Florence[1]Meet Emerald Heart Elder Florence Zumbihl. Florence runs a successful practice in Reinach, Switzerland and shares with the Blog that its not only the body, energy system or consciousness that can benefit from healing.



The -Divine Plan-

I would like to share with you an experience with the – Divine Plan – Healing System to show you that there are no limits as to what you can do in sessions. The only limitation in how to use The – Divine Plan – Healing System is your mind. It is an amazing, powerful and simple healing system.

Thank you very much to Lynne Shaw, she has brought me to this idea, to work on this issue. The Universe had given me several signs to change my private home and to move close to my practice. I witnessed several Divine Plan sessions with the Issue to find a new home in Reinach and at the same time to find a new tenant for my old home.

It was an experiment, because I didn’t know if it really works. So I witnessed several sessions for myself with this home issue. People who heard that I was looking for an apartment in Reinach told me it will be very difficult to find something. Reinach is a very popular community close to Basel with  easy access to public transport and close to the highway.

I followed my intuition and really one morning I saw the ad for my new home. A lovely appartment, in walking distance to my working place. Also with a tramway station nearby. I immediately called the landlord and 3 hours later we met there in front of the building. The apartment was very bright, on the top floor, close to heaven.  From the very first moment I liked the apartment very much, but I needed time to decide. A few days later I went to have a second look and then I knew it will be my new home. So I  sent the application form and I knew there were several people interested in this place. On Friday, 13th June (a full moon day) I received the e mail from the landlord that they want me as their new tenant. Everything went very fast, on 18th June I had the keys to my new apartment and finally moved in at the beginning of July. Most people around me were really surprised that I moved so quickly to Reinach. It is easy – let go and let God do the work.

On Friday 13th June, I already had some interest for my old home and already the first lady who came to see it, wanted to rent it. I was really guided and the – Divine Plan – worked so well, that I had a new apartment and the new tenant for the old place on the same day.

After moving to the new place I recognised my deep connection with the Emerald Heart and the Universe. I was really overwhelmed. I realized that the staircase in the building is green, which is not a usual colour for a staircase. The first evening sitting on the balcony I watched the clouds and saw wonderful cloud beings. It was a welcome from the Universe to show me being at the right place.

I am deeply grateful to have such a wonderful tool like The – Divine Plan – Healing System to work with. I encourage you to be creative in choosing your issues for a  Divine Plan  session. There are no limits.

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I bless you with the Light of the Emerald Heart

Florence Zumbihl

Elder of the Emerald Heart & Emerald Heart Practitioner

Divine Plan Mentor & Teacher