What is Passion?

I expect that only each of us can say what passion is to ourselves, but maybe I have no idea? Maybe it is the same for all of us. I expect that passion is a bit like colour. We can both look at green and say it is green, but what do we really see? Are we seeing the same colour? What we are seeing is a frequency of light vibrating, but each person might interpret that same vibration in a different way.

For me, passion is some kind of light that I feel in my heart and sometimes it seems like this light is burning behind my eyes, too. It is a driving force, which can be unrelenting, expanding my heart and my being to the point where I feel physically expanded sometimes.

Many people have said to me over the years, they have no idea where I get my capacity to work from. Well, it comes from this burning light. It drives and drives and drives me.

People say that I am an inspiration to them, but it is the light that is the inspiration as it burns its way into this world through my life – as it illuminates my life and pushes me into action. Right at this moment for example, it is late and I am tired, but the light wants to keep on going and write more.

This light appears to be the life-force itself. If it was not there, then I do not know what I would be like as a person, but of course, I would be the same, but maybe a bit slower.

However, the light can cause me a few problems. It is a creative force trying to express its creativity through my life and into our world, but if I allow it to pursue its own agenda, then I would burn out totally as my physical body would not be able to cope with the relentlessness of this glorious burning sensation.

The Passion is the Light and the Light is the Passion. There is no separation and there seems to be no separation between myself and the Light and Passion. We are one. I am the Light and the Light is me. I am the passion and the passion is me.

What is God?
The answer is easy, but humans complicate it. It is just a flowing stream of energy and consciousness. You can’t create it. You can’t destroy it. It just is. So, let’s get away from the idea that you have to have a religion to find God. That’s just a load of old nonsense. In fact the teachings of religions might just make it a little more difficult. When the religious salesman comes to sell you his wares, ask to see his enlightened ones first. I think that you will find that most of them passed from this earth a long time ago.

Imagine that there is a lake on a mountain top, a kind of reservoir of energy and consciousness. The lake is so huge that it can never run out of water and from this lake streams flow down the mountain, then flow into the rivers and eventually into the ocean. Water above and water below. As above, so below.

The ocean of water is wisdom. The water enters the convection phase and rises into the sky and forms clouds and the clouds pass over the land and rise further upwards, and in order to get over the top of the mountains, they have to drop some of the great weight of water, which falls into the Lake, where we began. (Ocean of Wisdom is the meaning of the Dalai Lama’s name by the way).

The source feeds the source in a never-ending flow. The source is a self-feeding, never-ending stream of light.

What I am describing is the living water cycle of our planet, but I am also describing the way the Universe works, or you could even say, the way God works, for it is the same thing. In our physical world, the water cycle is the perfect metaphor for the way Universal Consciousness works. As above, so below.

The source of water is the Lake. The source of Universal Consciousness is unspeakable in its complexity and simplicity, but it dwells in every atom. The atoms fall like rain into our lives and we have the opportunity to drink them in. If we drink them in, then we become illuminated and our inner light burns brighter and drives us forward in a creative flow.

We call it the Universal Flow, for that is what the energy and Light do, they just flow, and like the water cycle, the source feeds the source through this endless, replenishing cycle.

Allowing the Creative Force to Flow
The source flows through you constantly and if you go deep within the stillness of your inner being, there you will find it, lighting you up.

All that the source wishes to do is create. That’s why we call it The Creator, to give it some personality. And, to give it a name, at some point someone called it God, a long, long time ago.

As a child, I was troublesome because I had all this light in me that needed to explore and experience everything. I needed to escape and my mother told me that one day I dismantled my play pen in order to do just that. I was not yet two years old. By four years of age, I had taught myself to read, probably because I was developing the tools of seeking knowledge. I needed to burst into the world, and I did this with a huge ego as a teenager and into my early twenties. Then the Universe contrived to create a situation where I would suffer some difficulties, which had the dramatic effect of smashing my personality – the one I had created with all this energy and light – and also smashed a good deal of my ego into the bargain. I hallucinated for three years and was in absolute terror. It took me ten years to find my balance again, and of course, by this time, I had developed a much quieter personality, one that was devoid of most of the earlier ego. It took me another 25 years to realise what the universe had done to me and why.

Once I had become a bit quieter, I began to experience God ‘trying’ to create through me. How did I know it was God? It was something to do with the lightening that I could see coming out of my finger tips and the fact that I could see myself across a room from some remote position. Some kind of extreme separation was going on, but that is another story.

First, I had had several years of terror, then I could see lightening coming out of my finger tips, and next, I was certain that I was losing my mind. Well, thank God, I was, as the old mind wasn’t much use for this new job of allowing. The mind just gets in the way of allowing, and in fact it can block allowing completely.

What is allowing?
Oh, it’s just a thing you learn to do, which allows God to pour himself through you, like a stream pouring down a mountain.

Some years earlier, the ego had been torn away, along with the personality, and now the mind was going too, or at least it was creating some space where this energy and light could pour in from the lake on top of the mountain that we can call Edgar.

Why call it Edgar?
Because too many people are too afraid to use the word God.

Mmm, the years of terror, where the light was illuminating my own darkness, which was very scary – I didn’t sleep for two years when that started. Then the lightening shooting out of the finger tips. My children confirmed that they could not touch my hands as they were either two electric or too hot. Then losing my mind, and then a woman – a stranger – said to me, you are here to be a healer! Well, I was a typesetter, and I enjoyed it, even though it was hard work, there was a beauty in crafting words on a page and getting them to fit shapes, perfectly.

So, just to prove that I was here to be a healer, once the woman gave me the message, God sent people to me asking for healing. I asked them how did they find me? They could never remember. People phoned up and arrived at the door and the flow increased and then I had a practice and the light inside me increased.

I learned that God (Edgar) was teaching me something by sending all these people with diverse issues. Once I had learned the ins and outs of an issue or problem and how it affected a person, then people would come with a new issue that I knew nothing about and then I would learn how to fix that issue. So it carried on, for years and years and hundreds and hundreds of people. I had a nine month waiting list at one point and then one day, when I only had a three-month waiting list, Edgar said to me, “close the door and walk away,” as my healing work was done. Just to make sure I had got the message, the very next day people began to cancel their appointments and within two weeks, three months worth of clients had cancelled. Edgar is very efficient when he wants something to change.

Was it scary suddenly having your work taken from you?
I wouldn’t say it was scary, but I just wondered what I was going to do next. You get used to this letting go and surrendering business on the spiritual path because you are forced to learn to trust Edgar

Through all of these processes, the most important thing that I learned is that God is knocking on everyone’s door, right now. But if you don’t allow him in, then he can’t create in this world.

The rain of Universal Consciousness is flowing constantly into and through your life, but if you don’t ‘allow’ yourself to feel it and become a part of it, then it just goes back to source, unadulterated and free, shortly to return in the next cycle.

The big problem with this Universal Consciousness flow passing through you all the time is that once you begin to become still within and allow the flow to flow, then it lights you up inside, which is great because you get power from this initially, which then inflates your ego, unless it has been smashed beforehand, and a little ego in the right areas is very useful to get things done in this world anyway, so it’s not all bad.

Attracting the Source
The source feeds the source in a never-ending cycle that cannot be diminished.

As previously mentioned, you cannot create it, you cannot destroy it. 

It just is, and it is waiting for you to discover it. It’s just there, waiting. It’s yours, come and take a bit for yourself. There is more than enough to go around.

The Source Draws from The Source

    –   The Universal Flow, or Source is God Consciousness

    –   The Source is always trying to Awaken your Consciousness

    –   The Source Draws Like to Like

    –  The Source is both Creator and Created

Trust Opens Your Consciousness

    –   Trust opens you as a channel for higher consciousness to enter

    –   Trust naturally attracts The Source or Universal Flow

    –  Trust allows the Flow to pass through it

I Encourage You to Trust

    –    If you Trust in your heart, you will attract the Universal Flow,

         which is merely a strand of The Source

–   Listen to and hear your heart and feelings

    –  Then follow what you hear in your heart


     –   The Source Draws through us as the channels for the Light.

     –   The Source attracts its own benevolent and uplifting Light.

     –   The Source pulls the Light through all those who…

          Proclaim themselves to be worthy enough to be touched by it.

     –   The Source feeds each person who has the courage to stand in its Light.

     –   The Light, having nurtured you, returns to Source – un-depleted.

 Understanding the Flow

The Universal Flow is River of Life and the Stream of Plenty.

     –   When you learn how to attract it, it provides everything you need.

     –   By standing in the Light you naturally attract the flow towards you.

Forget Money – It doesn’t exist and if it does, it is an illusion!
Energy flows to you in all manner of ways, love, food, warmth, shelter and even money. Always see the money as energy, for that is what it is – so forget money.


    –   It is never our energy. You cannot own it.

    –   We merely allow the energy/money to flow through us

    –   Everything is in the nature of exchange.

    –   Therefore, just keep moving the energy and exchanging it

 The Flow Must Always be Allowed to Flow

    –   The Flow must never become stagnant

    –   Allow whatever it brings to flow through you

    –   Allow whatever the Flow brings to keep Creating

    –   Do not store or save it, – for this demonstrates lack of trust.

 Attracting the Flow

    When you are in need,

    +   when you are challenged,

    +   when you have the courage to value yourself.

          That is when you will attract the Flow.

 When you can say I am worth it:

    +    When you can Trust the Process.

     –   That is when you will attract the Flow.

Root to Branch

     –   Everyone in The Emerald Heart, from Root to Branch can Attract and Radiate this               Light into the world.

     –   They have been Chosen as Ambassadors for this Light.

     –   The Light is an Awakener – a Revealer of Truth.

     –   We use it to Awaken, Empower and Uplift others.

     –   Through the act of selflessly Uplifting others, we become

          uplifted ourselves by the Flow, which is the exchange for our selfless work.

 This process is called ‘Service and Reward’

      –   As the Light radiates from the hearts of the Emerald Heart people,

           It attracts those who are ready for inner change.


      – It only Attracts and Radiates when:

         a.                   You TRULY value your Self

         b.                   You truly TRUST the Light in your heart

I guess my passion throughout this life has been to find out how things work. Whether it was my bedside lamp as a child, which I dismantled under the covers with a screwdriver one night when I was about 8 years old. Result: I discovered what electricity was, when it threw me out the bed. At the other end of the scale, the inner burning desire and drive sent me on a mission to find out about God, the Universe and how everything works. I didn’t realise I was actually looking for God, I was just seeking some answers and accidentally opened the Universe and God poured a stream of his grace into my heart.

The astrologers tell me that this seeking business is something to do with my astrological make up. Apparently, I don’t just want to know how things work, but I have an unquenchable appetite to find out how everything works.

For me, passion is just my life that is driven forwards relentlessly seeking answers and finding God was quite a big answer to find, and you can’t find it all at once because it is way too big for little humans, but if you pursue God relentlessly, by the Law of Reflection, you are bound to find him/her/it/Edgar. It is impossible not to find him.

Do not cease from seeking until you find, and when you find you will be turned around and you will marvel over the all – Jesus

I’ve been turned around and turned inside out a few times and it can be tough sometimes when you are going through deep inner transformation. But then you can say that you have seen the Light, and all those who have truly seen the light will know what you mean, and all those who haven’t seen the light, relate to those words as a little saying that everyone uses to describe a moment in life where they either understand something, or change something. However, there is only one light and once you’ve seen it, your life will never be the same again. I urge you to seek the light.

Whatever your passion is… just live it with every breath you have, and then you won’t have wasted any of this limited time we have on Earth. Life passes so quickly and the more you experience the light, the longer you want to be here, just helping to awaken and uplift those who haven’t yet seen it.

I suppose my passion is a love for humanity, a love for the Universal Consciousness and a love for the earth. I just try to love everything into life by pouring my light into the world. For some, it is too intense, but for others, their hearts illuminate in a blaze of glory.

I bless you with my love.




Location:    Given from the Source

Date:             12th June 2014

Details:        The essence of VISION was offered a few weeks earlier, but I accepted it

                       on the night of the full moon, 12th June. 2014.


Group:         Spiritual Evolution

Keynote:     Seeing Beyond Limitation


There is a time, when the train comes and you have to get on it.

There is a time, when the beginning comes and you are ready to incarnate.

There is a time, when the time comes and it is time to leave life. The end of the present life. There is no avoiding it, it just comes and is inevitable. When that time comes you may not be ready for it, but that’s it. The End.

Each life is only a breath in the great cycle of time. It is a tiny, tiny moment in eternity. Whilst we are here, it seems like a fairly long time until the end begins to approach and then it appears that it was not long enough for many of us. As we all say, “life is too short.”

In this life, I have rarely wasted a second. From an early age, I knew that there wasn’t enough time. Time seemed to go so fast. Life seemed to go so fast. At one point on my journey I touched into the Universe and realised that this feeling of there ‘not being enough time’ was because I had always been deeply connected into the motion of the Universe and how it speeds up and slows down as it breathes. As God Breathes! Take a deep breath? What happens? Your lungs expand. As God takes a breath, guess what happens? The Universe expands and in that process of expansion, things speed up. There is a constant movement of expansion and contraction as the Universe breathes.

In any lifetime, there is no time to waste. We are all on this amazing journey into light and evolution, but you don’t really notice this until you have been called to awaken, and then everything begins to speed up, as the energies of ‘The Calling’ open your heart.

The essence of VISION helps you to connect into the breath of God, or the breath of the Universe as it expands and contracts in cycles, just like your own breathing cycle – as above, so below. VISION opens your perception and expands your horizons. It allows your heart to breath more deeply too. It allows your heart to connect into the Universe and in turn the Universe assists your heart to breathe the truth of everything that is.

VISION will help you go beyond your limitations as it opens your heart to a greater perception of what is waiting for you, if you only learn to reach for it. The Universe wants expansion for everyone and as your heart opens, you will find the courage to reach for the things that truly call to your heart.

Time, even though we might conjecture that there is no such thing, is a reality when you only have a limited amount of it. It is more of a reality when you are actually running out of it. As a child, I used to wonder did we only have a certain number of breaths before we died. How much time to do we have? One thing is for certain though, time does eventually run out for all beings on this earth, as indeed, one day the earth will die, too. Therefore, do not sit and worry or even contemplate for too long without taking some action in life, for it is through taking action that you will stimulate The Law of Reflection to bring something to you.

The Universe is waiting for you to pull in your share of energy and light. It is limitless. It is waiting for you to take some of it, but in order to be successful, you have to open your heart.

The Essence of VISION will help you to open your heart. It will help you to breathe some expansion into your life. It will help you to open your consciousness to see further and faster, and it will enable you.

Enabling is the process of being able to move forwards. For example, petrol/gas enables a car to move forward. Heat enables things to rise and VISION will enable your heart to open and expand and as the expansion takes place within you, then your consciousness expands and evolution is the result.

With Love and Blessings.



More information on this teaching can be found in David’s books, The Keys of Transformation and VISION.