ERosa Hultman1merald Heart Elder, Rosa Hultman, shares with the Blog the process surrounding bringing her ‘Sacred Friendship’ Essence into the World.

Fascinating reading Rosa.

Becoming more heart-conscious and upgrading our awareness is the foundation for waking up to who we really are. It requires raising our vibration so that we can transcend the matrix of fear that governs our mind and subconscious, thereby allowing the heart to open and expand its consciousness, step by step, to the point where we become one with the dimension of Love.

So in order for the heart to open, the minds grip and dominion needs to diminish and every time we are touched by the Light of the Emerald Heart it stimulates our hearts to open at a deeper level bringing evolution to our consciousness.

As the Light of the Emerald Heart opens our hearts we are stimulated by the Light and by our hearts to experience different things, many of which are new to us and many that might even be challenging at times.

One of the ways to bring light to our hearts is by taking Emerald Heart Essences, bottles of Liquid Light.

I would like to share with you my journey of creating an Emerald Heart Essence which I am enabled to do as an Elder of The Emerald Heart.

The Birth of The Sacred Friendship Essence

I attended Dave Ashworth’s first retreat at Buckland Hall in Wales in 2010. A most amazing and transformational retreat where the participants learnt about the consciousness of trees and I went home quite intrigued by what we had been taught. A couple of weeks after coming home from this retreat I woke up one morning with an urge to go to an old oak tree not far from my home. I jumped into the car and with me I brought an essence bottle. It was with awe that I brought the bottle to the tree and sat down in silence waiting for the vibration and signature, a gift of the tree, to be given.

On the way home I was given the name of this essence – Sacred Friendship, and I was urged to bring the essence to a National park. I brought it in my pocket when strolling along the path through the woodlands. I have to say I was very curious about the name and I was thinking about this a lot, when I started to notice that every time I met someone on my walk, my heart made a bounce and it felt like it was hit by an electric shock. To begin with it felt quite disturbing and I got a bit worried but after a while it felt like my heart was starting to glow and peace and tranquillity was settling in my heart.

Coming home I did as we had been taught at the retreat, and the mother-essence was created.

I learnt that my experience of a bouncing heart being hit by electric shocks was the essence showing me how it works. This was for my knowing how it works on and affects the heart when taking it, and for me trusting that the subtle consciousness was now part of the water in the bottle.

Some time later the reading came, and it related to my experiences during the walk. 

Sacred Friendship.  This essence has a signature that stimulates sacred friendship, founded upon deep inner spiritual connection between people. It is a signature that stimulates in creating a spiritual resonance between close spiritual friends that join together with open minds and hearts, bound together to the Love of Christ. Through this deep inner spiritual connection exchange of sparks of Light can occur, enabling Divine grace to act through the Light communicating itself, using us a vehicle.One could say by taking this essence we serve as a midwife to the Divine Feminine giving birth to the Light in dweller in us.  

Hollow tree

The Old Hollow Oak

This essence and its signature has matured in my heart for 4,5 years, until this last one of David’s retreats, when the circle was closed and it was born into the Path of Light, becoming an Emerald Heart Light essence.

I brought this essence from Sweden to Lanzarote. I gave the mother essence to David and I could feel in my heart the minute he took it into the Path of Light and did his work on it. It was an amazing experience that brings me to tears, this moment when writing about it.

All participants on the retreat were given this gift from the old oak tree in Sweden, a tree that is actually dying. I went there the day before flying to Lanzarote bringing the original essence bottle putting it in its dying arms, where it gave a last gift to us – “it will reveal something hidden within us”.

It is amazing to see how the Light stimulates us into different things when working with it, like stimulating us to go out in nature bringing back gifts in the form of essences. It is also amazing to behold such a gift from nature being taken to another level, being infused with the Light of the Emerald Heart by the only person that at present is able of doing that; the originator of the Emerald Heart Light, David Ashworth.

For all of you reading this, this gift from the old oak tree is for all of you. It is available for all of you through the Emerald Heart essence bank, to stimulate your hearts to open at a deeper level bringing evolution to your consciousness.

Rosa Hultman,  Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment.