Emerald Heart Elder, Ian Mills shares with the Blog, details of his first -Divine Plan- Teaching day, held in Stockholm, Sweden in November and how deeply impressed he was with support from the Light. He also reveals that he’s planning a larger event in Stockholm in February, to help raise the profile of the -Divine Plan- Healing System in  Sweden.

I was really looking forward to this. Finally I could let rip with what I love doing. I’d gone through all the training steps for becoming a – Divine Plan – Teacher, and I felt confident of being a self-witnessing expert, so now onto that all important first teaching day.

Strangely enough I wasn’t the slightest bit nervous. I was however very caught up in the detail and the experience for the two ladies attending the training. I wanted to make it as special as possible.

I opened the training day with an introductory power point presentation, outlining the origins and detail of the Emerald Heart and The -Divine Plan- Healing System. After brief questions I proceeded to go through the Healing method we use for The -Divine Plan – called The 7 Heavenly Steps.  As there were 3 of us and I wanted both ladies to sit and watch as I performed the steps, I used a surrogate. One of my daughter’s toy bears.

It was amazing. As I started the steps, we could all feel the – Divine Plan – healing energy switch on. Both ladies commented how powerful the process was and it was surrogate bear getting the healing!

At the end of this session we took some time to discuss the process and then it was time for a hands on healing to test of the power of this system.

I offered the ladies a choice. Either each have a healing session with me as the witness, while the other watches and take notes, or practice on each other, going through the steps.  They chose to accept my offer of an individual healing session.

After both sessions, the ladies were agreed it was a most powerful and beneficial process. We then broke for lunch, to resume 45mins later to begin the attunement.

The Attunement into the Heart of the Earth Mother, is the process that enables the Trainee Healing Practitioner to begin using the Emerald Heart Light in this form of -Divine Plan- Healing. It is truly a powerful process and the ladies were in awe with the connection to the Earth Mother. Things can never really be the same after this level of connection. Many things unfold after these attunements and Divine Plan healings.

It was a very emotional experience for the ladies and after the attunement we sat for half an hour discussing what had unfolded and their personal feelings and intuitions about the process.

We then went over a few more questions and spoke about the follow up process and essence use.  The Essences provided during the course will need to be taken 3 times a day, until the bottles run out. If one was to stop taking the Essence over this period, it would mean that one’s intent to heal has diminished. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this event and I feel the ladies who attended got a lot out of the Training Day.

I am now working on a larger event in Stockholm which will be held around February this year.  I am very much looking forward to it, knowing that the Light of the Emerald Heart and the -Divine Plan- never ceases to impress.

If you would like to find out more about this event or make an appointment for a – Divine Plan – session, please do not hesitate to contact me on:


Ian Mills

Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment.