Happy Summer Solstice

It was 5.30am and I was lying in bed, thinking about getting up to see the rising of the sun on this beautiful gifted morning. However, there was a deep tiredness in me. The tiredness born of bringing the Light into the world for 20 years; nonstop and flat out, so I stayed in bed, rolled over and drifted back to sleep.

When I awoke again, it was coming up to 8.00am and God said to me, “there is more work to do.” I noticed that my body was getting out of bed by itself. That’s how I like to get up in a morning, when everything within me is ready and it happens automatically, rather than being forced to get up, by life’s imposed needs at the shocking sound of the alarm clock.

There is work to do David
When you are a bringer of Light, it is like being the bringer of dawn. It is like being the sun itself. You have to rise and do the bidding of the Universe because you are a part of the great mechanism, as we all are at some level. I knew that I had to go outside immediately and commune with the glory of nature. I threw on my dressing gown and put on my wooden shoes and moved silently across the dewy grass into the rays of the sun at the bottom of the garden, beneath an apple tree. I disrobed and stepped out of my shoes and presented myself to the mid-summer sun, as naked as the Earth Mother brought me into this world. I gave thanks for everything I could think of.

Suddenly, the wind spirit stirred and cloaked me from the west. I blessed myself with the Angel of the Sun. I blessed myself with the Angel of Air. I poured my love back into the sun and into the wind. I gave thanks to the earth and made myself into a bridge between Heaven and Earth and allowed the mother and father to meet in my heart. I felt at one with everything and I sent out my love to the whole of humanity and especially to my friends who carry The Emerald Heart Light into this world alongside of me.

It is time for me to leave
It has been coming for the past two years, firstly as a sense that The Emerald Heart Light was being taken away from me as my heart was rent with an emptiness. Those were the first signs and I wondered what I would do without it? Then the signs became more gentle and I realised that my work was done here. I had brought to earth The Emerald Heart Light and grounded it strongly into our planet. The Light is here now to feed all those who truly wish to evolve through opening their heart.

As my body stepped out of the bed this morning, I knew that it was now time to let go. I have been letting go actively for some time and the formation of the Elders just over a year ago was the creation of the foundation that would continue to hold the Light in our realm and allow it to continue to flow into the world, whilst also allowing me to step away. I bequeath the Light to them. They are now the Light Carriers and the emissaries of the Universe. They have stepped up in their lives to selflessly offer themselves to this work, the bringers of the New Dawn.

I did not choose to be the bringer of The Emerald Heart Light – I was chosen to bring it.  The Elders were not chosen by me – they were chosen by the same Source.

That same Guidance that has brought me everything, now asks me to close the door and walk away, as it cannot bring me the next part of my own journey until I let go. We cannot take anything with us that we have in this world, other than the love that we have created within our hearts and the power of our spirit as we re-merge with the whole of eternity, so at some point, it is taken from us if we are too attached, or we let it go and open ourselves to what the universe wishes to reward us with for our work. So, with total trust and without fear, I let go.

The world does not yet know of the glory of The Emerald Heart Light. It is way ahead of its time, but of course, it is also here at the right time, for those who are ready to drink it’s life changing beauty into themselves. It changes my life on a daily basis and I am blessed to be able to trust that change, after many years of it teaching me.

When the Elders were formed, the light poured into them and they all began to change, too. The first thing the light does is illuminate your darkness so that you work on releasing it and moving beyond your limitations and your true colours begin to shine through. Their gifts and talents began to be shown to each of them, and also to me, and that enabled me to see what my next step would be.

The Elders as a group now have a massive responsibility to God. They have no idea yet what that really means, but God cannot work in our world unless we allow both him and the Earth Mother to enter us totally and selflessly. To let go of the self enough to allow this to happen is a massive personal undertaking and it will take the Elders some time to achieve it, as it did me. First you totally surrender your self to the light. You let go of everything that you think you want and you allow the Universe to bring you what you need in order to do the work. You will fight and struggle and go through many, many deep emotional processes as your ego is smashed upon the rocks of your own inner truth as you become cleansed of your personal absurdities. You will become empty so that you can be useful in the evolution of humanity.

I have handed the Light to the Elders and now they will each have to learn how to hold and bear the joy of it, whilst each learning how to do a part of all the things that I did on my own. They will share the load amongst them and they will each be responsible to the others. They must learn to work as a coherent team as no one person can do it all as I did until now. The light needs many in order to flood into the world. If you feel you can help to bring the light in, please contact an Elder.

And so, on this mid-summer morning of June 2014, I officially step down from heading up The Emerald Heart. I joyfully let go of it, so that it can grow and fly with the hearts of others who truly see its glory and I await my next work.

I will not be far away. There is still much teaching to provide, but if the mother does not push the baby birds out of the nest, they will never learn to fly.

So, dear Elders, consider yourselves pushed out of the nest. Goodbye and fare thee well.

                                            Come to the edge, he said.
                                            They said , We are afraid.
                                            Come to the edge, he said.
                                            They came. He pushed them. And they flew.
                                                                                                              Guillaume Apollinaire

 With my deepest love and blessings.