Lynne ShawElder and Teacher of the Emerald Heart School, Lynne Shaw, shares with the Blog how she overcame an unexplainable need for excessive eating.  Maybe someone you know has an issue that is seriously impacting their life. If so, check out the practitioner listings at .

Victory! A Lifelong Fear Dissolved

Ever since early childhood, I have had a thing about food. It was an obsession. Whatever I ate was never enough and I would regularly steal food. It could be from the school tuck shop, my brothers’ chocolate Easter Eggs. I’d even steal the meat off our dog’s bone. It didn’t matter how often I was caught with chocolate smeared around my face, biscuit crumbs in my bed, or a bright red face and burning mouth as a reaction from the green chilli I had mistaken for a piece of green pepper. This compulsion to over eat permeated throughout my life.

My Shadow Side
Deep down I believed that I was a glutton. That I partook in one of the seven deadly sins. I was ashamed of this shadow side of myself so I absorbed all the feedback that I got from people and books about my being out of control around food. Amongst the more spiritual perspectives, I was told that I must be disconnected from Mother Earth, that is why I feel the need to constantly feed myself, or that I must be trying to fill myself up from the outside when really I need to nurture and fill myself up from the inside. Other more direct responses included the need to discipline myself and stop being so greedy.

Buying into The Feedback
I bought into this feedback, because I could not imagine that there was any other reason for this out of control behaviour. However, these explanations did not help with my craving to eat. My eating just got more and more secretive.

My Fear of Starvation
Recently, when David Ashworth was looking into my heart and into my energy system in fifth dimensional reality as is done in an Emerald Heart consultation, he could see what was troubling me. It was my Fear of Starvation.

Needing to Dissolve The Fear
Of course, as soon as this was brought to light, everything fell into place. No wonder I had been in this obsessive place with food for so long. When I think of how hard I have been on myself in the past, it was such a waste of my time and energy. For when you have a fear like this driving you, there really is nothing else you can do until you dissolve the fear.

My Joy and My Regret
I am so grateful that after being on a Wheel of Light Program, this behaviour has ceased. My system is calmer and I am able to relax. Food is a pleasure rather than a compulsion. I just wish that I had reached out for support from the Emerald Heart Light on this issue sooner. It would have saved me so much heartache.

Learning To Reach Out For Help
Learning to Reach out for Help is one of the Universal Laws. It is essential to our success on the Spiritual Path.
At times we resist doing this because we feel that reaching out is a sign of weakness and we have to sort it out ourselves, or perhaps we are too embarrassed to share.

Do you ever resist reaching out? I really do encourage you to share.

Of course, it is also important to ask for help from someone who can truly see the issue. If you ever need assistance, please remember that the Emerald Heart Light is a Light that Illumines the Truth. It can set you free.

With Love and Blessings,

Lynne Shaw

Elder of The Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment

New York, USA