Lynne Shaw

Emerald Heart Elder and Teacher Lynne Shaw, gives us some food for thought as to why some may feel challenged after the amazing Super Blood Moon we witnessed recently. Astronomical cycles and allignments have much influence over the way we feel. Lynne shares her ideas to help us get back on track if we feel a little jaded or out of balance after this event.

Are You Feeling Super After The Super Blood Moon?

It has been quite an energetic ride over the past couple of weeks. Intense energies began to build over the Autumn Equinox and increased with the Super Blood Moon.
All eyes were on this incredible event and it really felt like a moment in time to celebrate. It has been wonderful to see beautiful images of the full red moon across the globe and I so enjoyed witnessing the event itself.
However, when the moon turned red, I felt a sense of awe but I also had a sense of feeling unbalanced. I had an awareness that things were being churned up in the fiery darkness. This made sense to me, as we have to go through the darkness in order to return to the light on our spiritual journey. Of course this was literally represented through the eclipse. However, I can honestly say that I am not feeling Super after the Super Moon.

How the energies may be affecting you
It may be that things have churned up for you too. It may be that you are super sensitive to the energies of this time which although are not as intense right now, are still with us.
You may have felt this physically through waves of energies pulsing through your body, or perhaps as headaches or fluey type symptoms. You may have experienced this emotionally, through old memories or people from earlier in your life popping up. Perhaps some unfinished business has been stirred up that you are being offered the chance to deal with, or perhaps it is an ongoing issue that you are being given the opportunity to see in a different light. Our shadow selves, those parts of ourselves that we wish to hide from others because they may not be ‘nice’ are also coming out to play so we can acknowledge them, own and integrate them.

How can I feel so lousy after this beautiful and widely anticipated event?
In a way it feels really challenging to be in this uncomfortable state after the Super Blood Moon. So much has been written about it being a turning point in humanities’ consciousness and spiritual awakening. Some had even stated that it marked a time of ascension where thousands would disappear from the planet through the Rapture.
Now clearly there was not a mass exodus from this planet, but the notion that we would be brighter and lighter after this event has been planted in the psyche of those who are interested in such spiritual occurrences. So when you do not feel brighter, lighter and lovelier immediately after the Super Blood Moon, you may feel that there is something wrong with you, but this is not at all the case.

Move through rather than resist
As the moon was plunged into darkness it did stir things up for us and we are merely moving thorough them. The key is to allow it. Rather than resisting that which is coming up for you or for those around you, just try and observe and move through by bringing your attention to what you are feeling and how you are responding to it.
It may be that others actions are out of kilter as they are going though their stuff also, so please be gentle with yourself and those around you who may be really challenged too.

This too shall pass
I really recommend resting when you can, taking time to be out in nature, taking hot baths with Epsom salts to release that which you no longer need on a physical and emotional level and journalling.
Like the eclipse, this too shall pass and we will all be lighter and brighter but we need to face and move through the gift of our darkness. We just need to be patient with ourselves and others.
If you find that you are getting stuck or are overwhelmed by things, please know that we at the Emerald Heart are always here as spiritual guides if you need. You can find us at:

Much love and bright blessings to you all!

Lynne Shaw

Elder of The Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment

New York, USA