Florence[1]Emerald Heart School Elder, Florence Zumbihl, shares with us her reasoning for working with the Emerald Heart Light.

Florence, an experienced Practitioner of many modalities explains how she stepped into the Light as a client and after realising the potential, began training as a host and then as a practitioner.

She now has a thriving practice in Reinach, Switzerland, where she regularly introduces new initiatives to help spread the word about the Emerald Heart.

Why do I work with the Emerald Heart Light?

It is in my nature that I am a seeker and searcher, there are no limitations and I am always looking for answers. For sure it is an important part of life, because my Ascendent is a Scorpio and a Scorpio always wants to go beyond limitations and to learn more.

Since my childhood there has been a trust and an inner knowing that there is much more than the physical world. I didn’t know the word Aura, but I could feel that there is an energetic field around us which is not visible for most people. I also had an inner vision, a call to help people. After a traditional education and working in normal daily business, I had the awakening in the year 1996. My inner wish to expand my knowledge and go beyond my limitations awakened and so I started, like many others, with Reiki. I didn’t even know anything about Reiki, but it had attracted my attention. So my journey began and I was guided to learn more about this spiritual world. It was like the seeker and searcher within me wanted to go further, so I started with one training after the other.

In the year 2003 I opened my practice and the Universe guided me to step forward, taking one step after the other. I started with body work and as a Reiki teacher and learned many different healing modalities, body and energy work. At this time I couldn’t understand what was going on, because I always saw the limitations in most of these modalities. There were not deep enough for me.

So I started to create my own way of working and I was always following my inner call. It might be in 2006 or 2007 that I read the book “Dancing with the Devil? – As you channel in the Light” by David Ashworth. It was the first book in my life where I felt a deep connection with the author and it was the same way how I was thinking about Reiki. This book accompanied me in my Reiki seminars and I recommended it to my own Reiki students or to other Reiki Teachers.

About 3 ½ years ago I got in touch with David Ashworth to ask him for support. I felt that there was something going on and I needed help from him. So I became his client and we did some deep evolutionary work. It was not always easy and I went through quite challenging situations. The Emerald Heart became more and more important and after about one year I started as a Host of Gatherings. I found my place, my home within the Emerald Heart Light. The Emerald Heart Light is this, what I was looking and searching for during my whole life. I am living my own truth and I know who I am.

The Emerald Heart Light goes so much deeper than anything else I have ever experienced before. It is something which you really have to experience, you have to feel it and to see what’s happening with you. There are different ways to experience the Light, you can contact an Emerald Heart Practitioner for a one to one session to work on your issues or go to a Host for attending a Gathering.

People who know me for years also see my personal changes and it is interesting when people come to me for the first time. The majority of them come to me because I am practicing different kinds of massage and reflexology or Reiki, but they feel immediately, that there is much more, when I touch them with my hands or when we do coaching or healing sessions.

Are you ready to go beyond your limitations and to live your own truth? Then I am looking forward to seeing you or you can also contact one of the other Practitioners, http://www.emerald-heart.com/practlist.php. I offer the one to one sessions and meditation evenings in German, English and French. It doesn’t matter where you live, the personal sessions can also take place on the phone.

Much Love,

Florence Zumbihl

Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment