Lynne ShawEmerald Heart Elder, Lynne Shaw highlights the importance of living in present time.

The understanding that ones thoughts in the present moment create ones future experiences is fundamental to creating a future experience that one desires.

Lynne shares tips on how not to get caught up in the drama of everyday life and to just be in the now, for futures sake.

Dear Ones,

Each and every moment we have on earth is a gift; it is our responsibility to choose how we experience this gift. A lot of this is dependent upon where we place our focus of attention. Do we take time to give thanks for all our experiences in life even for those that challenge us? Or do we spend our time focusing on others, believing that if so and so will change this that or the other about themselves, then our lives will be so much better? Are we placing our attention outside of ourselves, rather than understanding that the world we live in functions through Universal Laws, one of which is The Law of Reflection? It is guaranteed that the way we feel about ourselves will be reflected back to us by the words and actions of other people and the events that we attract. How we feel about ourselves and our lives at any given moment is the energy that creates our future. So does it not make sense for us to take care of the real creator of our lives, ourselves? To understand ourselves at a deeper level so we can cultivate a place of joy and peace within? Do we take time on waking to be grateful that we are alive, for the air we breathe, the water to bathe in and drink, the food to nourish us? All of which are given to us unconditionally by Mother Earth. Or do we just hit the ground running in the morning, getting caught up in what needs to be achieved throughout the day?


Lately I have caught myself being less and less in gratitude and more and more distanced from the present moment and myself. The present we can experience in every moment if only we allow ourselves the opportunity to feel, breathe and be mindful that all we have is that moment. The past is gone; the future is not yet with us. Yet more and more I find myself being distracted by goals, concerns and responsibilities, so my joy in life has started to diminish somewhat. Life has become a series of actions to take and tasks to complete. That is how I appear to be getting through the day, crossing things off my list. Somehow I have allowed myself to periodically check out of my life and check into the world of past and future events. I had no idea how much I had started doing this until I began to engage with my feeling of lack, a discomfort about being alive. Somehow I have allowed the grey noise, the static to take over. Even my joy of being in nature and with my loved ones has diminished, as I have become less and less present to the experience, less and less present with myself. I have allowed my mind to take over.


The only person responsible for my life and the quality of my life is myself. So it is time for me to bring back the joy. I can do this by creating space for myself. By stopping my endless multi – tasking. No more taking my smart phone to the bathroom with me! I can take time for myself to enjoy the simple pleasures and steer my thoughts back to really engaging with these experiences. I can give thanks for all that life brings. I can make a personal commitment to having fun. To take time to call and see friends, make time for myself, and make my life, not my list a priority. I commit to enjoying this glorious life before it passes me by. Each day is a glorious opportunity to practice this. To live an extraordinary life by cultivating and growing my garden of joy. I wish you every happiness and encourage you to let go of your lists, be in the present, and grow and tend to your own inner garden of peace and joy.


Many blessings,

Lynne Shaw, Elder of the Emerald Heart