David Ashworth’s Teachings

To begin with, just a note about the Guidance for the Period. I’m not going to do it any longer. It’s time to let it go.

I’ve brought forth guidance directly from the Universe for more than 5 years, and it has been a wonderful time, full of great journeys for me as I have stepped into the cosmos to bring back for you the images I see and perceive, and of how things are changing and what patterns are coming next. Thousands of people have benefitted from this knowledge and the essences that were also brought forward as gifts directly from the Universe, infused as they were with cosmic knowledge from the source of everything, also uplifted and transformed the lives of many. It is now time to move on. Everything changes.

I will continue to write for you from time to time when something beautiful or profound is given to me to share. I’ll also continue to bring forth an essence to help uplift and carry you forward on your mission of personal spiritual development and the opening and evolution of your heart. I think I’ll call these future scribbling’s, David Ashworth’s Teachings. So welcome to this second edition of my teachings. I say second edition, which is ridiculous really, as I write many teachings to many people, almost every day, but in the BLOG, these are for you and your spiritually inclined friends, with my love and blessings.


The Teaching for October


Sometimes the answers are all in one word.

Sometimes the answers are difficult to find, and sometimes the answers are staring you in the face but you can’t see them because your vibration cannot resolve the frequency that they live within. It can be like looking into a mirror and seeing nothing, even though the reflection might be there.

Sometimes when we are not looking for an answer of any description, that is when it is given and that is the case with this new Emerald Heart Essence called GRACE.

We were taken by friends into the heart of the rainforest in the Atherton Tablelands in north eastern Australia. We had driven up an unmade mountain track, an old logging track, in a four wheel drive vehicle and were navigating the rainforest with our scientist friends, who had done much work here in the past. We were in search of the Bower Bird’s nest on Mount Baldy.

Not much more than a hundred years ago, these hills and this landscape in general was covered in ancient forest, massive trees that had never been touched, but that was then, before the loggers came and stripped the land almost bare. Most of the big and ancient trees have gone and grazing land is the norm today, other than for these small areas of rainforest which, have regenerated and are now protected.

As we drove along the tight single track, our host, his eye keen and trained in these locations, spotted a big old tree – a survivor, a few metres into the dense forest. We stopped and got out of the car and poked our heads through the veil of the edge of the forest to see this huge and amazing tree. I was called immediately to go down to it and so with one eye out for snakes and the other for stinging trees and gripping vines, I swung my way from sapling to rock. Each step I took towards the tree, the more amazing it became. It grew in stature and size. As I approached the tree down the steep mountainside, I was calling to the others to come down and experience it. As I reached the tree, I stepped around the side and suddenly, it was twice the girth. I was illuminated by its beauty. I continued around to the back of the tree and suddenly it was twice the girth again, stunning and massive in close up.

P1010411 ALeft: Imagine how difficult it is to spot an individual tree from a moving vehicle, when this photo was taken stationary and looking right at it.

The others came down and indeed, all were impressed and we were so grateful that this tree had survived the loggers. It soared up through the canopy, and other than for the fear of tree snakes, I would have leapt upon it, arms outstretched and climbed into its loving embrace. However, there was no time for that, as we were on the Bower bird’s nest mission. I wanted to stay, but we had to keep moving. I didn’t even walk right around the tree as the terrain was difficult, but I had experienced a good two thirds of it, due to following the call to descend into the forest to discover that the real beauty was hidden from the road above. Without actually climbing down to this tree, nobody would ever guess the impressive presence of it. The photograph doesn’t do it justice at all.

P1010420 A


Right: All are impressed by the tree.

Just before the others clambered down, I was over-awed as the presence of the tree kept revealing a little more of itself, and as I stood there within its might, one word was given into my heart, which was GRACE. I was not seeking anything in that moment, merely bathing in the glory and majesty of this amazing survivor.


Below: Bower bird’s nest of about 60 years old. They return each year to the same nest.

P1010427 AI didn’t think much more about that word GRACE until the following evening when our friend came round for dinner and asked me about the tree and did I get anything from it. I answered that I was actually given one word, but hadn’t looked into it at all, but explained that once a tree had made contact in this way, then the connection was there forever. She asked what I thought the word meant. I answered that I had no idea, but at that moment the tree connected with me again to answer her question. I took pen and paper, saying that I would write it down as sometimes the words flow better directly onto paper. Also, I don’t lose them either, and so I wrote the following:

                       Accepting the State of Grace within,

                      And showing the world,

                     Your Inner State of Grace.

As I had been given this gift of the rainforest by this beautiful and wonderful tree, I thought I’d better make the essence and did so that evening. I felt that there was more information to come, but for now, the above was very useful and I could feel it deep inside. I began taking the essence immediately and continued until it was finished.

Now that I have returned home, the essence was ready to continue to communicate what the tree had given to us, and so I share the words with you here.

The Essence of Grace
Grace is a flowing stream of love that melts its way through your being, allowing changes to occur on many levels.

Grace is a state of being within, of being able to stand in a place isolated from outside events, allowing you to hold yourself in a place of gentility and understanding without judgment, but being able to see all manner of situations that surround your life.

Grace is like being in a glass box, fully protected from everything in the world, but being allowed to see everything, untouched by the energy and emotions of those events.

The essence of Grace allows you to develop this inner detachment from everything, whilst allowing you to play your part in bringing Grace into the world.

Love, inner peace, harmony, care and compassion for everything, flows from the Inner State of Grace.

Your Inner State of Grace, flows out through your whole being into the world, allowing others to see that you are developed and developing into a state of pure love. Your heart will open further. Your love will flow more easily. Your life will illuminate the lives of others, as your Inner State of Grace develops.

This essence connects you with your Inner State of Grace. It allows you to feel that silky smooth energy of love that dwells in the heart of your being. It gives you the opportunity to allow that love to flow from within you into the lives of others, bathing you in the reflection of love that will return to you.

This essence offers you the opportunity of personal inner development. The opening and evolution of the heart. As you take the essence, the first step is to connect with and accept your Inner State of Grace. Then show to the world your Inner State of Grace.

                       Accepting the State of Grace within,

                      And showing the world,

                      Your Inner State of Grace.


Farewell Australia
The Universe is always watching us and helping us, but we have to be sharp enough to see the signs. When the tree gave me that word, Grace, I felt it in the heart. I knew that I had been given a gift. It is this knowing that allows you to work alongside the Universe and benefit from its gifts, bringing them forth to share with others. Gifts come every single day in some form or another. For example, I looked out the window this morning and noticed that my neighbour had put my bin out for collection. What a gift. I probably would have forgotten it was bin day. That simple act is an act of thoughtfulness, somebody thinking about somebody else and how they can help them.

When we were in Australia, people thought about us, helped us, gave us gifts, filled our lives with joyful experiences. That is the flow of love that is the Inner State of Grace, made manifest.

It doesn’t take much effort to think about someone, and in that simple act, we flow something to them. We have the choice to flow something positive and uplifting or negative and harmful. Let us try to be mindful of generating within, only loving thoughts and positive feelings and in that we will always receive the reflection of what we send outwards from our hearts.

Farewell Australia, it was an interesting journey and one that will always be with me because of the sharp vision of my scientist friend, who spotted the tree, which allowed my Inner State of Grace to be blessed by the Universe. I can’t help but think about how the Universe watches every move we make and triggers all manner of processes within different people, in order to bring us a simple, but in this case, powerful and profound gift, that offers us the opportunity for inner change and spiritual growth.

KoalaI also ponder the thought, would this essence have been given any other way at any other time? Probably not, but each time we challenge ourselves to make a journey, there is always a reward.

Coming from a place of a terror of flying only a few years ago, my challenge was to face a long haul flight. I found that I could do it with ease and on the return journey, I was wrapped in my Inner State of Grace. I am still flying!

From the sacred tree in the rainsforest of Australia, I offer you the transformational beauty of this Essence of Grace.

With Love and Blessings.