The Human Condition – An Opportunity

What do we mean by The Human Condition? What is the Human Condition?

The nature of the universe is continual expansion and as we have a good and sound spiritual maxim, which states, ‘As above, so below’ it would seem rational to consider that the human condition is one of continual expansion.

The next question is: Expansion of what?

Well for many humans, it tends to be expansion of the physical body as they journey through life; or expansion of a property portfolio; or expansion of their bank account; or expansion of possessions. Well, in the grand scheme of the Universal Game, none of these are going to get you to where you are going, although it is true that you will certainly learn some useful lessons along the way.

Now we are not saying the money and financial wealth are not useful tools in a world that relies on these as its currency to get things done. Money, after all is necessary and a very simple and useful means of exchange, so that you can acquire what you need in order to fulfil certain aspects of your journey, but it is not absolutely necessary to get where you are going. However, we won’t go into the arguments here about money versus no money.

What You Should be Working on Expanding

The expansion we are speaking about is the Expansion of the Heart. Not your mind, as that is more or less a waste of time, but expansion of the heart is what allows you to see where you are actually going in life, rather than driving through life blindly, with no idea of your destination. Then suddenly, one day, you arrive at the end of the road and realise that nothing you did has any meaning to the growth of your soul. Oh! What a wasted life!

Therefore, on this fine sunny June morning we pose a question to you. So, what did you do during the whole of last year to expand and open your heart?

The Universe is expanding and changing every second, but does your human condition allow you to try and follow the Universal Trend, or does your human condition allow you to get up each morning and continue your blind journey to nowhere?

Do you have a plan to expand your heart?

Did you ever ask the question, why do some people have expanded awareness and psychic vision, whilst others do not? The answer to this question is that some have done much work on themselves to expand the heart and the result is heightened awareness, more connectedness and the ability to carry more love and light within their hearts.

The Light Transmission

Soon, we will be celebrating the movement of the Sun to its northern-most point in the yearly cycle. This will be mid-summer in the north and mid-winter for the south of our tiny floating blue planet. This is a switching point, where the great nuclear reactor in the sky turns the other way. As it passes back across the face of our world moving south, it bathes us northern dwellers with its rays of loving warmth, feeding the growth of all things. Whilst in the south, it is time to prepare for spring, to lay plans and think about what you are going to do with your life for the coming year.

A Key of Transformation to Help You Align with the Truth of the Moment

The great Universal Consciousness offers you here A Key of Transformation, a finely crafted spiritual essence to help to expand your heart. A key to help you see. A blessing in a bottle. A simple vile of love.

The Key for this period of Summer/Winter Solstice is the essence of Extreme Forgiveness.

For those of you who wish to take your life further, once the Light Transmission period has completed, you can take this Essence for the coming four weeks and see if you can feel how it speaks to your heart, about changing the old patterns and coming into alignment with the Universal Divine Plan.


The Key of Extreme Forgiveness

Keynote: Self Forgiveness

Extreme Forgiveness acts something like ‘A Sweeper.’ It sweeps your inner and outer conscious universe, seeking to find the energies of the unresolved issues that you have not forgiven yourself for, either in this lifetime or previous lives.

We commonly hear ourselves say, “I can’t forgive myself. I can’t forgive myself.” The essence of Extreme Forgiveness is primarily about forgiving the Self.

Forgive means to give. When forgiving another person, forgiveness lays a blessing upon them. I forgive you means, I bless you and your transgression does not hurt me any longer for I allow it to leave me.
To forgive the Self is to allow yourself to receive a blessing.

The act of forgiving gives up the attachment to resentment or pain. When we say, “I forgive you,” it means that I let go of my resentment of the pain that has been caused to me by your actions. It is far easier to forgive another than to forgive one’s Self, but it is in the self-forgiveness that the release from pain and suffering can take place and healing truly begin.

The deepest part of the Self is where the original pain is held. The pain surrounds the issues for which we have not experienced forgiveness. If we injure another person, we must first forgive ourselves, as that is an acknowledgement that we have gone against the truth in our heart. At a higher or soul level the forgiveness takes place automatically. The soul holds no grudge, energy or emotion. At a human level, the none-forgiveness allows the energy and pain to remain in place as a kind of karmic reminder that prods you in the physical body until you hear the issue behind the pain and pay it some attention.

We often cause injury and pain to others through our own misunderstandings and inabilities to cope with life. Life can be difficult and painful and in our self seeking, but human need to find comfort and solace for our torn and damaged emotions, we can often inadvertently injure the feelings and emotions of others. When we injure others, we injure ourselves by reflection and through our inability to find answers in a more appropriate way. Give thanks to the pain for alerting you to the problem. Life-time after life-time after life-time, we have all perpetrated sins or actions against others; sometimes unconsciously and sometimes with deliberation. We can’t take it back, but we can try to learn to respond differently from how our conscience feels about our transgressions.

For pain to leave the body and the heart, forgiveness must take place within. Guilt and shame keeps the pain in place. The guilt and shame are often used as self-created emotions, driven by unworthiness, to punish ourselves. To ensure that we remain un-forgiven. The guilt and shame maintain our position of feeling unworthy of experiencing the freedom from pain. Unworthy of feeling loved. Unworthy of being loved. Unworthy of loving your Self. The sub-conscious may also take the power in guilt and shame and use it against us to reinforce the unworthiness. Unworthiness is within us all at some level. It can be a very active force in preventing us from healing and evolving. In order to truly forgive ourselves, we must first feel worthy of that forgiveness and be ready to let go of pain and accept the gift of a blessing.

Extreme Forgiveness helps you to find your own truth; helps you to find the worthiness within you; helps you to accept forgiveness for your Self and so helps to set you free from the inner pain and turmoil where you have not allowed yourself to receive or accept forgiveness. As you learn to forgive yourself, so the reflection of this change within you will release others from their pain, and forgiveness can then be reciprocated.

For This Summer Solstice Light Transmission we offer you an opportunity to open your heart to Self Forgiveness with this Key – Extreme Forgiveness.

Allow it to Expand Your Heart. The Universe’s Gift to You.

Blessings and Peace
David and The Guides


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