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Phew what a day that was!

The UK Grand Opening of the -Divine Plan- Healing System in London last weekend.

Emerald Heart Elder Tim Dysons tells us more… 


The – Divine Plan – Healing System, London Workshop

As the organiser of the London workshop I thought I would put together a small article about the very special day we experienced. The event was held in the Light Centre in Belgravia, which was a lovely space that suited our needs perfectly. Twenty people attended and things got off to a good start with one woman crying uncontrollably for a long time soon after she entered the room as the Light touched and opened her heart. I am not joking when I say this was a good start for it shows the power of the Light to provide the healing people need in a very graphic way. The Light is so full of love that when you open to it and allow it in to your life, it produces incredible changes in how people feel. During the part of the training where each person took a turn at receiving a healing, they are covered with a Blanket of Divine Love both literally and figuratively, and although it was only for ten minutes or so, most had trouble bringing themselves back from this loving, nurturing place. The mind very quickly begins to fall away as the Light bathes you and it is hard to come back from this state of blissful consciousness to one where mind is active again, although it is always a lot quieter than previously.

Lynne and Dave gave beautiful and moving talks about how the – Divine Plan – came into being and some of their experiences teaching it throughout Europe recently. The people looked very happy as they practised witnessing the healing on each other and all seemed full of enthusiasm and excitement at the gifts they were being introduced to. The attunement process was incredibly powerful, as we were all plugged into the Heart of Mother Earth.

It was wonderful to see everyone looking more and more bright and shiny as the day went along and to hear their enthusiasm to practice what they have learnt, first on themselves and then on others. It was a very special group of people and it was clear from the start that all present had a wealth of experience on the spiritual path, so it was especially touching to see them all so open to learning something new, which I know will provide them with the next step of their unfolding and growing. I will be in the role of their Mentor for the next three months and I feel privileged to be able to work with them and to guide them through their unfolding process.


Tim Dyson.
Elder of The Emerald Heart