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Harriët Kroon shares an experience she had during a delayed train trip in Europe. She explores if people are able to trust the Universe and how often bad luck is not what it seems.

Recently I attended a Chi Kung retreat in the south of France with a couple of other women from The Netherlands, where I live. We wanted to stay a day longer than the training, as travelling back immediately after the intense week would be a bit much. We set the intent to treat ourselves to an extra warm and sunny day and were all very disappointed when the additional night could not be booked.

The retreat was full on and our rooms and washing facilities very basic. Our train back to The Netherlands was scheduled at 2pm, straight after the closing circle. After we had all carried our heavy suitcases into the station, our train was announced as being one hour late. This hour was exactly the amount of time that we had to change trains in Brussels. It was interesting to see how we all dealt with our worries.

Trusting the Universe
A immediately collapsed into acute exhaustion and lost all the energy reserves that she had built up during the retreat. B became overwhelmed by a million worries. C went into fear of losing control and could not stop calling her partner whilst D became completely numb. To my own surprise I went straight into a surrendering mode and said: “I am sure the Universe will take care of us. In the worst case scenario we book a hotel in this town and take the train tomorrow.”

I was even enjoying the idea of a sunny afternoon outdoors instead of in a train full of sweaty bodies. To my surprise my trust in the Universe had a triggering effect on the others. The idea of having to stay another night in France turned A’s face ashen. B got grumpy. C called her partner again, this time in a demanding, military voice. D was about to jump in another train to get to Paris where she would have had to change her transportation 5 times to catch the next train to Brussels. At that moment we heard our train announced again. It would be 2 hours late.

C was my biggest teacher
I could only think of one thing: I was not going to let the boost of energy that I gained by doing 7 days of Chi Kung leak away by worries, fear, anger or grumpiness. I was going to trust the Universe. Don’t all things happen for a reason? I disconnected energetically from the ones who threw me most out of balance and had quite a pleasant trip to Brussels with D who had shifted into a giggly mood. C spent her trip trying to find travel solutions via all kinds of apps on her mobile phone. Of course, the railway company would provide these solutions once we arrived in Brussels, if there were any.

C was my biggest teacher, though. By watching her behaviour, I witnessed how I was until a few years ago. It was through her anxiety and fear of losing control that I realised how much I had grown spiritually. By working with the Emerald Heart Light on a daily basis, I had to learn to let go of my plans. Every day, the Universe provides me with all I need. Of course I need to work and earn my living, but the Universe decides what happens and when. Often bad luck is not what it seems, if we are able to see beyond the pain it triggers in us.

A four star treat
We arrived in Brussels at 11 pm, far too late for our connection. Whilst we were promised a free hotel room, C was still stressed and distrustful, again calling her partner for a sense of safety. The train company provided us each with a 4 star bedroom, an abundant breakfast and a free travelling ticket for the next day.

Even though my travel companions did not have any urgent matters at home, their focus was on getting back as soon as possible. B left at 6 with the first train in the morning, neglecting her breakfast, C left as soon as possible after eating freshly baked croissants and a tasty fruit salad. I could not believe my friends: the sun was shining and we were in the beautiful city of Brussels! I told them I was going sightseeing and would travel back later that day. Both A and D gazed at me with big eyes and uttered their thoughts: “Is this possible? Can we enjoy this? Should we not worry?” Ultimately they burst out in laughter and followed me through the streets of beautiful Brussels.

Ask and you will receive
The sun was as hot as in the south of France, we had a delicious salad at the most gorgeous Grote Market, and we had a good laugh. A took the opportunity to buy souvenirs for her daughter and at the end of the afternoon we had a smooth journey back. The Universe gave us the extra day we had wished for, but in another shape. How often are we able to receive its gifts when they come in another form or at another moment than we had planned? It is the Universe that decides how it will fulfil our longings. Ask and you will receive. You might get a four star treatment.

Harriët Kroon, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Elder of the Emerald Heart