The Emerald Heart Light

Visits Australia


For the very first time in Australia:

  •  Being in the Light and Body Consciousness session with David Ashworth
  •  Divine Plan Healing training with Harriët Kroon and David Ashworth

 Asia, New Zealand and Australia

For everyone in Asia, New Zealand and Australia, don’t miss this opportunity. This is your chance to experience The Emerald Heart Light and train personally with David Ashworth, the original channel of the Emerald Heart Light.

Both events will be offered during the Australian Spring Equinox, on:

September 20 and 21, 2014.

With special Early Bird Fees!


1) The Being in the Light & Body Consciousness Session

When: Saturday afternoon 20 September, from 2 – 4.30pm.


  • In a Being in the Light session with David you will ‘bathe’ in The Emerald Heart Light, stimulating your heart to open at a deeper level. The mind, being very strong, tends to dominate other aspects of our consciousness, especially heart consciousness. The mind does this in the process of feeding its own existence, as if it is something separate from you. Therefore, the gentle separation of mind from heart is a key element in The Emerald Heart Teachings and is essential to allow the heart to open and expand its consciousness.


  • Without this slight separation, the mind and sub-conscious use deeply embedded fears and patterns to prevent the evolution of your consciousness. The heart then finds it difficult to open. As you work with the Light, it shows you your inner truth and how these fears and patterns limit your creative existence. You may then enter various Emerald Heart Light processes to dissolve these fear patterns from your life.


  • The Body Consciousness section of this session is a kind of attunement process in which David’s heart will open the consciousness in your heart. He will then guide your heart in opening your body to its own rhythm. This allows the body to awaken its own consciousness and perform its own tasks, rather than it being dictated to by the mind. This has masses of personal development potential, such as developing physical focus, exercise routines and flexibility of movement.


  • Bring a bottle of water to receive a transmission of Emerald Heart Light for your personal evolution and individual growth at the end of the session.



2) The -Divine Plan- Healing training

When: Sunday 21 September, from 9.45am – max. 6pm.  


  • This 1 Day Training will be life changing. You will step into a completely new Healing Paradigm, in which the healer moves into being The Witness. During -Divine Plan- Healings the healer gets out of the way of the healing process and witnesses God doing the work upon the client. It is an amazingly powerful yet simple healing method.


  • You will receive a personal attunement from David Ashworth, which opens the Path of Light (an Emerald Heart Light process) into your heart and also connects you to the core of Mother Earth. Once initiated, this grounding process may continue to unfold for up to 3 years, developing your energy system to hold more light.


  • After the 1 Day Training you will enter your life changing Growth Period of 3 months. By entering the training, you will commit yourself to 3 sessions with your mentor, one session after each month. This is to support you in your growth and to answer possible upcoming questions. During the Growth Period, you will practise – Divine Plan – Healings on yourself, family members and/or friends. Your mentor will be Harriët Kroon from The Netherlands. Mentoring sessions are charged at AUD $100.00 (excl. VAT) per hour. Harriët charges only by the minute, so you can tailor your call to necessary questions or longer if you choose. 


  • The -Divine Plan- Healing training can be attended by absolute beginners and professional healers alike.


  • You will receive 3 Vibrational Essences, 2 to work with clients and 1 for your personal evolution. For more information about The – Divine Plan -, see and hit the healing tab.


Early Bird Fees up till 20 August 2014:


1.  For the Being in the Light event: AUD $120.00. After 20 August AUD $135.00. This includes 1 personal Emerald Heart essence.

2.  For the – Divine Plan – Training: AUD $800.00. After 20 August, AUD $890.00. This includes your manual, your personal initiation and 3 essences. 

3.  For both events: AUD $900.00. After 20 August AUD $999.00.  This includes your manual, your personal initiation and 4 essences. 

Note: in case of cancellation with less than 48 hours’ notice, you will be charged the complete fee. In other cancellation situations you will be charged 30% administration fee.

Location and Venue:

Yoga studio. Time4Yoga,

3/68-70 Township Drive, Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast, Queensland, 4220.

Public transport wise it is accessible by bus or taxi. As for accommodation we would recommend staying in Burleigh Heads as this is the closest suburb to the venue. It is a tourist destination so there is a vast amount of accommodation with prices varying a lot.


With almost 20 years in development, this is the first training in Australia of this amazing new healing system. Built on the foundation of The Emerald Heart Light.

Why listen to your mind when your heart is calling you?


Organisers:  Harriët Kroon, Jon and Danielle Gauntlett

For more information and registration, contact Harriët Kroon:


For More Details:



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