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Six weeks after the Grand Opening in Amsterdam, -Divine Plan- Healing System students met up again in Amsterdam to attend a Gathering. Harriët Kroon, -Divine Plan- Teacher / Practitioner tells us more.

Report of the 1st Sharing of the Divine Plan Students in Amsterdam

Pink Heart -Divine Plan-It was already 6 weeks ago since the Emerald Heart -Divine Plan- Healing System was launched in Amsterdam. I had invited the Dutch -Divine Plan- Students over for their first ‘-Divine Plan- Afternoon’. The idea of the gathering was to give these pioneers the opportunity to share their experiences and to practise on each other.

When they arrived, I was astonished by the way they looked. The Divine Ladies (they’re all women) looked so much more feminine than they did before, and were shining. These first 6 weeks of working with the Emerald Heart Light through the – Divine Plan – on almost a daily basis, sure had done something positive to them. I could clearly see that they were all carrying more Light than before. For certain they are stepping into their role of Light Carriers.

One of the Divine Plan Students could not attend, as she is walking the Camino in Spain – ‘only’ 350 more kilometres to go. She had sent her healer-colleagues a letter with her Divine Plan experiences. ‘One of my life tasks is to learn to trust life and to really ‘arrive’ in this world’, she wrote. Also she had noticed that she can deal with tension and stress in a more relaxed way, that her tendency to compare herself with others had become less strong and that in general she feels more peaceful and calm. Before she started walking the Camino, she had a problem in one of her feet. She did many healings on her foot, could walk again and now has already left 900 km of footsteps behind her.

It was interesting to hear common factors in all the sharing about what the healings had done for them:

◾all their lives are more in flow,

◾they are able to accept themselves and their lives better,

◾they are able to stay with themselves when somebody/something triggers 

To my surprise the Divine Plan Students also shared that they started using the Emerald Heart Light in daily life, apart from healings! Some ask for the Light to help in difficult situations or ask for particular Guidance when they want to understand a situation. One woman often feels guided in what to say during meetings and consultations at work.

The Divine Ladies have all practised a minimum of 12 self-healings and now are ready for practising healings on friends and family. Last Friday night one student did a healing on her sister. Today I received a text message from her: ‘My sister has decided to sell her shop. Isn’t it amazing what a Divine Plan healing can do?’ This particular healer’s life is so much in the flow, that last week she sold her house within a week.

At the end of the Divine Plan Afternoon they all did healings on each other, which were only short, due to our time. Nevertheless, they went deep. ‘Yesterday’s healing resulted this morning in a lot of guided information,’ one of the Students emailed me today.

The next Divine Plan Meeting will again be in 6 weeks’ time, on Thursday June 19. By then they will all have done their 3 months’ probation. I’m pretty confident that by then they will have done their required amount of healings, to receive the very first Divine Plan Witness certificates.

And me? I am so inspired by these Girls, that I feel like offering the next beginners training of the Divine Plan Healing System in Amsterdam. The solstice would be a good date. I will book the venue and then see who the Light calls!

If you would like to come and learn the -Divine Plan – with me, then please get in touch.

Harriët Kroon