Lynne ShawLynne Shaw, Elder of the Emerald Heart and developer of the -Divine Plan- Healing System, shares with the Blog a little about  how she has learned to listen to the heart instead of the self sabotaging mind. 

Thank you for listening to your heart Lynne!

Pink Heart -Divine Plan-Dear Ones,

It has been an amazing roller coaster ride bringing The -Divine Plan- Healing System to the world on our four date European Tour. 

 It has been an honour and a privilege to train wonderful students and teachers in this incredible system.  To Witness the changes in people in a single day and to know that they have a simple yet so powerful tool to work with to improve their lives and the lives of others is amazing, and this is just the beginning.

The teachers and Mentors will shortly be organizing their own trainings and I will be returning to the USA to put a tour of the States together. The momentum will just keep building and the light will keep spreading.  I am so proud of everyone who has stepped forward to receive the training and to organize the events.  They truly are pioneers of this age as we step into these new and unknown territories.

People trusted.  They listened to their hearts – the doorway to the Divine, and acted accordingly.

So why did I title this article ‘My Tyrannical Mind’? Because I could easily have listened to my human mind and none of the above would have taken place. Let’s rewind a little to October 22nd 2013.  When Mother/Father God came to me during the night and gifted me this system, I had no idea of the magnitude of this healing system.  How expansive the possibilities were. I just surrendered and received; then truth be told, went into panic.  I had received this Guidance in the early hours and was told to contact David Ashworth straight away to tell him what I had received.  The Divine is so amazing because without sharing this information my Human mind would have got in the way and convinced me that I had made all of this up  – a gift of my imagination, perhaps?  Then the gift of The -Divine Plan- Healing System would have been lost to the world forever.

I am someone who has challenges with self worth.  One of the ways this reveals itself is in my believing that I am not enough.  That I do not know enough.  Now without the Divine telling me to share the information about the Healing system with Dave, I may have gone into complete self-sabotage. I would have sat on the system and then tested it for the next twenty years before believing it was ready to bring to the public. Fortunately, Dave held me accountable and at every turn that my resistance arose he counteracted it, not allowing me to unwittingly kill the Birth of  The -Divine Plan-.

The Divine knows my patterns and gave me a wonderful teacher who would ensure that I had to get over myself.  What an incredible set of circumstances organized by Mother/Father God to ensure this system would come into the world.

Looking back on my life, my mind has always been my tyrant.  Before working with Dave and the Emerald Heart Light, I had been given ideas for plays, books, songs, poems, but have almost always never acted on them and brought them forward because I allowed the mantra of, ‘Not Being Good Enough or Unique Enough’, (place whatever words resonate here with your own life), to rule my life.  Fortunately I was guided to David Ashworth’s Essences, Consultations, Programs, Books, Distant Light Transmissions and now my amazing – Divine Plan – Healing System to separate me from my tyrannous mind.

Without these tools, I really cannot imagine where I would be. I am just an ordinary woman, with access to a life changing evolutionary light that Dave brought to the world.  By chipping away over the years, with the amazing Emerald Heart Light, I can now hear my heart rather than my mind, for just long enough to take the right action, and through that, I was able to receive this wonderful Healing system to share with the world.

Incredible gifts are given to you if you can just quiet the mind and connect with the heart, the place where the God consciousness resides. The place of The Divine Mind, which allows you to receive.

As Dave often reminds us, Jesus was an ordinary guy and God chooses to speak through ordinary people, and now I know what he means. I am that ordinary woman, working with a light that an ordinary man brought into the world, that enable me to also bring forth a great gift to humanity. For those who are ready, these great gifts are here to enliven your own heart.

With Love

Lynne Shaw