All Rolled into One…

We didn’t bother with Christmas this year, not in the usual sense anyway. Ever since being a teenager, I get ill at Christmas. The amount of Christmas Days’ I’ve spent in bed ill, I can’t count. This year was going to be different. I was going to the sunshine. I saw my Mum just a few days before flying to Lanzarote, and she said, “Well at least you might not be ill on Christmas day if you are in the sun.”

It took me a long time to figure out why I was always poorly at Christmas, but as I became more sensitive to the elements and the Earth Mother consciousness, the cycles of the sun, moon and earth, I figured it out, and it was always obvious. It was the big hit and detox after the winter solstice, but made worse because I have a lot of dampness in my body. Michaela Augustin, now in Brighton, used to treat me Ayurvedically, when we shared a practice in Manchester, with her husband Ralf. Micha used to ensure that I had plenty of pepper and ginger to dry up the damp in my bones. I also discovered a few years ago that if I went for a winter week of sun, it helped greatly, but the timing had to be right. If I left it too late, then it’s too late and I suffer before hand, so ideally, I need to be in the sun around Winter Solstice, as the sun reaches its turning point.

Winter solstice is a magical time for me. It conjures up the joy of looking out of my bedroom window as a boy and seeing that first covering of snow across the landscape. I still love it. It is so silent and beautiful beyond words. In recent winters, we’ve had a lot of snow, and after a few days, almost everyone was moaning about it. It actually lasted a few weeks last time, but I just loved it every single day. It brought such joy into my heart. It was like a blessing laid across the landscape.

So this year, I changed my life in many ways and one thing I did was book six weeks in Lanzarote and I flew out on the 19th December. Ostentatious, maybe, but it was something I had to try. I booked it around March or April last year and then panicked the rest of the year about whether I had acted too rashly. But it was booked and so I had to go and figure out the best way to do some work whilst there.

My partner Harriet came with me, and on Christmas day we exchanged a couple of fairly small gifts, as the real gift was to be where we were, in the sunshine, and with each other, as we actually live in different countries.

What Christmas has become commercially, actually makes me quite sick, and has done for years, but often we are trapped to some degree or other in the duty of family and feel we can’t offend others at this special time of year. And so it is, that many of us lie to ourselves about how much we enjoy Christmas. When my children were young, indeed it was a great time and I loved playing the part of Father Christmas, helping them to put a glass of whisky out for him and a carrot or two on the back lawn for the reindeer, and I always ensured that a couple of bites were taken out of the carrots, the mince pie had a bite out of it too, and of course the whisky was completely gone. Those are wonderful and magical days for any family and loving memories, but there is a time to move on and the commercial side of Christmas and the overspending and overeating hurts my sensibilities. If you truly enjoy Christmas with your family, then that is a wonderful thing, but all too often, it has become a duty that people feel they cannot avoid.

The Lanzarote Winter Retreat
Christmas for me, is taking a moment to read the teachings in The Gospel of Thomas and feel the love of the great man pouring through my heart.

Christmas for me, was being in the glorious light of all the people who came on the retreat, and their presents are still opening automatically from the Light that poured into their hearts.

Christmas for me, was seeing the Light of Jesus open their hearts and filling them with love to bursting point, as their eyes filled with tears at the joy of his awakening within them.

Christmas for me, was being with my real family, those who travel daily by my side within The Light of The Emerald Heart.

Christmas for me, is being able to give such an amazing gift to all of them of the Light in my heart, as we take a guided journey for a whole week together.

Christmas for me, is feeling the love in their hearts, even if they are having a tough time.

And that is only the beginning of my Christmas, for after we come home, emails drop in regularly telling me how wonderful was the time that they had and what has happened to them since.

The Lanzarote Retreat was superb and it culminated in the creation of an essence, where the light of each person’s heart was fused into the powerful light of the heat of Mother Earth from the volcano at Timanfaya. Four hundred degrees of the Earth Mother’s Light just below the surface of the earth. What a magnificent feeling to experience that power.

When planning any retreat, I have to create a coherent structure and then Guidance fills the space. I always have no idea how I am going to fill a week, but there is always so much I have planned that we never have time to experience. I often feel that we could fill another week as things come to an end.

A Journey from Darkness into Light
I have conducted many retreats, the most recent in Sweden only a few months ago with The Elders, in August. All those who attend, and some people have been to all of them, say after each one, “I don’t know how we could exceed the last one,” but Guidance always does, and I don’t know how it does it. Isn’t it wonderful that there are still some mysteries in the world?

However, this retreat was very special to me, as I visited sites and planned the journey for the children of light to experience. But on the days when we ventured into the elements as a spiritual group to commune with nature, the Earth Mother opened her heart so powerfully that it hit me in my own heart at a tremendous depth. She always knows when we are coming, and she keeps her silence until it is time for her to give us our gifts, and the moment on the first afternoon, as we walked into a volcano, she hit me right in the heart, to let me know that she was with us all. You can’t buy an experience like that. It is painful with joy, as she opens your emotions in a physical jolt and it is beautiful to know that your work and journey are being acknowledged.

At the beginning of the retreat we were guided into our own darkness, and the darkness of the Earth Mother and through the week, we transformed through layers to once again emerge into the Light, but into a higher expression of light than we ever held before. A small shift maybe, but one that cannot ever be undone, as we don’t do de-volution, we only do Evolution.

I won’t share too many details with you, as this is a retreat that I will hopefully repeat and it would be a shame to spoil the surprises of this extra-ordinary journey, but within it, we touched all the elements and the most important of these was fire.

The Guidance for this Month
I am not going to read the Universe for you this month, as there really is no need. If you read the last guidance, it said the following, “One word sums up this next period. As the Universe unfolds and shows us it’s unfolding patterns of consciousness, the keyword for this period is EXPANSION. Also, this will be a long period, much more than six weeks, and maybe even double that.” Spring equinox is only six weeks away now and I can feel the flow running at least that far without too much of a change. However, allow me to give you some wonderful news. This is an incredible year already and it is going to get better. It is a year of expansion. Have a look at the Guidance for the last period and see if it is not already coming to pass.

The guidance began this piece with the words ‘All Rolled into One.’ What this means is that some of us didn’t take a break and switch off for Christmas, we just rolled one year into the next without stopping. For those of you who need that break, great, take it and enjoy it, but my work is my life and my life is my work. I dance in the light of my own heart, and as I allow the Universe to bring you these words and in the process, I feel nothing but upliftment. The light pours through my heart as I write, and the tears often flow as my heart is burned with the light. I love to write for you, and I hope that you feel some of the light and love that pours forth from my heart. It is given in love, and in hope that you too may be able to walk such a path of light that I have had the good fortune to experience, one day.

So, we are in a new year and most of it is fully flowing, however, I can’t help but think that the Universe didn’t want me to return to Old Blighty as the plane ran short of fuel and had to pull in at Cardiff for a fill up. It was a thrilling time as the pilot’s voice was serious as he made the announcement, but he was a great pilot as he kept us all informed of what was happening.

The wind was blowing at 120mph to the south and we were going north. That’s fine, as they had taken account of it, and of course, the flight down to Lanzarote had been in record time with the wind behind them. But then the French air traffic controllers, who were having a dispute, re-routed us over France, where we suddenly encountered 180mph headwinds. The pilot said that he could only fly flat out at 480mph and the wind was pushing that back to 300mph and so we were flying further than the fuel would take us.

There was a hush in the cabin and then the rumours began, and I felt the fear running here and there, and the chap next to me said, “I don’t believe him, these engines haven’t sounded right since we took off!” The fear running through the plane was tangible and for a sensitive person like me, I could easily absorb it and become a part of it, but I thought, I’m not buying into this and picked up my magazine and switched myself off, trusting that the Captain knew what he was doing.

I arrived back in Manchester after six and half hours on the plane and my daughter met me with my car, which she had been borrowing and my coat, which I had left with her when I flew to the sun. It was two degrees and I wasn’t cold. In fact I had to take the coat off after five minutes and drove back to Shropshire without it.

It feels wonderful to be home again. There is sunshine in my bones. I don’t feel the cold and some of the sounds of the wind in the trees and the little smells here and there have brought some beautiful childhood memories to me this past few days. I love being back and I loved being away. On the first day back, I was laughing out loud all day. It was bizarre. I was so happy.

We are just entering February and I am so in love with life. I shout into the wind and giggle as it whistles through the trees. I go under the duvet when I get in bed, just like I did when I was a boy, and say, “Thank you Jesus for this wonderful life.” How lucky am I to be able to hear the wind at night, not to mention all the other wonderful things that I experience. It is so easy to be caught up in the collective consciousness, or taken down by the heavy emotions in your body, and for sure I have my share of those, but to be aware when you feel good and to celebrate that with yourself, is a real gift that comes with a lot of practice.

And just before bed, I take my essences, those little bottles of liquid light that have brought me on such an amazing journey, totally transforming who I was into who I am now. A boy in a man’s body, completely full of joy to the point where I can feel laughter in my bones. Perhaps I better see the doctor?

The Essence of this Period – Heart of Fire
As I mentioned, I wasn’t going to do a piece for The Guidance of this Period, and in fact the last essence, which was Extreme Optimism is still very valid for helping you to ride this current wave of time. If you would like another of these, you can order it at at £21.50 including postage.

However, this essence that we created in Lanzarote is just so amazing and full of Universal Love, that there is no way that I could avoid offering it to you. The universe would be most upset.

It was given to me on the night of 23rd January and I was given instructions on how to bring it fully into life in our world, and to do this, I would have to heat it up as much as I could in the fiery heat of the volcano and then that heat and light of the Earth Mother would open the Christ Light in each heart of those who were on the retreat. The Christ Light of each person, would then infuse into the essence. I was also given the reading on that same evening of the 23rd, which is below.

At the volcano, we were granted the space to do what we needed to do without interruption of the guided tours, which was amazing to witness.

Therefore I offer you this very special essence, created with the deepest love of the Universe, to help you to steer a true course from the love in your own heart into this year of expansion. May your heart and life expand and become as joyful as can be.


HEART OF FIRE – An Emerald Heart Essence

Group:          Spiritual Evolution                                          Keynote:      Achievement

Heart of Fire comes from the primordial birth of Mother Earth as a blazing fireball, pulled into the orbit of our sun. Fire attracting fire, the fire of the sun, pulling the fire of the earth into his orbit, and so begins the journey of the loving bride, Mother Earth circling her husband, the Blazing Sun.

This essence is about the fire of creation at the heart of everything ‘that is’ on planet earth. It is also about the fire of the sun, which breathes light over all of Mother Earth’s creations.

The element of this primordial earthly fire is at the core of everything that is. It is the fuel of creation and transformation and these qualities are harnessed within the life-force of this essence.

Heart of Fire, opens your heart to the primordial heartbeat of Mother Earth. It connects you into the life-force of all that is deep, hidden and sacred upon and within this planet. It is a gift from Mother Nature and the consciousness of Earth Mother herself and holds you in her loving bosom as her child, where she continues to nurture you, if you allow her to. You cannot walk the path alone.

The essence will open your heart with power and focus. It harnesses the power of volcano, the unstoppable force of volcanic eruption and the movement of liquid magma over the surface of the earth, flowing thick, like honey to form new surfaces and foundations to build our lives upon.

In terms of evolution, the essence overturns your present house, meaning your present state of consciousness, and unearths the deeper aspects of love within you. It helps you to love yourself and in that process of learning to love yourself, it also helps you to accept yourself more fully and in a more wholesome way.

In terms of focus, when you set your heart on achieving something, the power of the primordial fire helps to keep you on track, moving you in the right direction, in an unswerving straight line. Quite simply, this is an essence with a focus for attainment and achievement.

Moving now into a deeper aspect of the essence. It was born in the molten heat of Montañas del Fuego – the Mountains of Fire, in the Timanfaya Volcano on 24th January 2014. It was given as a stimulant to ride the incredible wave of universal consciousness that will run throughout this year. It was created as a gift from the Heart of Mother Earth for the Emerald Heart students on the winter retreat, whose hearts were all a part of the creation process.

The light of each heart on this windy morning, shone into the creation of this essence and fused with the essence of the fire within the mountain, bringing together the love and truth of each person in a common bonding of purpose, to go forth and achieve during this great year.

So, the essence is a combination of the Fire of the Mountain and the Heart Fire of each student and this is why the name Heart of Fire was given by Guidance on the previous evening.

The essence is perfect in helping you bring focus into your life for any measure of achievement that you set your heart to. It has a deep driving force of love, helping to keep you moving in the right direction to bring forth a great sense of achievement for the things you achieve and create in this world. Even though it was given at this time and for this year, its beauty can be used at any time in any year. This year was merely the lucky year in which it was given for the first time.

With my Deepest Love and Blessings.

David Ashworth