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Emerald Heart Elder Lynne Shaw shares with the Blog, a little about the very first – Divine Plan – Healing System event in Amsterdam. Lynne from the USA, travelled to Amsterdam and was joined by David Ashworth and Event organizer Harriët Kroon. Together they launched the first sequence of European trainings.


Dear Ones,

The 29th of March 2014 heralded a whole new era for The Emerald Heart and the world as we held the very first training of The – Divine Plan – Healing System.

What a wonderful day! The sun was shining brightly in Amsterdam and the spring blossoms and leaves were bursting forth on the trees. It felt like a day to celebrate, even before the training began.

Airport meetA big thank you to Harriet Kroon who organized this special event. She had booked a welcoming light and airy space for the venue, and had attracted a lovely group who were really open to learn this New Paradigm in healing. With David Ashworth, the originator of the Emerald Heart Light at my side, we introduced, taught and practiced the Healing system.

We shared how The – Divine Plan – is literally about receiving, not doing. Connecting oneself or a client to their Higher Self and the Universe and then stepping away to become the Witness and let God do the work. Many may say that this is the intention of most healing systems, however, where the Divine Plan differs is that after connecting yourself or a client to the Universe, you literally sit down, do nothing and become the Witness.

We also explained how the healing session merely initiates the healing. Through the fabulous tool of transformation of the Divine Love essence, when a client takes the essence as instructed after their session, the healing journey continues for a further six to seven weeks. It was wonderful to share this incredible aspect of the healing system with the trainees.

The group then learnt and practised Witnessing a Session for themselves. This is such an important part of our development, making time for oneself to work with tools for our growth. Also, when we come from a place of expansion, balance and peace we are more able to become the empty vessel to Witness sessions for others, if that is something we feel called to do.

After an amazing attunement connecting each trainee’s heart to the Heart of Mother Earth and The Path of Light, a wonderful process of transformation commenced and will continue to unfold for all.

Everyone then had the opportunity to work in pairs and receive a Healing Session and Witness a Healing session for each other.

It was so incredible to share this wonderful gift from the Divine. To have the opportunity to teach this Healing System and see it coming to life as trainees Witnessed sessions for themselves and others was breathtaking. At times I could feel myself holding back the tears of joy and gratitude.

I look forward to hearing of the trainees’ progress over the coming months and how this day has contributed to changing their lives. For when your vibration is raised, you can never return to the previous level you were at. It is up to you if you continue to elevate your vibration and The – Divine Plan – Healing system is a tremendous tool to continue your development. This wonderful group of courageous souls who have welcomed change into their lives are now being guided by their mentor Harriet, who will steer them on their journey of becoming Certified Divine Plan Healing Witnesses.

There are two more trainings taking place in Europe in April, in Basel, Frankfurt and then one in London. If you would like to be a part of any of these training days please contact the organizers. The dates, locations and contact details for each event are listed below.

Many Blessing




BASEL, Switzerland                                       Sun. 6th April 10.00am– 17.30pm approx.


Location:         Pilates Studio Skorpiona, Bachlettenstrasse 39, 4054 Basel,



Contact Organiser:             Florence Zumbihl     



FRANKFURT, Germany                          Sun. 13th April 10.00am – 17.30pm approx.


Location:                            Palais von Hausen. Bahnhofstraße 18, 64653 Lorsch  


Contact Organiser:             Sephora McElroy      



LONDON, England                                      Sat. 26th April 10.00am – 17.30pm approx.


Location:                            Light Centre, 9 Eccleston Street, Belgravia, London SW1 9LX



Contact Organiser:             Tim Dyson