Remember the Sacredness of your Womb

Yvonne HrdyYvonne Hrdy offers a 1-Day workshop for women to remember their own sacredness and reconnect with the power and wisdom of the womb. She shares about her own journey and how she came to offer workshops for women about female spirituality. 


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The yearning of the female soul

Do you sometimes have the feeling that despite all the work you are doing on yourself there is still a part missing, that you have not connected with yet? There is this longing in you, beyond words but deeply engrained, and you cannot really name it?

It might be that you long for a deeper connection with the Mother through your womb and its female power and wisdom. It is an important part of female spirituality and our current level of disconnection contributes a lot to suffering and diseases on all levels.

My Own Journey

Until I had started to work with the Emerald Heart Light I was disconnected from my spiritual identity as a woman and I could not access my true life purpose. The Light took me on an ever-unfolding journey into my purpose here on Earth and who I came here to be. The Consciousness of the Divine Mother started to speak to me and took me on a profound journey into the womb of the Mother, which was both painful and rewarding. I started to feel complete and found this ‘resting place’ within myself; a place of peaceful tranquility where there is no fear, no pain, no need, no striving. When I am deeply connected with this place within myself it is easy to tackle life and face whatever my journey presents to me.

Healing the wounds

Through my work with women, I recognized the extent of disconnection from the womb and its deeper wisdom. I recognized how much still needs to be healed first, both collectively and individually, before we can fully access this place within ourselves and birth this new feminine consciousness fully. Women forgot about this most sacred part within themselves: the Holy Womb, the physical seat of the Divine Feminine in all human beings.

The Call of the Mother

The Mother is calling to us now to remember our sacredness, to return our hearts and womb to her and start to live from this sacred connection in deep alignment with the Universal Forces. It will be firstly through the women that she can return to our lives. We have to take the lead and the responsibility for this.

The Workshop

In this 1 Day Workshop we will come together for healing, sharing and teachings to remember and reawaken the sacredness of our womb and start to move beyond blockages and limitations. We will bathe in the Emerald Heart Light and the gentle feminine Light of the Divine Mother to open into our deeper truth and move beyond the story of suffering. It will be the beginning of an exciting journey as working with the Divine Feminine has its own pace and cannot be forced.

You will journey into your deepest longings and start to reconnect with your innate female power, its wisdom and infinite healing capacities.

It is my desire to help you regain the love, wisdom and creative powers you hold within you. If you feel called, I welcome you warmly in the name of the Mother.

The workshop in Munich on 25th of July will be in German, the workshop in Amsterdam on 11th of October in English. All details can be found here.

With Blessings and Love,

Yvonne Hrdy, Munich, Germany
Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment
Channel for the Divine Mother