Florence[1]Emerald Heart School Elder, Florence Zumbihl brings forward another amazing gift from the stable of the Emerald Heart Light. This new gift, Trauma Release for Babies and Children was revealed at the Winter Retreat in Lanzarote in January and was met with great enthusiasm and  interest.

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Trauma Release for Babies and Children

Dear Ones,

On a wonderful sunny day in September 2014, meditating at my favourite place in the nature, Guidance gave me a wonderful teaching to bring into this world. I feel very honoured and blessed to have received this amazing, heart touching gift from God.

My new teaching is the ‘Trauma Release for Babies and Children with the Emerald Heart Light’. I introduced my ‘Baby’ at the Retreat in Lanzarote. This teaching has been given especially for the highly sensitive babies and children of this new age. We had no child at the Retreat, so I did the healing session with one of my colleagues. As soon as I started the healing session, the Light passed very deeply through the Aura, the chakra system and physical body. During the healing I was taken into the womb of her mother during pregnancy and received pictures and emotions of the child. The session took about 30 minutes and I closed the session to bring my client back into this moment of time, in the here and now. The client needed some time to completely come back.

The child/client was very grateful for the deep healing session and I was aware of a change in her energy system, her heart and her consiousness. Some Traumas had manifested in the physical body and she could feel the relaxation within her mandibular joint and a release of physical pressure.

The participants of the Retreat who witnessed the healing all received the healing at the same time and went through deep processes as well. Some of them shared that they had physical sensations and pain which had gone. Another attendee shared that she was taken into her own birthing process to the moment as she left the birth canal where she took the very first breathe of this life. One woman came to me and told me that she felt the Light like a Laser going through her neck which released a trauma. I received many feedbacks that they were all touched very deeply in their hearts.

The mother of my child/client was together with us in the same room and she went through a very deep process. She needed much more time than the others to come back and we all were able to see her change in all the different levels of her human being. Since the healing has taken place, mother and daughter are much more heart connected.

Guidance has given me this teaching to heal the traumas and fears of the children and to bring Light into the sacred connection within mother and child. It is a very deep process and I will start to give courses for Step 1 in May 2015. The course will take place in different countries. I speak several languages so I can hold the course in English, German and French.

If you would like a session for your child or if you are already a Healer, a Practitioner or a therapist and would love to be trained in Emerald Heart Trauma Release, please contact me.

Florence Zumbihl, Switzerland.

Elder of the Emerald Heart