The Elder group has just expanded and  four new energies and viewpoints have been added to the Emerald Heart mix.

First off, meet Sephora McElroy from Germany, making her first contribution for the Elders Notes. A frank and open message to which I feel in response to her question, the answer is a resounding ‘YES.’

Am I Ready?

This is the question which I would answer with my mind – of course I am ready and I want spiritual and personal evolution and I really want to open my heart for other people. But do I act like this in everyday life? And it’s sad, but the answer is no, I don’t.

So often I react rudely or respond to others with sharp words, especially to my dear ones. I push them away and they just want to help me. I really want to apologise for my bad behaviour. I do not open towards other people, because I’m full of fear and do not trust them, which means I do not trust myself, which means in the end I do not trust God.

What I want so much, is to live full of Love and in freedom. I push so much away through my actions. I’m in a dilemma. I have been living in this dilemma, my whole life or even in more than one lifetime. The truth is that I have no courage to try to open up. I had glimpses occasionally of how wonderful it can be to be really open and full of Love for others. Everything feels all right then and you feel like you are in heaven, so connected with everybody and everything – it’s just heaven. But why is it so hard to hold this state in my day-to-day life? Why am I so cruel to other people, especially to my dear and near ones?

The answer is, there is still so much fear inside me. The Light of the Emerald Heart helps me to illuminate this fear, so that I can see more and more of my habits and which effect they have on my life. I see clearly that it’s me who holds myself back from a happy life. When you have seen this clearly, then you have the opportunity to overcome the fear and the issue, and bit by bit your life changes and you can become yourself more and more. This is, what it’s all about – becoming the person who you really are – without fear.

Dave always says  ‘You cannot walk the path alone’, and again I saw how right he is. You need others to help you illuminate your fears and issues and your dark side, and again you need the others to help you through each issue. I am just so grateful for a teacher like Dave and a spiritual group like the Emerald Heart people, which all help me to illuminate and work through my issues, so that I can grow and leave the darkness behind. And that is when I know – I am ready!

With all my Love and Blessings

Sephora McElroy

Elder of The Emerald Heart