Yvonne Hrdy

Emerald Heart Elder and Teacher Yvonne Hrdy, shares with the Blog her experiences during the Super Moons period and brings new understanding to the process of clearing the clutter, both inner and outer.

The Third Super Full Moon – cleaning and cleansing
How is everybody doing? As I am writing this, we are already bathing in the energies of the third super full moon in a row and when you read this, full moon night is just behind us, but we are still in her energies.

Coming out on the other side now
It might be good to re-read Dave’s post from the beginning of September (link to: http://emeraldheartlight.com/current-guidance-2/dave-ashworth-super-moon-and-the-equinox-light-transmission/) to remember what phase we have been moving through and give yourself a pat on the back while you are cleaning up the last bits and pieces from this energetic ‘storm’.

No doubt, it was an intense time where many old energies, emotions and one or other life time patterns were brought to the surface again, maybe at a much deeper level. It was painful to see how many people became victims of their emotions and were controlled by their energies rather than allowing them to pass through. Observing this increased my gratitude for the Light and Dave’s work as it enabled me to see how much I have moved on in the past years through working with the Emerald Heart Light.

Seeing the progress
Many things were thrown at me as well. Some situations felt like déjà-vu and repetition of childhood events. It was fascinating and rewarding to see how I was now able to respond quite differently to the situations presented to me.

Since starting to work with the Emerald Heart Light there is this inner core that is continuously growing, expanding, my true self, unbreakable and independent from outside circumstances, love, compassion, silent joy, bliss and gratitude; in peace and at one with all that is.

Of course I am not always there, but the moments where I disconnect from my true self are becoming fewer and fewer.

Clearing and cleansing – within and without
Lately I have had to do a deep clean in my apartment as I brought pantry moths through infested groceries into my house. It is something I had never seen before and it was quite scary and for sure a nuisance; but on the other hand I found it so symbolic for the phase we are moving through: We are all required to let go of what does not serve us any longer, to travel lighter and lighter, physically and energetically.

I was told that when you have these moths in the house you need to throw away every item of food and anything else that can potentially be affected, as this is the only way to get rid of them. It forces you to turn every single piece in your house upside down, look at it, clean it or get rid of it. It couldn’t be more symbolic of the energies of the moment where everything is being turned upside down and reviewed.

Instead of being grumpy about having to do this deep clean, I decided to surrender to the situation and see what it would bring up. I am not a materialistic person or a ‘hoarder’; in my small apartment this wouldn’t be possible anyways. Yet it is startling to see how much stuff we still accumulate. There is this tea in the further corner of the cupboard we forgot about, the special cereal from South America we always wanted to try and then never did because we don’t have the right recipe at hand; the super-healthy spelt pasta we don’t eat because we prefer our regular, normal pasta; the selection of cook books that are never being used but we don’t want to give them away because they were birthday presents and so on. However, when we don’t use things they become dead, stagnate energy, which doesn’t serve anybody.

Changing the mind-set
I realized how bad I felt about throwing food away. In my childhood I went through a few years where money was so short you didn’t throw food away. I was able to see how awful it felt to give something away that was given to me as a gift and which meant a lot to the gift giver. However all these things, not having been used either, had become dead energy, as with all things that can’t flow.

With the continuing acceleration of the Universe it becomes more and more important for us to have the courage to let go of everything we do not really need or use. As I do not necessarily need to repeat such an experience, I have decided to make much more use of the new initiatives that are emerging in our city such as food sharing and non-profit exchange platforms for goods. Through this I can let go of things easily and know there might be somebody else who wants it or can make use of it.

Wishing you all the best, with Love and Blessings,

Yvonne Hrdy, Munich, Germany
Elder of the Emerald Heart