Yvonne Hrdy


Emerald Heart Elder, Yvonne Hrdy, explains a little about the powerful simplicity of the Essences of the period and how they can be used to enhance ones daily experience by aligning with the Universal flow.


Magic Drops

As somebody who works with the Emerald Heart Light intensely and stands in its stream all the time I know of course of its incredible transformational power. My life is truly not the same anymore since I started to work with Dave and the Light. And yet, I am sometimes still amazed how much light is contained in one bottle and the limitless potential it has.

I would like to share with you today a short story only about somebody who is taking an Essence of the Period for the first time, which is Extreme Gratitude at the moment.

For those who don’t know: David Ashworth is the original channel of The Emerald Heart Light and the Universe brings forth a Vibrational Essence through Dave around every six weeks, which we call The Essence of the Period. This essence brings you into alignment with the energetic changes in the Universe by raising your vibration continually so that you can ‘surf’ the present universal waves more smoothly and effortlessly in the moment. We, the people in the field of spiritual or energy and healing work are often very sensitive to these changes. And so are more and more people today who are in the process of awakening to the new vibrations on the planet. Each Essence contains a different, specific vibration that unlocks your heart further and brings forth specific aspects in your heart that are needed in an awakened human being.

My client was curious about the new Essence of the Period, albeit quite skeptical towards everything that is not ‘scientifically approved.’ Within a few days she sent me an email though to ask ‘what the secret of these magic little drops’ were as they seemed to ‘make her completely addicted’ (in a positive way). She further shared she suddenly became aware that she needed to make a few but dramatic changes in her life. All her life she had allowed other people, family and friends, to pour their own negative stories into her life, complaining about everything and everybody but never really wanting to change something. So she spent years, trying to help them, make suggestions, but they were of course not interested, so she felt drained and exhausted by those people all the time.

Within a few days of taking the Essence, the truth of her life was fully revealed to her, after seeing the truth, she knew what to change and how to change things to step out of this life-long pattern that had burdened her so much. She further knew that she simply had to change it, also that would offend a number of people close to her.  But she could simply ‘feel’ the truth in her heart and there was no way back anymore.  She has now begun to look at even more patterns in her life where she lives in total self-denial and does not make use of the wonderful talents she has been gifted with. For the first time in her life, she feels ready to face these issues and welcome her own, further growth.

She now calls the essence her ‘magic little drops’. And this is what they truly are, magic in a bottle in their unlimited potential regarding the changes they can bring into your life.

With Blessings and Love,

Yvonne Hrdy,

Elder of the Emerald Heart