Phil GrantPhil Grant from Great Britain only trained as an Essence Practitioner in February of this year and has shown immense courage in putting together his first Emerald Heart day long workshop. He didn’t allow his unworthiness issues to deflect from what his intuition was leading him to do. He held his nerve and taught a very successful workshop in the Light of the Emerald Heart.

 Maybe this will inspire you to find your own courage.

Moving Away From Stress
The title of the day was “Moving Away from Stress and Towards the Real You” and the gist of it was to help the participants to:
1. Understand the nature of stress and how it largely comes from our issues that create thoughts that can lead to the feelings of powerlessness, loss of control and overwhelm that so often underpin stress.
2. Understand themselves more deeply and help them to recognise the aspects of themselves that create their stress.
3. Appreciate the importance of balancing the mind with the heart and the need to balance “doing” with “being”.
4. Realise that stress reduction automatically comes from following a spiritual approach to life and from opening their hearts and knowing the truth of themselves and their issues. What better way to begin to do this but with a day in the Emerald Heart Light?!
All this was done through a mixture of exercises, discussion and guided meditations that I had written especially for the day.

Resistance To Opening The Heart
I offered the workshop on the 30th of May in Woodmancote, England. The Emerald Heart Light was clearly helping those that came, and during one meditation, some were shown their resistance to opening their hearts, especially to themselves. All reported gaining a deeper understanding of themselves and several reported never having meditated so deeply before. One meditation really resonated with one of the participants as the Light revealed a very old memory in her and then moved this old energy through her, releasing her from it as she no longer needed to hold on to it – a very important moment for her. Another participant experienced great stillness (an unusual occurrence for him), simply by allowing his attention to become absorbed in a simple object held in his hand.

The Start Of A Process
This day in the Emerald Heart Light was just the start of a process because at the end of the day I gave each of them a bottle of the essence Creation from the Sentinel range to take away with them. I had programmed each bottle specifically to work on an issue that each person had identified and chosen to work on. This meant that the Light would continue to unfold in them for a further 6 -7 weeks after the day itself.

Opening The Heart
I had been guided to select the Creation essence about a week before the workshop. This essence is about opening the heart within and allowing the God-consciousness within the heart to speak more freely within one’s life and it felt perfect for the day. I’m really looking forward to discussing with them how things have unfolded in the month or so following the workshop.

It was a big day for me too as it was my first workshop for the Emerald Heart with, I hope, many more to come. I’ve done workshops before but not in this way and it was a wonderful experience and yes, the Light did bring up things for me to work on too (there’s always more to do). Once more I was shown that one can be ready to move forward even when one doesn’t feel ready and that it takes trust to take a step forward in these circumstances.

Getting Exactly What We Need
Workshops and retreats are a great way to take big steps forward because we are away from our home-comforts, routines and relationships that can serve to keep us stuck. When combined with the Emerald Heart Light we always get exactly what we need to take the next step – we just have to decide to take it.

Love & Blessings,

Phil Grant, Henfield, Great Britain

Emerald Heart Practitioner
Divine Plan Healer