David Ashworth’s Final Retreat, January 2015

Celebrating 10 years of the Emerald Heart Light

Did you ever wish to participate in a retreat led by David Ashworth? Well, it’s now or never. The upcoming Winter Retreat on the sunny volcanic island of Lanzarote will be his last one. Dave explains why.

I’ve been on the path a long, long time since my awakening. I’ve unlocked countless hearts to the beauty of Light and enjoyed a brilliant career of bringing ever new spiritual concepts into the world. But now it’s time to slow down and put my feet up a bit. I’ve been driving the Light forward relentlessly and now I’m handing it over to The Elders.

After being given The Emerald Heart Light ten years ago this coming January, this most recent part of my journey has been just as phenomenal as the first ten years. I constantly unfold into ever new layers of Light and each step is wonderful and magical. I have been so fortunate to share this magic with others. Each day I am helping someone somewhere in the world to open their heart to the inner truth and their lives are transformed.

The introduction of new courses

The Universe is moving me sideways now though. The Council of Elders has been formed and they will continue to carry the torch after I have moved on. Since the formation of The Elders, the Light has been pouring in to their hearts in response to their courage to step forward. Each of them is now receiving their own fantastic new gifts to bring forth into The Emerald Heart School. In Lanzarote, we will be introducing some of the new spiritual process and courses that have been given to The Elders through the Light of The Emerald Heart.

We all finish at some point. Some of us just drop dead whilst we are in the midst of our work, but I have been given the choice, either slow down, pass it over and continue to have a bit of fun with the Light, or bear the consequences of not heeding the Guidance. It’s amazing how quickly your time runs out. Life is oh so short, but guess what? You’re back before your know it!

I look forward to seeing old friends

So, this is the final retreat that I will lead and I look forward to seeing old friends as well as meet some new ones, as you help us all celebrate 10 years of The Emerald Heart Light and the great things it has brought and continues to bring forward in the healing of humanity and our Earth Mother. For those whose hearts are opening and seeking Light, there has never been anything greater than The Emerald Heart path. It shows you the truth at every step.

This retreat is a Great Way to Start Your Year… full of Light with the blessings of the sun on your face and setting your course in the right direction to open your heart even more.

With Love and Blessings.

Dave Ashworth


Retreat dates: 19th, 20th, 22nd and 23rd of January 2015 (21st is a day for yourself)

Costs: £540.00 for four retreat days, payable to The Emerald Heart School Ltd. This will include daily transport, essences and lunches during the retreat days. Just to be clear, this fee is for the retreat only, and is additional to your flight and accommodation, which you will arrange yourself.