Lanzarote Winter Retreat 2015

Celebrating 10 years of The Emerald Heart Light

puerto-del-carmen fariones lanzarote

Sun, Sea and Spirituality – January 2015

Dear Emerald Heart Students and Friends,

January 2015 will be the 10th Anniversary since The Emerald Heart Light was brought forth through my heart into our world. To those who work with it, the Light is an ever present and most amazing learning curve, which never ceases in bringing new challenges and transformations as it opens the heart ever deeper into the truth and reality of who we are and what we are capable of.

Last January we had the most wonderful retreat in Lanzarote. I am sure many of you remember what a great spiritual journey it was, especially receiving the gift of the ‘Heart of Fire’ essence in the heat of the volcano at Timanfaya. The theme of the retreat was Expansion and for those of us who carry The Emerald Heart Light into the world, indeed, it has been an amazing year. We have brought the Divine Plan Healing system through its infancy and now it is expanding further. There are two new processes under development at the moment for teaching in the future and the personal changes and expansion of consciousness within The Elders has been dramatic and wonderful for me to experience as their hearts have opened further.

The feedback from our last retreat on Lanzarote was overwhelming enthusiastic. The request was to repeat the next retreat at the same location. So here we are, your wish is our command! A holiday in the sun and a spiritual retreat, all rolled into one. Sun, Sea and Spirituality… What a great way to set your course into the New Year.









Stepping Aside

As some of you will know, I have now stepped away from the day to day running of The Emerald Heart organisation as a result of guidance taking me in a new direction, which is still unfolding and, as usual, I have no idea where I will end up. At present, with all the changes taking place, I feel that this may be the last retreat that I lead for the foreseeable future and I would therefore like to let you know in case you have been planning to attend one of my retreats at some point. I can’t say for certain that I won’t be involved any more, but right now, this is what guidance is suggesting for the immediate future.

Some of you have been on every retreat that I’ve held, and as we have always said at the end of each retreat, we don’t know how we will better it next time, but by some miracle of Universal Consciousness, each one has been the most amazing experience, even though sometimes I had no idea what we would be doing.

Also, I’m getting a bit older, 63 at this next retreat, and I’ve been burning bright for over twenty years with the light. I need to take a sidestep and slow things down a bit, hence, passing it all over to those who have stood shoulder to shoulder with me for a very long time, some of them for more than 10 years of commitment and dedication.

The Emerald Heart Light community is growing and expanding and it is my job to get out of its way, but play a part in guiding it into our world. My wealth of experience and unique gifts support The Elders in continuing to expand the foundation of The Emerald Heart Light in our earth, whilst witnessing the opening hearts of those who are ready to be touched by this glorious Light.

The ‘Celebrating 10 Years of The Emerald Heart Light’ Retreat

This retreat offers 4 days of emersion in The Emerald Heart Light, separated by a day off in the middle, allowing you the space to either integrate, process, ‘shop ‘til you drop,’ or just do whatever takes your fancy, as you enjoy the wonderful ambient temperatures and fresh sea air of Lanzarote.

As always, the Guidance doesn’t reveal what we are going to do until we do it. Some call this living in the now. As I am the leader of the event, I would also like to know what we are going to be doing, so I call it, living on the edge! But, as we always discover, the Guidance always gives us an amazing ride, far in excess of anything we could imagine. Therefore, I fully expect that we will have a fantastic, deep and meaningful spiritual experience as usual. Like our previous retreat has proven, January is perfect for setting ourselves on the right course for the coming year.


Lanzarote is a volcanic island, now classed as dormant, although the heat can still be felt beneath the surface at Timanfaya, the site of the last eruptions in 1730, which lasted six years, and finally in 1824. On this beautiful island, we have all the benefit of the wonderful natural elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water, and we will use all of these elements in our work.

During our last retreat on Lanzarote in January 2014, we worked with three individual themes encompassed by an overall theme of Expansion. We first reflected on our individual past, then gave gratitude to the now and on the last retreat day prepared ourselves for the new year. These were interwoven with the themes of Light and Dark. Guidance will, no doubt, be following this with something that will uplift us into a New Year full of potential for each of us. You will drink some life-giving winter sun deep into your bones, to set you up once more for another new year.

For the Emerald Heart, 2014 has been indeed fantastic and the retreat certainly helped us all to focus and prepare.


The Lanzarote Winter Retreat of 2015 will consist of 4 days in January:

Monday 19th

Tuesday 20th

Thursday 22nd

Friday 23rd

To be able to enjoy and participate fully in the retreat, we request all participants to arrive at the latest on Saturday 17th on the magic island. We want your systems to be aligned with and used to the earth and fire energies of this magic island when the retreat begins. Also, as many of you know, the Light will be working with you a few days in advance of the event. We also request that you attend our opening dinner Meet & Greet on Sunday night 18th at 6pm at the Blooming Cactus vegetarian restaurant.

We will work with Teachings, Meditation, Being in the Light sessions, etc. Also, we will visit certain natural locations on the island to commune with the spirit of place, connect with the nature spirits and the elements.


 I expect there to be a unified process that unfolds over the 4 days, bringing us to a sense of completion at our final closing circle. Ensure you bring your journals to note down what you experience, as once our altered state of consciousness dissipates, then we often can’t recall what we experienced very clearly.

Make sure you bring your bathing costumes, too!!!

 Retreat centre1







Villa Amatista


For transport reasons, it is recommended that we locate ourselves in the town Puerto del Carmen or at the Villa Amatista Retreat Centre,

If you wish, the organizer of the event, Harriët Kroon, can help you to find a room-mate. You can contact her at or via her mobile phone +31 646 458 763 (also What’s app and Viber). 

*Villa Amatista is located on a stunning spot, in the middle of the lava fields. Be aware that you won’t find any shop or restaurant nearby. In case you would like to stay at the quiet and charming Villa Amatista, check its accommodation page at You can contact Villa Amatista directly via or phone +34 928 840 867. Ask for Sadie and refer to the Emerald Heart Retreat.

*Puerto del Carmen is a tourist town at the coast with stunning sand beaches. Via internet you can find plenty of accommodation at all standards and for all budgets. Most probably your local travel agent will be able to offer you a package deal with flights included.

*For your convenience we recommend travel company Viajes Caravanas on Lanzarote to book your accommodation and/or flights. If you wish to share a room with a friend, please find a room-mate and agree on your travel budget first, before you contact Viajes Caravanas. Our contact, Ricardo Abruneiras (Rick), speaks English fluently. Rick expects a very busy winter season and advises early booking. Please contact him directly to book your holiday accommodation, mentioning that you are with Harriët Kroon and The Emerald Heart group:

Ricardo (Rick) Abruñeiras, Viajes Caravana Calle Juan Carlo I no. 35

Puerto del Carmen 35510 Lanzarote Spain Tel: +34 928 510 510 Mobile: +34 659 488 825 Skype: caravanaacerick



Four days of retreat: £540.00 payable to The Emerald Heart School Ltd. This will include daily transport, essences and lunches during the retreat days. Just to be clear, this fee is for the retreat only, and is additional to your flight and accommodation which you will arrange yourself.

The Meet & Greet dinner on Sunday 18th will cost £16.50 excluding drinks.

Please ensure that you have travel insurance, which includes medical care, as we are not responsible for the costs of personal circumstances.

Questions and Booking

To book your place, or ask any further questions, please contact Harriët Kroon on:

I look forward to celebrating 10 Years of Emerald Heart Light with you,

With Love and Blessings,

David Ashworth

Sun, Sea and Spirituality… here we come!!!