Tim DysonEmerald Heart Elder and Teacher, Tim Dyson, certainly gives us food for thought in his latest Blog contribution.

If you have ever wondered what an Essence actually is or have never quite understood what goes into these little bottles of liquid Light, then this is a must read.

Emerald Heart Essences are Spiritual Food
I’ve worked with the Emerald Heart Light in various ways for a long time now, first as a client and then as a Practitioner. Sometimes I am not the quickest to catch on, but it dawned on me at a certain point that the essences that we use are food for me. They nourish me with exactly the subtle vibration that I need. They are High Vibrational Liquid Light and so it is maybe no big surprise but it took me until the Practitioner training to begin to understand each essence I take is High Vibrational Liquid Light that is tailored exactly for me for my optimum growth.

Each Essence is Unique
Each essence has something in it that is uniquely given for my personal growth and transformation. Where is it given from you may ask? It is given by the consciousness of the light to each person who takes an essence that comes through an Emerald Heart Practitioner. Even the Practitioner who gives it to them has no idea what this subtle mystery aspect of the essence contains and they don’t need to know. The Practitioner only needs to know which essence has the right frequency of vibration to fit with what you need at that particular time and what we can call the ‘mystery aspect’ is added as that essence is given to the client.

The Twin Aspects of an Essence
What this alludes to is that there are two aspects to our essences. Like all essence ranges there is the particular vibration of each essence, and each essence is designed to open up certain aspects of your consciousness. So for example, the Extreme Courage essence helps to trigger the vibration of courage in you whilst dissolving the vibration of fear. It lifts your courage above your fear, is perhaps one way we could put it. In this sense then each essence does what it says it will do and if you purchase one impersonally via a shop or on line then that is what you will get.

The Second 50% Does the Most Important Work
However, when you work with a Practitioner this is where it gets even more interesting for 50% of the essence is essentially empty space. When the Practitioner gives the essence to the client, this empty space becomes programmed with a vibration that is absolutely unique for that person and is determined between the Higher Self of the person and the subtle consciousness of the light which we could call the Higher Consciousness of the Universe. This second aspect of the essence is the 50% that will do the most important work of transformation for the person that receives it.

A Unique Spiritual Process
This supremely advanced spiritual process that takes place through Practitioner and client in this way, is made possible through the inner workings of the Emerald Heart School that were established by David Ashworth the Founder of the School. As such, the inner workings and spiritual laws of the Emerald Heart School are a reflection of the advanced state of David’s consciousness, and were established by him in such a way that all Emerald Heart Practitioners are automatically working with them.

It should be pointed out that whenever an essence is programmed for you individually by a Practitioner or Divine Plan Healer, that essence will contain the mystery aspect whether it is during a one to one consultation, an Emerald Heart Gathering, workshop, retreat or courses that we offer.

Those of you who have worked with the Practitioners and the essences will already know how powerful they are, but by opening up about this aspect of essence work, this might help you to understand why. Those of you who haven’t yet worked in this way might we hope, feel inspired to do so.

Love & Blessings,

Tim Dyson

Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment
London, England