Pink Heart -Divine Plan-Dear Spiritual Seekers,

This weekend heralds a new dawn for The Emerald Heart and a great offering to Humanity as a whole.

Saturday 29th March, will be the first training of The – Divine Plan – Healing System in Amsterdam, details herewith.

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands                             

Sat. 29th March 9.30am – 17.30pm approx.

Location:                            AOC-gebouw, WG-plein 255, 1054 SE Amsterdam.

Contact Organiser:             Harriët Kroon          

Healing Light Transmission: As we teach this weekend, The Light of The Emerald Heart will be spreading out across the Globe in a free Light Transmission. If you wish to experience this light, merely sit or lie down in a comfortable place and open yourself to receive the Light. Just say to yourself, “I wish to receive the Healing Light of the Divine Plan.”

You can connect with us as trainees are initiated and attuned to the Heart of Mother Earth as they learn this beautiful healing system.

The gift of The Divine Plan Healing System from Mother Father God offers a perfect balance and harmony of the masculine and feminine as each step unfolds.

If you are in Amsterdam and would like to join us please contact Harriet Kroon at the address above.

The day will be facilitated by Lynne Shaw of New York, supported by David Ashworth and Harriët Kroon.


David Ashworth and Lynne Shaw