Yvonne Hrdy

Yvonne Hrdy shares with the Blog a thought provoking piece regarding the ever upward cyclical motion of evolution. With nothing staying constant these days, these are certainly exciting times.

Welcome 2015 – An energetic outlook

We are already in the middle of the year 2015 – this is at least how it feels. Indeed the New Year already began after the winter solstice, which marks the deepest night of the year and the return of the light.

The incoming energies of the new solar year could already be felt in November and therefore the advent season. This is often a time of silence and contemplation in many countries, but did not feel ‘silent’ at all.  It was filled with activities to bring the old year to a closure and make plans and start initiatives for the New Year.

Resurgence of the New Year 2015The energies that are available for this are massive. Time is accelerating even more and things manifest more quickly than we were ever used to before.

One sentence keeps popping up when I tune into these energies:

“Bringing things together in a new way.”

You might for example notice that dreams, visions or the field of interests you had when you were a youngster or maybe even a child start to come back into your life and begin to manifest in you or in your life now. Passions or things that gave you inspiration and inner contentment in past years may appear again on your radar and want to be lived now or expressed through the God-Consciousness in you. You might also find that previous areas of work come back to you. These might be activities you had already left behind as you moved on in your professional and spiritual development.

This is however, not about going back in time or turning the Wheel of Time backwards. It is rather that these things are coming back to you on a new level. Imagine a spiral where you return to the same point again as you move forward on your path, but each time you reach the same point on what seems to be a circle, you have actually reached a higher level. As you have developed and so has Creation and the vibration of the Universe as a whole, you have now gained a different perspective. Your heart has developed further and you will see new ways of how to tackle these things. Ways you could not see before; not express in the same depth or handle with the same profundity.

Of course these things have been happening already for a while but my feeling is that 2015 will be an important year for this.

It might feel to you that finally what is you as a whole, your whole essence, might come together and can be brought into this world now. What felt fragmented before, maybe over lifetimes, and felt like split parts of your soul can now merge and join in a new way; a higher, more integrated version of yourself. Inner splits can be healed now and inner separation that might have kept us stuck in ‘either/or’ conflicts and thus prevented us from moving forward have the chance to dissolve now. This might relate to simple yet big questions like ‘spiritual’ vs. ‘material’ life, ‘masculine’ vs. ‘feminine’ energy patterns, ‘fun’ vs. ‘work’. Or something specific that has been driving you for a long time. A true spiritual development has of course always been about becoming your Self and dissolving these alleged contradictions that exist only in the mind. But the energies of the New Year will especially support you in this area so that you might be able to see new ways and opportunities to express more of what you are, for your own development and the benefit of others.

So, stay open in your heart and your mind for new ways of doing things and hopefully you look forward to another exciting year.

With Blessings and Love,

Yvonne Hrdy Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment

Article in German: http://yvonne-hrdy.com/2015/01/05/energetischer-ausblick-auf-das-jahr-2015/