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Elder and Teacher of the Emerald Heart Tim Dyson, shares with the Blog the importance of sharing with others and why it becomes so vital as we progress on our spiritual path.

‘A Problem Shared Is A Problem Halved’

As is the case with many old sayings, there is so much truth in this one for a whole variety of reasons. As spiritually inclined people or ‘seekers’ we tend to view things energetically and if we look at this saying we can quickly perceive several things.

When we have a problem, we tend to become quite literally consumed in it. We lose sight of everything else and go round and round in our minds generating more and more difficult emotional states. We lose sight of everything outside of our own difficulty and problem. We could be walking in a beautiful place in nature, but in this state we barely notice our surroundings as we generate increasing levels of troubled and all consuming energy.

When we open up to someone else about our problem, this connects us to something beyond our own internal state; it connects us to the energy of another human being. As we unfold our tale of woe to them it allows the energy to unwind until at a certain point we start to feel internally quieter and calmer. In this state we might see a solution or something the other person says might offer one, but at the very least we start to feel better as we let go of some of the pent up energy we have been carrying.

From Separation To Connection

As spiritual seekers we strive to let go of ego but in the going round and round with the problem we are in a state of separation. We can’t feel or connect with anything or anyone, we feel ourselves as separate and alone. In sharing with another we recognise our connection to other living beings and our reliance on them to aid us on this path called life. In sharing, we acknowledge our need for others and this humbles us. It has the potential to awaken in us gratitude for someone being there for us. It gradually leads us out from our crazy minds and back to our own hearts.

The Unworthiness That Gets In The Way

Often people feel that no one wants to hear their problems and of course we all need to develop boundaries that work for us, but I’ve encountered so many spiritually inclined people over the years who hide very effectively their darkness and their light through a lack of sharing. Many believe that you have to always work things out yourself, that to reach out to another for help is weakness and they would rather suffer alone than acknowledge this perceived weakness. Many are lonely but don’t want to face this truth preferring separation than to risk rejection. I can see myself in all of these ways of being and although I have come some way with these issues I know I have much further to go. It really just involves taking a small risk of rejection but surely that is better than suffering alone and isolated.

Taking The Time To Get To know Each Other

In sharing our troubles we expose ourselves and reveal much about ourselves. In allowing others to share their problems with us we get to know them. In learning to share generally, not just our problems, we discover their fears, dreams and hopes as they discover ours. We allow ourselves to be, to a certain degree, vulnerable. We stop hiding our darkness and our light. We let the world start to see who we really are.

The Light That Reveals Truth

The Light of the Emerald Heart is a high vibrational evolutionary light and as such it won’t let us get away with hiding away in our old patterns of secrecy, of denial, of lack of sharing. It will, over time take you to a place of having to share and for some of us this can be challenging. In my own experience the benefits of learning to live a more heart centred, open and connected life, one of true sharing, is worth facing my fears for.

Love & Blessings,

Tim Dyson

Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment
London, England