Emerald Heart Elder and Teacher, Sephora McElroy explains why allowing negativity to overwhelm us is not such a good idea when a simple shift in our thinking can allow positive balance to be restored.  

Darkness never wins
Do you sometimes feel that despite all you do things do not get any better? Do you think that no matter what you do, you always got knocked down again? I did and maybe still feel like this. I was often losing my faith and my courage and at one point I thought that’s not fair, it seems that the darkness always wins. No matter what I did, I regularly pulled myself out of the darkness, but at some point I would get smashed back into it. When you are a person like me, when your nature is not light and easy, some people have this nature and it’s so nice to see, when people can be like this. But when you are like me and this is not your nature, but you want to achieve this as I do. I can tell you there is hope. It takes a bit of hard work to pull yourself out of the darkness and the heaviness and you will need a lot of courage to go through these dark and heavy periods, but there is hope.

Courage is the door opener
It is only a few days ago that I’m starting to come out of my latest dark period. I was in a kind of place of despair. And I was convinced that the darkness always wins. But Dave Ashworth helped me to see the false thinking I have around this issue. He made it clear to me, if you put darkness and light together in a (human) box; the darkness always wants to hide from the light because the light illuminates the darkness so that you can see what it is and what it is about and once it is seen it can’t hide anymore and the heaviness and the darkness leaves and it gets lighter and lighter. And that’s why darkness never wins!

Darkness never wins!
Every time I come out of such a dark period then life seems so much better than before, so it seems that we have to go through these dark periods and look at it rather than hide it, so the darkness can move and the light starts to shine. And this cycle will continue until no darkness is left and your light can shine brightly. Until then I wish us all the Courage to face and move through our darkness.

With all my Love and Blessings,

Sephora McElroy

Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment
Bensheim, Germany