Tim DysonEmerald Heart Elder Tim Dyson, shares with the Blog a short piece concerning becoming lost as issues consume us, and shares techniques to help find our way out from under the cloud.

He bases this on personal experiences of struggle, battling depression and his observations of others during his work as a Practitioner, as they struggle with similar feelings over many years.      

Thanks for sharing Tim

How to Become Happier by Knowing What to do When you Are Not

The Issues Raise Their Ugly Heads

It is so easy to be knocked out of balance or disturbed in our emotional state. Sometimes we work through it in a few days, but if our issues are triggered too much we can find ourselves becoming rather lost in our own darkness and turmoil and need the right Guidance and help to see what it is we need to see in order to come through this. These things tend to be good from the point of view of our growth and are often orchestrated by our Higher Self anyway, but if we don’t manage to work through it or reach out for help we start to collapse under the weight of the problems. We become increasingly lost and at a certain point we are so overwhelmed by the difficult feelings we become separated from ourselves so as to avoid feeling the difficult feelings. This is often labelled as deep depression.

Lost In a Sea of Darkness and Despair

It is a strange process, I have seen it in myself, we become rather childlike and give up responsibility for ourselves and seem to be waiting for someone to come and tell us what we need to do or to save us from what we feel we can no longer bare.  I have even seen people convince themselves that being lost in this way is a good thing, that it’s a good process they are going through but by this point it no longer has the feel of a process just an extremely stuck state in which your real spirit is completely submerged beneath the negativity.  A process implies a beginning and an end or going in at one point and coming out at another, clearer, lighter and more evolved. When we have become lost and submerged and take no action to find our way out of this state we are not moving forward. We become lost in excuses to taking action such as, I don’t have enough money, I’m too depressed or the delusional- I’m surrendering. But what are you surrendering? You are surrendering your life, your wellbeing and your real spirit which is happy and light by nature.

Finding the Noble Fight- Navigating Into Light

Sometimes we can pull ourselves out of it, especially if it hasn’t yet become too set in. We can do this through connecting again with our passions, the things that animate us and make us feel alive. We can read inspirational books that have a strong and positive vibration. Vision and Keys of Transformation by David Ashworth are two great examples of such books. Using essences from the Emerald Heart range will help us to connect strongly with our true selves and dissolve a lot of darkness. We can also connect with our real spirit by triggering the sense of a noble fight to reclaim our real selves back from the darkness and despair. This is the energy of the spiritual warrior. Watching a good western with the theme of doing the right thing whatever the personal cost, even your own life, connects me into the warrior energy, especially as the noble fight in a western is usually undertaken on behalf of others unable to defend themselves. It is a very upright, courageous and focused energy, the opposite of what we are stuck in.

Action Not Procrastination

However, if we are too lost and disconnected from ourselves to find our own way out then reach out for help to an Emerald Heart Practitioner who will help to guide you out of this awful place and back to who you really are.


Love & Blessings,

Tim Dyson Elder of the Emerald Heart