The wild volcanic landscape of Lanzarote

I had a great time at the Winter Retreat in Lanzarote. The Island is beautiful in its contrasts. Wild in her volcanic areas and safe and supportive in the key resort areas.  We all stayed in or around Puerto del Carmen, which is a resort town with lovely beaches and pleasant bars and restaurants.

There were three Retreat days and rest days in between, which allowed us time to get to know our fellow course delegates and explore the island.

On the Retreat days we met at the meeting point before driving to the Retreat Centre, situated in a beautiful inland area. The Emerald Heart provided 3,  7 seater vehicles to transport course attendees during the Retreat days and the rest days.

The Retreat days were very powerful and the processes will be unfolding for a while. What an ideal event to attend at the start of this new year. On the final Retreat day, a brand new Emerald Heart Essence was given. Entitled ‘Heart of Fire’, it was created in the heat of the volcano at Tymanfaya, … and what a powerhouse of an essence it is, with keynotes of achievement and creativity.

We also had an exciting preview of a brand new Emerald Heart Healing process, called the ‘Divine Plan Healing System’. This was gifted to Elder Lynne Shaw in October 2013 and is available for use by Practitioners via Attunement. Details of training courses available soon.

A big thank you to David Ashworth, The Elders, Retreat organiser Harriet Kroon and all of the Retreat participants for making this event so special.

See you at the next one! 

Ian Mills