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Emerald Heart Practitioner Sephora McElroy, shares with the Blog how it was on the day of the German launch of the -Divine Plan- Healing system.

Sephora organised of the Event and she was joined by Hosts Lynne Shaw and David Ashworth, who presented the -Divine Plan- to Germany.

Following Sephora’s sharing are the details of the UK launch of the -Divine Plan- Healing System, taking place in London on the 26th April. If you’re in town this weekend, do not miss this event.


I Am Your Witness…

I was the witness of the fabulous birth of the – Divine Plan – Healing System near Frankfurt, Germany this week.

We started with a lovely, warm spring day at a great locaton in Lorsch, a mystical place in Germany.

All the students for this inaugural – Divine Plan – teaching day turned up in a good mood and we were so looking forward to bring the – Divine Plan – Healing System to Germany.

After the introduction and demonstration by Lynne Shaw, which was free of charge, everybody wanted to stay and have the full training experience, diving deeper into the Light of The Emerald Heart.

We had such a great time. Everyone was very interested and open. During the sessions the light filled their hearts, which gave them the courage to open themselves to very deep and personel experiences. There was excellent feedback and we had good conversations after each healing session. All of the students benefitted from understanding more about themselves and how they interact with the Divine. It was so great to see how they made a deeper connection to themselves, the Divine Masculine and Mother Earth.

The whole day was crowned by the attunment Dave gave the trainees later in the afternoon. It was an attunements into the heart of Mother Earth. A lot of light and love was beaming through Dave’s Heart to each heart of the attendees and some people broke out in tears being so touched by the Light that Dave carries.

I want to give my special thanks to Lynne for bringing such a great and simple system to the world, which people can start to work with, after only one training day – how amazing is this?

I want to give my special thanks to Dave, for helping Lynne to birth this amazing system into our world

Lots of Love to all of you.

Sephora McElroy – Emerald Heart Practitioner


Tim Dyson, Eldtimdyson[1]er of the Emerald Heart



This weekend is another exciting time for The Emerald Heart and a great offering to Humanity as a whole.

Saturday 26th April, will be the fourth training of The – Divine Plan – Healing System in London, details herewith.



London, England

Sat. 26th April, 10.00am – 17.30pm approx.

Location: Light Centre, 9 Eccleston Street, Belgravia, London SW1 9LX

Contact Organiser: Tim Dyson

Healing Light Transmission: As we teach this weekend, The Light of The Emerald Heart will be spreading out across the Globe in a free Light Transmission. If you wish to experience this light, merely sit or lie down in a comfortable place and open yourself to receive the Light. Just say to yourself, “I wish to receive the Healing Light of the Divine Plan.”

You can connect with us as trainees are initiated and attuned to the Heart of Mother Earth as they learn this beautiful healing system.

The gift of The – Divine Plan – Healing System from Mother Father God offers a perfect balance and harmony of the masculine and feminine as each step unfolds.

If you are in London and would like to join us please contact Tim at the address above.

The day will be facilitated by Lynne Shaw of New York, supported by David Ashworth and Tim Dyson.


David Ashworth and Lynne Shaw