Yvonne Hrdy

We find out from Emerald Heart Elder Yvonne Hrdy, more details behind her latest Online Gatherings and how she Bee-came inspired by occurrences while writing this article.


Experiencing the Light from wherever you are

or what bumble bees have to do with Online Gatherings

A wonderful sunny Saturday morning and it is my turn to write the next article for the Emerald Heart Blog. I know my deadline for a while already, I know that writing is not an easy thing for me and that I need and want to take my time for this  – and again I end up a bit stressed in a ‘last minute situation’. Well, maybe this sounds familiar to you too.

I have a busy two weeks behind me, ticking off to dos from my check list and rushing from one appointment to another, a bit too exhausted to be still in balance and now my mind is just blank. What to write about what might be of interest for you?

I try to pity myself a bit because it is a sunny, warm weekend day and I am still working, but I tell you, walking the path with this Light is a dangerous thing! It takes away, silently, all kind of defense, sabotage and victim strategies, just one after the other and after this you can see so clearly that it hurts sometimes, what you try to do or actually what you are doing with your life. I can see so clearly how everything evolved and what I need to do next time not to run into such a situation again. But I know I can do it and how I can achieve it and that finally I will succeed, even though it might take some time to put everything into practice. This is just one of the gifts you receive from this work, to learn to become a true creator of your life.

Which brings me to the things I truly want to create in life. And one of my desires always has been to spread this wonderful, transformative Light not only locally but to bring it to as many people as possible worldwide. And we are living in great times where we do not necessarily need to travel from village to village to spread the word, although it is sometimes inevitable, but can also make use of some great technical developments, like being able to connect online through various means.

I have never been much of a techie. In fact, my friends for example laugh their heads off when they see my twenty-something years old small tube television. They have also given up hope that I might make proper use of my mobile phone one day, other than now where I merely use it to answer a phone call or a text message once in a while. But I have always been intrigued by the possibility of being able to connect with other people in any place on this planet and offering Online Gatherings on a regular basis are just a logical step and are on my list for this year. It seems also that we have good software now that provides a stable connection, even when living in more remote areas.

After feeling really inspired and seeing different opportunities, of which online gatherings are only one step, the mind starts to kick in and I observe the subconscious creating all kind of emotions of feeling overwhelmed by my own vision, how it overrules the inner inspiration and the tingling excitement in the heart by creating judgments and ridicule about ‘my little thing’ and the gap between a ‘global vision’ and the reality of those gatherings, which would mean to work in small group of 5-6 people, to enable a good experience for anybody, when something surprising happens.

I hear a loud hum and a bang against my balcony door. Not only once or twice, but something like 10 or 20 times, or even more. A bumble bee, loud as a motor, keeps flying against my door, full speed. It is a really big specimen, probably a royal bee and I am speechless about its persistence and the noise it produces. I feel obliged to open my door for her, although I am a bit afraid, but I fear that otherwise she will kill herself. ‘Giving up’ does not seem to be part of the vocabulary of this creature.

She comes in, explores a bit of the room, settles down in one of my flowerpots, probably to see if she can build a nest here and continues to explore every corner of the room, circling me several times, standing still in the air, a meter or two in front of me, and stares straight in my eyes. Boy, this is scary. For a moment I start to wonder if this is fake and maybe a mini drone somebody is experimenting with as this is so surreal. I keep watching her, fascinated but it takes me a while to relax as she does not seem to have any intention to leave and creates a lot of noise, until I can start to listen to her, to her medicine. She tells me about perseverance and belief, about community spirit and how she herself also can only create the right conditions for the start of a new tribe and give birth to the next generation, but then is dependent on how every individual contributes to the common goal or vision. That it can only be achieved in a mutual effort and I can only do my best and keep going. She also shows and teaches me how she fertilizes the plants on her own journey through life and thus plants the seed for new growth among the plants, but it is not her responsibility if these plants grow or not, she is merely the pollinator. I feel like a little girl, memories come up where I was in awe of the animal and plant world around me when I was younger and I am in awe right now about this precious, divine blessing. She also tells me to look up her animal medicine on the internet and as soon as I grab my notebook she leaves.

The bumble bee is a wonderful animal totem and I always love watching them. Among the things she already told me I also find that she symbolizes fertility and accomplishing the impossible as even though scientists meanwhile know why she can fly, her body design theoretically is too big, too heavy to be able to fly. She reminds us about focus and dedication and to pursue our dreams, no matter how big they may be. But she also reminds us about the sweetness of life, to ‘take the honey out’ of life and not to go into overwork.

What a great message! I bet for all of us. How many of you have dreams about what you wish to create and then judge them, neglect them, don’t take them serious?

I am therefore happy to announce that I will offer Emerald Heart Online Gatherings on a regular basis, in small groups with 5-6 participants, in English and German speaking groups.

About the Online Gatherings:

All you need is your desire to experience the Light of the Emerald Heart, to bathe in its glory, for Truth and Transformation.

All you need is your desire to connect with like-minded people, to share, to learn, ask questions, to grow and become who you truly came here to be.

All you need is a functioning computer with webcam and headset, no matter where you are.

You will receive an Emerald Heart Essence beforehand and you will leave the Gathering with an essence specifically programmed for you, which will help you to overcome your present blockage or limitation in order to be able to walk the next step of your live with as much ease and grace as possible.

All you need to do is invest 45,- Euro for such an event and the Light will be at your hand seeded to wherever you are. The investment includes an Emerald Heart essence which will last for about 3-4 weeks and unfold even a bit longer to bring about changes into your life.

Upcoming Online Events:

Online Gathering in German: Saturday, 15th March at 6 pm German time

Online Gathering in English: Friday, 28th March at 7.30 pm German time

If you are interested, feel free to contact me for more information.


With Blessings and Love,

Yvonne Hrdy

Elder of the Emerald Heart