Sephora[1]Emerald Heart School Elder, Sephora McElroy, shares with the Blog events that took place during the Emerald Heart Lanzarote Winter Retreat. We all had a great time and wanted to stay longer in that wonderful landscape.

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‘Finding your Essence at the core of your Being.’

This was the theme for this Retreat – Finding your Essence!

It sounds  very easy, finding your Essence, but we are often so far away from our Essence because of the programs and fears that we have within us. We are doing many things which are far away from our Essence only because we think we have to do it, we have to earn money for our living, etc. but what we forget is when we are in our Essence and living it, then the rest will flow by itself.  This week on Lanzarote was all about finding your Essence at the core of your Being.

We began on the Sunday evening with a nice coming together dinner with a lot of laughter and fun. Monday morning the process of finding our Essence was started by Dave with a couple of quotes from the book ‘Jesus untouched by the Church‘.  Dave explains them in such a brilliant way, so we can all understand the deeper, inner meanings of them better.  He always lets us sit with a few questions, which really help you to come to the core of everything. Like, “Who are you at the deepest level?” You, the reader, may wish to sit with this question as well, so you can benefit from some of the work we did at this Retreat.

The Tuesday was all about deepening the experience of connecting with your Essence. The teachings from Dave are always so powerful and deep and his words go straight to your heart.  When he says things like:

 “Love is the core of your being and truth is Love.”
This goes directly to your heart and you absolutely know and feel it is the truth. How does this happen that you feel it so strongly in the heart? It is the amazing Light that Dave shines into you through his words. We also journeyed into the heart of an old Volcano so that we could enter into the shamanic process of working with the elements to deepen the experience of feeling the truth in our hearts.

Thursday was about ‘Recognition and Celebration.’ Recognizing and celebrating your Essence in yourself, and we all started to see the Love and Joy, which is in us all. It was heart opening to see everyone in the room going through inner transformation.

On Friday, our theme ‘Identification and Completion.’ We began to identify with our Essence and really feel it within our hearts. It was such a gift being on this retreat with this gorgeous group. We all came to our Essence and now it’s about bringing it into our daily lives. I wish good luck to everybody with it and if you are starting to struggle, you know where the Emerald Heart Elders and Teachers are. Please remember the amazing teachings Dave gave us from the book VISION about not being able to walk the path alone. Pleaese get in touch so we can help you with the Light of the Emerald Heart.

The Elders Step Forward
This retreat was very special. It was the 10th Anniversary of the Emerald Heart Light and Dave’s last retreat in this way, so the Elders of the Emerald Heart stepped forward to present parts of this Retreat.

On Monday afternoon we had a powerful Divine Plan Group Healing session with Harriet Kroon and Ian Mills. On Tuesday Rosa Hultman presented her Emerald Heart Yoga and her powerful Gong to the group. Yvonne Hrdy guided us on her wonderful new moon meditation and then constructing a lovely medicine wheel on Thursday.  Tim Dyson led a very funny laughing Buddha Meditation, which helped us to lighten up the energy, and a stamina exercise in bringing us up a little mountain behind the Retreat Center, which helped us to get out of our comfort zone and embrace our spiritual warrior essence. On Friday afternoon Florence Zumbihl presented her Emerald Heart Trauma Release for Babies and Children. As we had no child there, I offered to be the ‘surrogate’ for this.  I have to say it had a very big impact on me and my Mom, who was also present at the retreat as well. So I suggest to all Moms, help your children as early as you can with the Light of the Emerald Heart and you will help them to avoid loads of struggle in life. Everyone in the room went into a very deep healing process as Florence carried out her demonstration.

This was a short summary of the Retreat.  You can never put into a few words what happens on such a deep level, but I hope you get a little glimpse of this experience.

Future Events With Dave
LONDON – March: Dave will be facilitating a Being in the Light session on the 20th of March.   

GERMANY – May: Dave will also be coming to Germany in the middle of May to hold a Masterclass for Practitioners. All healers are invited as observers and may bring case studies for consideration. This gives a great opportunity for you to see and understand how The Light of The Emerald Heart illuminates the deepest truth within your clients. 

Lots of Love to all of you.
Sephora McElroy
Elder of The Emerald Heart