Lynne ShawEmerald Heart Elder, Lynne Shaw, shares with the Blog the amazing story of the unveiling of the – Divine Plan – at the Lanzarote Retreat to Emerald Heart students. She also releases more information of the European Training event beginning in Amsterdam, followed by Basle, Frankfurt and London during March and April. 


Pink Heart -Divine Plan-

The – Divine Plan – Healing System

Dear Ones,

Time has moved on a little since we were attending The Lanzarote retreat which was incredibly profound.  Moving the darkness from our hearts to bring forth the light. After all this time of working with the Emerald Heart Light, it was a surprise as to the amount of darkness that surfaced for me.  Fortunately Dave explained that the thing that allows you to feel the darkness is the light you carry. Without this explanation I would have been concerned to have such huge heavy emotions coming up.  Yet that was what we were there to do on retreat, open ourselves to release that which no longer serves in a supportive, skilled and loving environment. And so it was.

Lanzarote was also the first opportunity that I had to introduce The-Divine Plan-Healing System on the Thursday.  This was one of the days where we were not working, so people could take time off to explore the island.  I had hoped that perhaps 6 or 7 folks would feel the call to attend the introduction and feel the light.  Imagine my delight and surprise when nearly everyone on the retreat wanted to attend. This joy was tempered with my concerns of “getting it right” as this would be the first time we had offered the Light to a group.  My fear of Making a Mistake, coupled with my fear of Not Being Good Enough came up to the surface. Plenty of juicy material to acknowledge and work through. Plenty of darkness to work through to bring forth the light.

For me, Introducing The Emerald Heart – Divine Plan – Healing System was a journey of trusting.  Trusting myself and the Divine that all would be well and people would feel the power of the system.  As we walked the sacred labyrinths that we had created on the beach the day before this presentation, Guidance told that me it was not my job to convince anyone that the Healing System worked.  I just needed to present it.  This was a terrific reminder that took a huge weight off my shoulders.  I was also told that something stupendous would happen. And so it did.

It was glorious being able to introduce the system to the world for the first time.  It was such a momentous occasion.  To be able to share a gift that was given to me to bring into the world. The gift that will change the way people approach healing.

The – Divine Plan- Healing System is simplicity itself.  That is where its power lies.  It differs from other healing modalities in many ways. Thus as I was demonstrating the system, the Light was pouring through to all who had come to witness this event.  This, to me, was incredible, as for many years I taught Reiki and would demonstrate the system to others.  In doing so the energies that were felt were solely between the person channeling the Reiki energies and the recipient.  Here, everyone in the room felt the huge intensity of the energies and entered a very deep meditative place quickly.  The light that was pouring through to heal the recipient worked also with us.  It was very powerful.

As the Light shines, it brings to the surface the places where darkness resides. This happened in a spectacular way this day as was promised.  As we were coming out of this deeply meditative state I saw the landlady who rented me the apartment storming up the path.  I went out to speak with her to find out what she was doing there and she was in a very volatile state.  She irrationally stated her belief that everyone who was present for the Introduction were in fact staying in the apartment and so she would need to be paid for the twenty some people staying there.  This was very bizarre and unusual and I agreed to speak to her later.  This meant that I was able to complete the Introduction to the Healing system.  Then she appeared again taking photos of us all and saying she wanted to evict me, everyone must leave now or she was calling the police.

The Light had churned things up for her and the other people staying in the apartments nearby, so the darkness of their Fears came forward.  The arrival of the Police who dismissed her claims and calmed her down was somewhat of a dramatic scene of events for the coming out of The – Divine Plan – Healing System.  Having Dave there, the originator of the Emerald Heart Light was a tremendous gift, not only for his amazing support and contribution to the Introduction but also for his reassurance.  He explained to me that this has often happened when bringing the Emerald Heart Light forward at events. Other people outside of the event can have issues come up strongly for them.  This emphasizes to me how remarkable the Light of the Emerald Heart is. It is powerful and brings things forth to be released if you work at that level of awareness.

As you all know, we have made the official announcement of the first teaching dates for The – Divine Plan – Healing System through March and April and I am very excited to be able to travel to Europe from New York to work with you in birthing this New Paradigm in healing into our world.

As you take the first step, you will learn of some of the ways in which it opens new doorways into the Universe and allows you to become a true witness to events unfolding, rather than doing the work as a healer.

There are three training steps in the process, plus teacher training. There is an attunement at each level and a three month gap between training days and attunements to allow them to unfold appropriately.

Becoming a part of  The -Divine Plan-   

Initial Training Dates and Venues in Europe and the UK are below.


Yes, that’s right, the Introductory Training is offered Free of Charge, so that you can see how beautifully simple it is, as with all things Divine that are given for us.


After the free introduction, if you choose to take the free training, you will also need to receive an Attunement that opens and activates The Emerald Heart Path of Light into your heart.

The exchange for the attunement is:        £100,    Euro 120,   or   CHF 150

You will also require two ‘Divine Love’ Vibrational Essences and One ‘Initiation‘ Essence., Total cost for the Essences: £60, Euro 75, CHF 90.

Further Information:

For those who enter training, there is a compulsory Three Sessions of Mentoring, one month apart, so that the Teacher may ensure that you are moving forward correctly and also to answer any questions that you may have. This is charged at the teacher’s hourly rate.

This three month period is also your probationary period, where we assess how you work with the light and guide you to a successful position. Upon successful completion of your probationary period, the following will apply.

You will be listed as an Emerald Heart -Divine Plan- Witness on our website. This is your absolute guarantee that you are recognised by The Emerald Heart.

FREE  Introduction and FREE 1-day TRAINING in Europe

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands                              Sat. 29th March 9.30am – 17.30pm approx.


Location:                            AOC-gebouw, WG-plein 255, 1054 SE Amsterdam.


Contact Organiser:             Harriët Kroon                                   



BASEL, Switzerland                                                                         Sun. 6th April 10.00am – 17.30pm approx.


Location:         Pilates Studio Skorpiona, Bachlettenstrasse 39, 4054 Basel,



Contact Organiser:             Florence Zumbihl     



FRANKFURT, Germany                                                                 Sun. 13th April 10.00am – 17.30pm approx.


Location:                            Palais von Hausen. Bahnhofstraße 18, 64653 Lorsch  


Contact Organiser:             Sephora McElroy      



LONDON, England                                                                           Sat. 26th April 10.00am – 17.30pm approx.


Location:                            Light Centre, 9 Eccleston Street, Belgravia, London SW1 9LX


Contact Organiser:             Tim Dyson


 Please register with your local organiser above for more information.

The Originator and Facilitator will be Lynne Shaw of New York

Assisted by the Organiser of each event

Supported by David Ashworth


Pink Heart -Divine Plan-

Introducing our Pink Heart Image.

With the advent of our new baby, The – Divine Plan – Healing System, we have felt it necessary to introduce our Pink Heart so that you can see clearly what is an original Emerald Heart Event – Green Heart; or a – Divine Plan – Healing event – Pink Heart.

We hope this makes it quick and easy for you to see what is happening and where. We like the new image and also hope that you do too.

With Love and Blessings,

The Emerald Heart Elders