. The moment I would lay down and relax I could see and feel its awesome destructive power. It pervaded my dreams. It brought up old memories of violence in my own life, memories of the destructive power I used against others and the need to release these old energies from my consciousness. To spew them out from my energy system the way volcanoes spew out their magma.

Afterwards came the peace, the sense of my Higher Self leading the way, of different states of elevated consciousness. I began to sense beyond the destructive power and into the volcano’s creative power. It’s power to create an entirely different environment or biosphere.  Lanzarote was, after all, created in the first place by volcanic eruptions under the sea pushing up a land mass. I loved exploring the lava field, the crust of old lava covering everything with its strange shapes, its bubbles and tunnels. I loved going into the heart of a volcano, of feeling the depth of stillness. I got a real buzz of excitement from leading some of you on a crater rim walk. Thank you to all those who kept me company on this exhilarating little trek.

Another high point for me was the introduction by Lynne of the Divine Plan Healing System. This system has recently been gifted to the Emerald Heart through Lynne and is at once very simple and very profound. I am tremendously excited to see how this unfolds as I am convinced it is great news for the Emerald Heart as a community and for wider humanity. My thanks go out to Lynne for having the courage to birth this gift from God.

I am so grateful to Dave for plugging me into the Light in such a way that I had these wonderful experiences. For his work to help all of us open up so that we can access the subtle truths in the nature of things and of ourselves.


Love, Tim Dyson

Elder of The Emerald Heart.