The chill winds of winter are howling around my cottage and Winter Solstice is just around the corner and things are winding down and coming to conclusions.

The Free Light Transmission will be announced in the next couple of days, so be sure to register and have fun with the Light.

A Fond Farewell at the Closing of the Year

I mentioned back in October that the Guidance and Essence of the Period was finishing but that I might once in a while write when there was something beautiful or profound to share from the Universe. Well, lots of things have been given and continue to come as I pass through this most recent transformation of letting go of the Guidance of the Period.

Many new and exciting processes are unfolding within The Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment at the moment. Some of these will be announced in the New Year and there will be a number of new courses on offer from a number of The Elders.

The Closing of the Year

The wheel of the year has turned once more. We have had a great summer in the United Kingdom and now we are experiencing the onset of winter with a sharp bite.  The sheep outside of my window are nibbling the frost covered grass in the mornings and the owls are hooting away during the night. The wren still sings outside my open window to wake me in the mornings and the carpet of bronzed leaves that have carpeted the earth are now blowing away in the winter winds. The log fire is burning bright and Light is all around. All is well at the cottage in the woods.

The End

The Guides have given me one last essence for you. It coincides with this closing of the year. It seals the fate of this cycle of time, adding a sense of completion to my stepping away process. Some of you will have seen this essence before, it is called The End – The Beginning and you will read about it further down the page. I was awoken early this morning and told that this would be the final act to close this door, and what a perfect selection the Guidance makes. You couldn’t make it up!

The Beginning

The new beginnings are already with us. Guidance doesn’t allow any of us who stand and work in The Emerald Heart Light to do nothing. Our new courses from a number of Elders will be released in the new year and one that is with us now and ready to go is our 13 Moons of Transformation.

13 Moons of Transformation

During the coming week, I will reveal to you this new course, which is the most amazing process that Guidance has given to us to share with the world. It is especially suitable for those with little time to enter into true and deep spiritual work. It is simplicity itself, but also given at a bargain exchange. A full year’s spiritual journey through the phases of 13 moons. Working with the energies of the moon cycles, each month will bring you optimum transformation and inner change as we follow the guidance for each phase, accompanied by an essence.

The Winter Retreat in Lanzarote

Another closing door is my final retreat in Lanzarote. I need some time out; some rest; some space from the constant burning of the light. Right now, I don’t feel that I can do any more retreats. The ones we’ve had in the past have been truly amazing and each one better than the one before it. When we went to Lanzarote last January, I had no idea what we would do, but the whole week was incredible as Guidance took us through the most amazing journeys of a number of themes. As usual, I have no idea what this one will bring, but certainly, it is another door closing for me at this time.

Where do I go from here? Well, I have no idea, but the Universe doesn’t keep me idle. I have much work to do, but for now, not so much with energy work.

I have not taken a new client for over 3 months. I feel it is time to drop this work too. However, the Universe has brought forth some amazing people for me to teach who carry the most incredible light. I feel my shift reflected in their arrival and await with interest what doors will open as we work together.

The Great Bicycle of Time

Whilst riding across Ireland on a bicycle around 40 years ago, I was in a bar one night and chatting with an Irish philosopher – everyone in Ireland is a philosopher, so I discovered. Upon parting at the end of the evening, he commented on my cycling journey that, “We are all just spokes in the big wheel of life.”

And so it is, that the wheels keep turning and the spokes in the wheel change from time to time. The wheel of the year is completing another revolution and in the world, many revolutions are taking place on many levels. There are those who are fighting oppression and for freedom, and at the other end of the scale there are those who are fighting to change the rigid and ancient patterns within themselves. Thus has it always been. However, the balance has not always been equal. The spiritual warriors are in the minority, yet their goal is far greater than any other battle on the face of this earth.

I invite you to join me in closing this chapter of my life, at the closing of the cycle of the year with a saying from the book that has truly guided me on my journey, Jesus untouched by the Church by Hugh McGregor Ross. The most amazing gift I ever received, and this from yet another philosopher, Victor Hyman.

Thank you Victor. May your light shine far and wide into the hearts of the many.

Jesus said:

The Harvest is indeed great,

But the labourers are few.

Entreat therefore, the Lord

To send labourers to the harvest.

Essence for the Closing of the Year: The End – The Beginning

There are times when certain things happen within you. A time when an ending must come, regardless of whether you are part of that initiation process, or merely the unwitting participant, as the Universal Consciousness takes action to change something within you. This is key to understanding this reading, it is not that something is just changing, it is that The Universe is changing it within you.

More often than not, you are pushed, mercilessly, through transformation. The transformation may be difficult from the point of view that energies may be released within you that your system is unable to control or process. At times like these, the system can burst under the great pressures of ancient energies as they rise from deep places beyond your awareness, being released from all of your previous lives forever. In this process, they cannot then repeat in future lives, but you feel the effect of them as they pass from your being in this present life. It is obvious that your enlightened inner being or Higher Self desires your to experience as much peace in this present life as possible.

In a moment of transformation, it is an ending of past suffering. You pass through a process where old patterns and habits are released and begin to die away; begin to end. The ending is more often a process, rather than an instantaneous event. Something breaks, something leaves your consciousness and the process is launched. The vibration shifts sharply, but almost imperceptibly sometimes, and then the process is underway and your vibration continues to rise, gently, over a period of time, usually several months, until it settles at a new level.

When something within you ends, then everything in your life must then change. There is a knowing that you can’t go back. There is a knowing that the Universe will punish you if you weaken. You must find the courage to act upon the issues of being human that hold you in their grip, for nobody can serve two masters and if you are chosen to serve God and the Universe, then you cannot serve the world by its rules. There is one set of permanent rules and those are the Universal Laws. As you begin your transformation, you must pass through the learning phase of those Universal Laws and you must then begin to live by them.

Life or lives, it makes no difference which way you look at it right now, as eventually you will understand that the process is one of continuous change and transformation, life without end, except that we pass through a series of endings, which then launch our next new beginnings.

This essence aids transition from endings to beginnings, whether these are small endings such as a shift in consciousness, which enables you to leave behind an old issue or habit, or indeed, major endings such as a leaving a job, partner or even a life ending. The essence can be used in ceremony to assist the spirit to make its transition. It can also be used to help those who are still here, to pass through their own transition of adjustment.

As you end a moon cycle and set your target to begin a new cycle, or you pas through the ending of the cycle of a year on the winter solstice, when all is quiet and cold. These are good times to use this Essence of Liquid Light in an ending ceremony and preparation for the new beginning.

The essence will also weave a protective cloak around you, screening out all unwanted cosmic interference and bathe the inner being with a light of gentle pink and gold, which helps to calm your emotional struggles and general energetic imbalances, created through the influx of tumultuous energies.

Illuminating the Truth

This essence also helps you to see the truth clearly through the way in which it illuminates your heart, which then also allows you to perceive into the hearts of others. In this way, this is a perfect essence to help with relationship failures, as it allows you to separate and end in a very final way, through the deeper understanding and knowing of the truth of the situation.

Relationship endings can be difficult after having fallen into the habit of being with a person and living a certain life, but with the ability to see clearly, comes the courage and inner strength to maintain a solid course, which in turn allows you to separate strongly and with love for all concerned, and compassion for any lack of understanding.

The End, is indeed, just The Beginning. This Essence of Liquid Light will help open all the necessary inner doorways that will help you to learn how to tread the path into a new dawn, whilst quickly becoming free of the old outworn energies and images of who you used to be. Let go of the old and become the new.

Sometimes we find that we come to a sudden end. A brick wall whereby we cannot pass further, or so it seems. Endings are merely Letting Go processes and sometimes, even though we might have a huge struggle with letting something go, once we let it go, then there is no longer any attachment to it and once there is no attachment, then you often find that you can keep it in your life, but the nature of the relationship changes, in that the bonds of attachment no longer hold you prisoner.

Therefore, go sweetly with this essence, knowing that it is helping you to let go, to end something and bring you to a point of a new beginning.

With my deepest love and blessings to all who share in my words.

David Ashworth